How to Improve Your Accent In English

well hey there and welcome i'm keenan

and this is the clear english corner

in this lesson we're talking about the

number one

way to improve your english


and the single thing you must do if you

really want to make some serious


so let's get to it what is the

single best way to improve your english


it's imitation listening to

and repeating a speaker that you admire

this sounds so simple but think about it

your english doesn't sound the way you

want it to

because you learned it after your first

language and you learned english


through the written word when you learn

a language this way

the tendency is to apply the sounds and

rhythms of your first language

to that new language but think for a


about how we learn our first language as

kids toddlers don't learn

language from textbooks

kids just listen from the moment they

exit that birth canal

those ears are picking up signals and

sending them

to the brain and the brain is

registering ah

these sounds mean something then

when kids begin to talk they sound like

the people around them

because they're imitating everything

they've been hearing

this is why my two-year-old niece who

loves to

talk talk talk talk talk and she's quite

a little singer too

she can spit out sentence after sentence

and i may not understand

every word she's saying but it still


right because it's familiar

she's matching the rhythm and the music

of the language she hears

around her she's imitating

ideally when we learn a new language we

would learn it primarily

through listening this was likely not

the case for you

in learning english but it's not too


you just need to shift your focus you

have to

consciously pursue ear training

you can't begin to speak a language


until you start to hear it differently

pay close attention to the sounds that

you hear

but even more important pay attention

to the rhythm and the melody

what words does the speaker emphasize

how is the voice rising and falling from

word to word

and if you really want to amplify your


there's one single thing you absolutely

must do you

must record yourself

i know ah it's so hard to listen to

yourself on

audio or watch yourself on video

but i can 100 promise you that

students who take this extra step who

record themselves consistently

and objectively review these recordings


exponentially more progress than those

who don't

and i can also 100 promise you

that listening to yourself gets much


the more you do it in fact it becomes

exponentially easier if you can just get

past that first time

of recording yourself and listening to


so here's what effective practice looks

like using

imitation first select a quick

passage 30 to 60 seconds from

a podcast an audio book a speech you


check out ted talks or even a quick clip

from a tv show

or a movie listen to that passage

paying close attention to the rhythm and

the melody

which words are most prominent how is

the speaker's voice

rising and falling on those words

then get your recording device

use your phone there's an app for that

right there

at your fingertips i like to use voice

memos on my iphone

then record yourself as you play a

phrase or sentence from your chosen

practice material

and repeat that sentence you want to

make sure you record both the audio


and your imitation do this

for the whole passage remember

you're being extra mindful of matching

the rhythm

and melody of the speaker's voice it

doesn't matter if you don't get

every single word then

review the recording listen to yourself

be objective does your rhythm and melody

match the speakers do you need to


certain words more are there certain

sounds that are missing or that don't

sound quite right

what would you like to change and

what do you like about what you hear


out of that habit of being overly

critical of yourself

and begin to recognize progress and


this can be simple observations like my


is sounding so much better i'm really

clear on the most important words here

i can tell i'm being mindful of my pace

make observations of your progress and

what you like

about what you hear then repeat

this exercise record yourself again as

you imitate

focusing on making the adjustments and


that you want to make this is an


powerful practice approach it's what we


in every session inside my pronunciation

training program

cautious to confident and my students

will tell you

this kind of practice gets results

the fact is if you can fit just five to

ten minutes of deliberate imitation

practice into your daily routine

you will build real progress

tiny steps forward each day results in

massive leaps of progress over time

so how will you integrate imitation


into your daily routine is there

anything you love

listening to that you can start using

for practice

today let me know in the comments below

that's all for today my friend i hope

you found the lesson helpful

as always thanks so much for tuning in

and i'll see you next time