How Much Serrapeptase Should I Take?

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you everyone decide did you want I'm

gonna answer a question that's asked a

lot either by my patients my students

people who see me on social media I use

this product personally Sara Pep days

okay let's see if I could zooming in I

don't know if I could get it in there

okay now I don't promote any brands

personally but that brand is doctors

best I like them I've done the research

on them and the question is what is the

doses I used for this situation now

Sierra pet face its otherwise known as

sera Co peptidase and it's a proteomic

enzyme which means it chops up or

digests proteins and they found it it's

produced by the bacteria in the gut the

silkworms was used to help digest their

cocoons now there's many benefits of

taken pet Sara Pep days ok this is just

three of them it helps reduce pain by

inhibiting the release of pain inducing

amines called Brady cannons now when

we're in pain we release again these

pain inducing substances called Brady

kinds and what it does it inhibits the

release of that also it thins the mucus

formed from the injury and facilitating

the fluids the fluids drained of so

again it helps speed up the repair so

like if you have like sinusitis and

things like that also it dissolves

protein byproducts of blood coagulation

called fibrin we need fiber and fur to

help clot the blood

it is able to dissolve the fibrin an

other day dead or damaged tissues

without living the living tissue without

harming the living tissue so this is

phenomenal for any type of arterial

damage so in turn taken Sara Pep days

you're going to be able to heal faster

fight inflammation breathe easier

expecially with sinusitis an allergy

situations kill antibiotic resistant

bacteria breakdown scar tissue so this

is phenomenal for arterial health

okay now the dose this is the question

how much should I take first of all I

always recommend sarin just taking Sara

at Pep days on an empty stomach you want

to take it on empty stomach so you're

not going to and your so you're not

going to interfere with the protein

breakdown all regular foods now the

dosage varies according to your

situation if you want to use it for

prevention you use ten milligrams daily

on an empty stomach

now if you have certain conditions like

arthritis sinusitis bronchitis

cardiovascular situations and doin up

the doses to 20 milligrams a day okay

so or if you have pain okay oh I heard

I'm in pain what you wanna do you wanna

start with 10 milligrams daily and then

you want to maybe up into 20 milligrams

if needed now I work out and when I have

very very strenuous workouts and or if

I'm stressed out yeah sure I'm a up into

20 milligrams just to help reduce the

pain and inflammation that's caused by

my workouts I've been working out for 30

years now if you're suffered from an

injury trauma post surgical situations I

always recommend take 30 milligrams for

two days you want to basically get in

your system you want to start this

healing process remember you want to

reduce the mucus you want to reduce the

build of a scar tissue so by taking 30

milligrams only twice again for two days

then you break it down to 20 milligrams

until the pain and swelling subside you

don't want to be taken 30 milligrams for

the whole duration because there's too

much of a good thing so no because

you're the good look at different

bottles it may come in international

units and may come in milligrams now

the ratio is 10 milligrams equal 20

thousand international units and five

milligrams equal ten thousand

international units so you may want to

do that again do the equation on that

and according to your condition now the

one thing that I always note is the fact

that Sarah kept pace thins out the blood

okay again do the mechanism of action it

stands out the blood if you take it with

fish oil okay you're gonna make the

blood too thin now aspirin is a

phenomenal blood thinner and of itself

especially if people have cardiovascular

disease if you take the two together

again it may fill out the blood just way

too much

okay and of course if you're on any

prescription blood thinners coumadin or

any of that's that nature do not take

Sarah pet pace okay so Sarah pet pace is

phenomenal for the healing properties

remember ten milligrams prevention

arthritis sinusitis you want to start

off with ten milligrams then you want to

bump it up to twenty if needed poster

trophy surgery trauma thirty milligrams

for two days and then break it down to

twenty milligrams until everything

subsides okay

hope you answer the question if you've

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