Hello, everyone

I'm here today to share with you [guys] some new

buying for baby things and I did a video like this a couple of years ago

I think when Julia was just born [oh] my gosh. [that] was a long time ago

It was all around the essentials that I found to be really really helpful and important for me when baby is first born or just

Before baby is born

And I never got around to doing the rest of the videos like I had planned [for] 3 6 9 12 months all that kind

Of stuff, [and] I really want to do it so I am back

I have an updated list for you guys things are products that I felt very very necessary for me for both of my babies when?

They were first born or right before they were born and so I hope you guys find this helpful

[I] will link all the products in the info bar below in case you're interested to make this a little bit more organized

We're going to be going through specific categories here today. We're going to feel like a teacher

I've done this before and I still I still feel like a teacher these are categories just to make it a little bit more easy

to navigate or if you have specific

areas that you want to visit I put time stance on everything [so] you guys can go and check out those particular areas that you're

Interested in but yes, this is here for [you] for your health hopefully hopefully this is helpful

[so] now that we have all of this let's put that aside and let's get into the products so first topic

Let's talk about baby sleep because let's hope they're doing a lot of it

So there are a couple things that I find to be essential for creating a really nice sleeping environment for your baby

Number one is a pack and play or something that they can sleep in I like the pack and play because then I can take

It with me when I was visiting my parents or my in-laws that proved to be super versatile and they get two different crib sheets

Just in case baby does yeah the fun stuff that babies. Do next blackout curtains

You want to make the room as a dark as possible?

So we just installed them in front of the [Windowpane] and just pull them down it

just makes the room completely pitch black and we also have blackout curtains and regular curtains kind of shut in front of it because

No light will enter that room when my baby's trying to sleep and then on to a white noise machine

And this is actually the one that I used in university and I used it

I use it now

I use it for myself as well as my children then onto something to wrap your baby up in I recommend getting some sort of

A breathable fabric and something that's really large. I love the a bananaise

Blankets, they are amazing. [I] got four for Julia and I got another four for luke because they are awesome

They wash really well, they're easy to bring with you and like on trips and stuff like that to keep them warm

It's it's just the best the the best ones I've ever you and then lastly I'm monitor

I started with just a sound one and then I moved on and did a video one the only heads-up

I give on video ones is in order to see the baby at night

It needs some sort of like a light thing on it to like see baby

It isn't super bright, but you do have to be careful [on] where it's pointing because in a pitch-black room it is quite obvious

So that's my only heads-up on that, but of that

You're good together

[then] on to a baby potty time now obviously there won't be using the potty because

That would that would be very impressive actually

But I wanted to call it something a little bit more elegant than when your baby poops themselves

So you will need diapers that is an obvious one?

[I] recommend getting Newborn size as well as size one

Just so you have a variety different sizes [just] in case your baby's on the smaller side or on the bigger side and then some

Form of wipes I recommend getting one

Maybe two packs max until you just see how sensitive your baby's skin is but that's a good starting point

And then finally some sort of zinc oxide cream just in case they have a diaper rash

That's a good thing just to have on hand I've used one from [Aveeno]

I've used the the baby [butt] paste or bump paste or so

I've used a whole bunch of different ones

Just use whatever it makes you feel comfortable now on your baby where the fun category?

I think the most important thing is to plan for what whether your baby's going to be born into is it can be the bitter


January or boiling hot july and as much fun as [it] is to actually go out and buy [a] whole bunch of outfits trust me

I don't think they'll [take] [it]. [that's] try not to go overboard because at this point

You don't know how big your baby is and so you don't want to buy a whole bunch of newborn ones or a whole bunch

Of [three-month] ones and realize your [baby's] too small or too large, so I recommend getting four

Maybe two for Newborn and two for three months

just until you get a sense of what they're sizing is going to be and I even recommend going out and just buying a

6-month Onesie or something like that just keeping it in the back storage because you would be surprised

How quickly they grow into these things you'll be like where did time go?

I remember [having] a six-month outfit in the back of the closet for Julia and being so grateful that someone gave it to me for

My baby shower because she would have fit nothing otherwise and in terms of what those outfits are a highly recommend just sleepers

They are the easiest thing you're going to be able to change them easier. They feel nice and warm cocoon

They're awesome

Awesome products to use now on to baby bath and the hilarious part of this is that you don't actually need [to] bathe your baby

except on their [firstborn]

[I] I have

One bad [thing] all I did with both my kids is I put them down on a [folded] up towel and used a warm

Baby, Washcloth and sort of like wipe them down when they needed it. Maybe every three

Or four days like babies

Don't get dirty when they're that small and so I would just recommend kind of sticking to that until you actually need a baby tub

And speaking of baby

Washcloths highly recommend you get a whole bunch of these I use them for bath time and I also use them for

Washing off their faces when they've eaten after a meal, and I keep them in like a little decorative pot downstairs. They are small

They're easy easy to wash

They're really really durable just

Highly recommend them all right now on to baby feeding and I am a huge advocate for [breastfeeding]

