hi everyone and welcome back to my

channel my name is Bethany and I do

motherhood and lifestyle videos here on

my channel so welcome if you're new

today I'm gonna be doing something kind

of fun kind of like a vlog style just me

showing you everything that I'm doing to

prepare for my newborn baby everything

that I have bought things that I have

had since my daughter that I find have

been really really useful and I know I

will use once this baby arrives though I

am currently 37 weeks pregnant and so

baby could really come at any time at

this point and I'm really hoping that he

doesn't stick around in my value too

much longer because I am getting very

uncomfortable so now I feel like I have

gotten everything together that I feel

like I need to for this baby so I'm

gonna just go through my room and show

you guys everything that I have this

baby actually won't have a nursery of

his own just because he's going to be in

our room for the first three months at

least anyway so I have everything I need

prepared in our bedroom so I'm just

gonna go through everything like I said

I am so out of breath oh this baby's

pressing on my lungs and yeah let's just

get started so the first thing that I'm

just gonna start with is this little

trolley that I got from Ikea I got this

with my daughter and I found it

extremely helpful I use it all the time

for other things but now it's gonna be

kind of like our baby station for our

room and it's great because it's on

wheels so I can move it wherever I want

to it doesn't have to stay in this spot

which is great on the top I just have

some Johnston's cotton touch newborn

wash and shampoo which we'll be using

when we give baby boy a bath then I have

a few washcloths for bath time I find

that these are really great to just

place on top of your baby when you're

giving them a bath because it makes them

feel more secure also I just have a few

little hats here that I am not packing

in my hospital bag so those are going in

there and then I have a few extra

suitors this one's from doddle & Co they

are really cute and I'm excited to use

those with a few more suitors and

soother clips in here then I have a

nasal aspirator which I found was


helpful and I must have definitely a

must have then over here I just have

some burp cloths because I know I'm

gonna be needing those to burp my baby

those are on top for a reason because I

will be using those often I am sure of


then over here I just have a hooded

towels also for bath time I will have

everything that I mentioned in this

video link down below for you guys so if

you're wanting to find some of these

items then you can just look in the

description below ok then I also have

some reusable nursing pads I didn't use

reusable pads with my daughter and I

think it might be really helpful and

it'll be really more cost efficient then

I just have some disposable ones here

these are the Johnson's brand I found

those the best last time so I'm gonna I

got those again then here I just got

some baby socks pretty tiny really cute

and then I actually have these things

called pipi teepees these are for little

guy when I'm changing his diaper to put

on his little wee-wee

I guess so he doesn't pee on me I don't

know if I'll actually use those but I do

have those this time so then I just have

a pack of wipes here because you never

know when you're gonna be needing to

wipe up something you just want to kind

of throw away instead of washing so I

just have some Costco wipes these we've

used all of Brielle's life we like them

the best out of all the ones we've tried

so those are on top so moving down below

I have all the baby boys and newborn

clothes I will kind of show you

everything I have there in a second then

I also just have a sleep sack here this

might be for a little bit later on but

we'll see if he really likes being

swaddled or not I do have two different

Velcro velcro swaddles which with my

daughter she absolutely loved them and

we found them so convenient so I have

two of those there then I also have my

my baby Beluga this is actually a bamboo

wrap that I'm going to be using with

little guy I never did really any

babywearing with my daughter because she

didn't like it if you can believe that

and so

this time I actually have wrapped from

baby Booga it's all wrapped up right now

but it's super soft and it's so great

and I'm so excited to use that and then

down below I just have some receiving

blankets and extra burp cloths because I

want to have access to those because you

never know when you're gonna need a

receiving blanket just to wipe up

something right you know I'm always

needing extra because babies go through

a lot of laundry ok so just showing you

a bit of the clothes that I have for

baby boy sorry this looks kind of

chaotic but it is folded and washed I

made sure of that so I do have a couple

pair of pants I think I have about 4 or

5 different pairs of little pants for


some are newborn some are 0 to 3 month

because you never know if you know he's

gonna be big or not I do have one little

shirt I think I've one or two shirts

that are just separate and they're not

you know like button onesies then I have

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and I think I have around

10 newborn to 0-2 three-month-old

onesies zip-up long-sleeve onesies with

the little booties I have some over here

as well most of these are actually

secondhand or ones that I have used with

my daughters so I feel really prepared

for this newborn stage with clothes I

think it'll be fine and then I also just

have these little onesies with the

mittens that are attached because I was

obsessed with the little mittens with

Brielle and I know babies really love to

have their hands by their faces then I

just have yeah about the same amount of

those kind of onesies for a little guy

and I have two little crocheted booties

that I have from my great-aunt little

guys great-great-aunt who made those and

I'm so excited to wear that was on him

will be so cute then these are just a

few short sleeved onesies these are zero

to three months it is wintertime so I'm

not sure how much she's gonna be wearing

the short sleeve but I have a few that

will fit him so just one thing to note

that this is a video for how I'm

preparing for my newborn I will be doing

how I'm preparing for postpartum for me

and so I'll be doing another video like

that so if you're wanting to know you


how I'm preparing for that make sure you

keep your eyes peeled because I'm sure

I'm going to come out with a video like

that next week I have mostly everything

prepared for that so I'm really excited

