hello everybody today as promised I've

got a video all about how to play with

your baby so I've got lots of ideas from

babies from newborn age right up to well

toddlers really you could play with

these with any age of child there's lots

of ideas we've got some DIYs some

activities that do require purchasing

some very cheap things and I think that

everything I've talked about today you

can purchase it from Amazon so I'll pop

the links below for anything that I use

if you haven't already then head over

and check out my video on how to play

with your toddler if you've got a baby

that's growing up obviously is into a

toddler or if you've got all the

children as well then that might be

really useful one to check out as well

and that's just how to play with your

toddler with things that you just have

lying around the house really simple and

easy things that you can do right now to

entertain your toddler without further

ado then let's get stuck in right so the

first activity I've got for you today

are sensory bottles these are really

easy to put together just empty out a

water bottle and fill it with some

interesting things I've got bells

sequins beads feathers pom poms a

variety of things that are colorful for

babies to look at and track the movement

of and have a go at shaking as well it's

great if you can like these sequins put

something in that makes noise and it's a

really good opportunity for babies to

play with something that is too small

for them to play with when it's outside

of the bottle if you want to just do

something really simple rice and pasta

is a really easy one to do and I'm sure

you've got it in the house already

I was a would advise just to put some

sellotape on the top of the bottles to

stop the lids coming off the next

activity that I've got for you

is those sensory water bottles that have

colored water in them so really similar

to what we've already done so all you

need to do for this is either fill up

your bottle with water or if it's

already got more to in then that's

brilliant maybe just empty a little bit

out so that the water can tip

as you turn the bottle put some food

coloring in I've just got some

all-natural blue food coloring here but

you can use any color that you like an

interesting tip is that babies can see

red and yellow the best when they're

very young before they can see all the

colors on the spectrum clearly the next

activity we've got is a foil blanket

these are the emergency blankets if you

get if you've been in I don't know car

accident or something in me wrap

yourself up in them to keep me warm so

you can pop baby on the top of the


give the blankets a shake if they're

sitting up they can obviously sit up on

the blanket and enjoy kicking their legs

or listening to the crinkly sounds my

little one

even now loves thumping on it and

hearing the different sounds that those

are another great activity that might

add ler loves and they are great for

your babies really good for that sensory

experience feeling the feathers on

different parts of their bodies good for

tickling really good for tracking as

well if you put the feathers above the

babies and move them slowly in front of

their eyes and they can track the

movement from side to side here I'm just

showing you how you can tickle your

baby's limbs hands feet head with the

feather because every different part of

the body in Chico will be a different

experience with a baby and even over

their clothes again will create a

different sensory experience for them


tummy time mirrors are a great activity

for to strengthening baby's necks

improving their core and as a precursor

to crawling followed up a blankets lie

your baby on the side and let them look

at themselves and with you in the mirror

little handheld mirrors like these are

also brilliant just watch the corners as

they can sometimes be sharp and CDs are

great for having a reflective surface

you can't really see in them but really

shiny and fun for babies to look at the

next activity we've got is also a

lighter flashy one it's these textured

balls these are great for rolling on

different parts of the body because they

have that lovely rubbery texture and

obviously really fun in the dark as well

because they flash great for tummy time

as well if you want to put your babies

on their tummies in the dark they will

love looking at these balls or maybe

even having a go at reaching for words

and grabbing one the next activity we've

got is a puppet use the puppet to move

gently from side to side like I'm doing

here babies can track the movement watch

their eyes move from side to side and

you can also lift the puppet up high and

slowly lower and raise it in front of

baby so that they can get that depth

perception developed any color puppet

any type of puppet is great but babies

love black and white and high contrast

patterns which is why I've chosen this

zebra cow and mini pal to show you and

finally we've got scarves a really great

activity to help babies develop the idea

of object permanence I've chosen this

semi see-through play scarf because

babies can't see through it it's not as

scary for them because they do still see

you leaning over them and make sure that

you do really lean over them so that

they can see your face you can also have

a go at putting it on your face of

course and really good for tickling as

well just like the feathers

so thank you for watching everybody I

hope that those ideas gave you some

inspirations are things that you could

do with your baby let me know if you try

any of the activities at home I'd really

love to see pictures or hear about what

worked and how you adapted the activity

for your baby leave a comment below

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thank you so much for watching everybody

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