How to set a sleep routine for parent and baby - Ask A Doc | Cook Children's


hi I'm dr. Lisa Nash from Cook

Children's and I'm here to help walk you

through the process of getting as great

night's sleep for you and your child one

of the first thing is to avoid using

electronics and about the 60 to 90

minutes prior to going to sleep the

second step in ensuring a good night's

sleep can include setting the mood so

that can include things like turning the

turning to overhead lights in your house

off and kind of preparing the preparing

the body for that sleep a third step can

include starting that routine in the

sleep in actual sleep environment so

things like sharing stories together

having a conversation about the day

talking about the things that you're

looking forward to doing tomorrow but

you want to do that in the child's room

as opposed to your room and these are

some steps for helping your child

establish a good sleep routine