That is what I did with both of my kids if you're able to I highly recommend it it's a wonderful bonding

Experience, and it's just great nutrition overall for your baby

So if that's what you're going to choose to do then I recommend getting a nursing pillow you

Do not need one, but as a new mom

I really felt like I needed it and it felt really nice to have one because it's very comfortable and flexible and I remember taking

It with me everywhere. It's just easier until you get that rhythm and the hang of sort of nursing

[so] the one I use is the boppy pillow

I think it is super Super comfortable highly recommend getting a waterproof pillow case for it though

I'm telling you that's going to save you some laundry

I also got a breast pump before baby is born I don't think you necessarily

need to buy one right away my doctor advised not to

Pump until baby is at least one month old just so they can get the hang of nursing actually both of you can

so I mean you can wait a little bit before getting that if you're worried about your milk coming in if you're

Concerned at all about about pumping in general you can certainly go out and buy one but it is by no means

necessary from the Get-go for a baby

Emergency kit if you will they're just a couple of essentials that I found to be really great to have on hand

One is baby tylenol. You're probably not going to need it

But it's good to have it [on] hand just in case and then a baby

Thermometer I use the forehead scanner by [Xr] [gen] which is a good one

you're going to need some nail clippers because

Those babies grow like a lot like a lot more than you think [and] then something that I discovered with Luke

And I highly [recommended] even though. It's kind of disgusting [it] is [the] hydrogen nasal aspirator

[I'm] telling you you have one cold with that child gamechanger

Bility obviously the first one is a car seat. [you're] going to need a car seat

Find find one that you like [no] keep in mind

If you are gonna buy a stroller to find a car seat that is going to fit into said stroller or fit a couple of

Different strollers or have an adapter for a stroller or something like that you don't need to buy a stroller right from the Get-go [you]

[can] certainly buy one a little bit later?

[I] remember buying one before Julio's born and like really I didn't use it [for] the first month in almost two months probably

But you know the different person that you are so kind of like is up to you

I also recommend getting a lightweight sun cover the one that I use is by Munchkin. It's a Munchkin [breaka]

I think infant Comfort canopy car seat cover. Whoa. That was a long one. This one is awesome

It is light [weight] is going to protect them from the sun

It's going to protect them from bugs if you want to just use the net meshing for it

It is [the] [best] thing that I have bought for the car seat

I also recommend just getting a mirror because baby will be facing backwards, so it's nice to be able to see your baby

I'm Julia was it was not the best of traveler

So it's really nice [to] see her face and know what she's doing

And if they're sleeping because sometimes when you're driving, and you just hear nothing in the back, you're like. Oh my gosh

What's not good? Bye, baby? So being able to look back and just be like okay?

[my] baby is just sleeping everything's fine

Really nice to have and then lastly a bouncy seat

Now a lot of people get the bouncy seat and they get a swing and they get like a mat [you] [just] get a whole

Bunch of different things I recommend if you can just borrow a bouncy seat from a friend if there's one available

Until you get a sense of what your baby likes julia really liked as I said before the bouncy seat

Luke really likes the swing so it's best not to like invest in

Everything and then kind of feel [like] you waste your money when your baby doesn't like something

and if I was going to recommend one

I would say the bouncy seat because you can carry that with you from room to room say where you want to you know take?

A shower you can carry that into the bathroom with you and be able to see your baby

And they're actually comfortable and then my last category pour vous the madre because believe it or not you're going [to] need some things

[too] now [I'm] doing a whole video on what to expect post labor

I don't know if it's going to be up already or I'm putting it up

I will put in the cards if it is already live

But that's gonna go into a lot more detail on things that I really recommend having

Set up for you when you come home from the hospital

But a couple of things that I would just say right off the bat

Number one freezer meals if you can get a whole bunch of those set and prepped and ready in the freezer

Awesome number two is a water bottle like a couple of really big water bottles that you can keep where you're going to be nursing

Because you get really thirsty when you're nursing number three make a whole bunch of muffins like like two dozen muffins

Maybe maybe more I probably triple the batch and stick them in the freezer and then you can pull one out

Microwave it until the night when you're having like another 2:00 a.m.. Feeding

It's kind of nice to [have] something to look forward to I'm Gonna be honest plus

Nobody told me, but you got really hungry when you're [nursing] and lastly I would recommend getting a nursing night dress

I loved the one that I bought

[I] think I just got it from like motherhood maternity it was one on sale to be honest. I just basically wore mine all day

Great. It was a great investment, and that's everything for this video. I hope you guys found this helpful

I know as a new mom it is incredibly

Overwhelming to kind of walk into this world of like baby things and not know what's important

So hopefully this video helped you and if you have any further questions

[don't] hesitate to leave me a comment in the comment section below either myself or other moms out there are happy to help you guys

it's really nice having an amazing community here of moms to help each other out, so

Feel free to do that as well

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I have planned for you guys. I'm really excited about this

I hope you're all having an amazing amazing week, so far, and I will see you guys [all] [in] my next video

Love you girls, [nah]