to share those things with you as well

okay so just moving on to my bedside

table here or my little shelf I have a

Himalayan salt lamp here I find this is

really helpful especially at night time

because it gives off like a really light

soft light instead of having like a

blazing really bright lamp in your face

in the middle of the night when you're

feeding so I find that's really helpful

to have like it's just a nice dim light

you can still see the majority of the

room but it's not like it's gonna wake

up anybody else which is great I have

like a digital clock I know it's kind of

old school but I really like having this

because then I can just look over and

see what time it is and I don't have to

pick up my phone and look at it kind of

be blinded by my screen so I have that

there and I think will be really helpful

for my nighttime feedings just to know

what time it is without having to look

at my phone then in my first bin here I

just have my Mandela double breast pump

and charger then I also just have some

extra breast pads this is my baby

Doppler I do also have the car seat

cover in here which I should probably

put in the car because that's where I'm

gonna be using it and then just down in

here I have all my breast pump

accessories which I probably will be

using who knows if I'll need them in the

night time but I can also move this

wherever I want to because it comes in a

nice big bag so that's kind of

everything that's in my side of the bed

I do have a garbage can down here and in

here just my socks and underwear and

stuff also on the side here I just have

some extra storage for newborn diapers

and for size one because I don't know if

my baby's gonna be bigger or not or how

long that he will fit in those newborn

diapers so I did go ahead and get a

fisher-price Rock and play which I'm

really excited about this will be really

helpful just all around the house

because I do have a two and a half year

old I do have a dog and so I don't

really want to be putting him on the

floor too much so I have this which is

great so I can just

him in here when I need to kind of

hopefully walk away and he can be happy

in there though I actually purchased

this one on Amazon and it's great

because it has a vibrating feature which

will be awesome

then it also has like a bunch of music

and different speeds which is super

great I'm super excited to use this

because we had a mama Roo last time but

we borrowed it from a friend so I wasn't

able to buy one this time they're just

too pricey so this was definitely like a

nice cheaper alternative so over in this

corner is my rocking chair this rocking

chair actually was my mom's when I was a

baby which is super special she actually

recovered it for me which I absolutely

loved it y'all didn't really like it she

didn't like to be cuddled or you know

rocked in a rocking chair she still

doesn't and so I didn't really get much

use out of it for my first baby but a

feeling that I'm gonna be using this a

lot with my son so this is where I will

have you know kind of like a breast

feeding station up here on this ledge

here I haven't completed that yet but I

will be doing that in the next little

bit here then just over here I have my

hospital bags those are already in

packed ready to go then I have my boppy

which I will be also using after the

hospital so if you're wondering where

baby is gonna be sleeping this is

actually my pack and play here which I

still have stored away but he will be

sleeping right beside the bed so right

in this area over here that's why these

things will probably be moved somewhere

else and so I will unpack that once he

arrives which is great and I found one

of the best things that we bought with

my daughter because we still have used

it with her up until this point you know

when we're traveling and she needs a

place to sleep it's perfect so this is

something that I highly recommend

getting and it's great because you can

use it beside the bed but you can also

use it as they grow here I just have my

diaper changing station and this is the

changing pad bikie kuru

it's called aqui kuru peanut cuz in the

shape of a peanut and I had this with my

daughter and I thought it's super great

because you can just wipe it down I

don't have any you know change pad

covers that I need to wash if anything

you know happens because poop gets

everywhere it's just

honest and so it's great that I can just

sanitize it and wipe it down it does get

a little cold sometimes so I do have a

few receiving blankets here that I like

to just lay down on there just to make

it sure it's not so cold and then here I

just have some newborn diapers and some

wipes here and then also some Vaseline

for a little baby boy's butt

because at the beginning there poop is

very very sticky and so I put that a

little bit on his bum so that it doesn't

stick to his skin on his bum so that's

kind of my little station here I don't

have any diaper cream right now I'll see

if he actually needs it then of course I

just have a drawer here full of extra

blankets and crib sheets because you

always need the extra blankets I feel

like you can never really do with too

many blankets blankets are always great

and then I have about ten different crib

sheets that I will be using for him one

thing that I find is really helpful for

when you know your baby isn't sleeping

in your room anymore is a video monitor

this was actually secondhand a

secondhand monitor which is great

because it was a lot cheaper than an

original you can definitely find them on

use sites and as you can see my daughter

is refusing to nap today she's playing

with a bucket I don't know where she got

this bucket from but she's playing with

it and stuff and it's great because I

can talk back to her I can zoom in I can

kind of look around and stuff and that's

kind of like gives me an extra peace of

mind I find especially with having a

little baby if you're wanting them to

sleep in their own room or whatever you

decide alright guys so that kind of

wraps up this how I'm preparing for my

newborn video I'm sorry I am so out of

breath throughout this entire video I'm

baby boys definitely making it hard for

me to talk right now

especially for long periods of time but

anyways I am so excited for this little

guy to arrive and I hope that you found

this video helpful for you as you

prepare for your newborn coming up soon

and I wish you all the best on your new

motherhood journey if this is your first

time or are you just looking for new

ideas for some of your other babies so

anyways you guys thank you so much for

watching and we'll see you guys in the


you buy