How to prepare for your first time snowboarding. Snowboarding Gear 101 - Snowboard Basics

Borden shatters your snowboard resource

what's up my name is Tyler I'm here with

Borden ciders uh I'm here to talk to you

about a question that we get asked a lot

here at Borden ciders and that is what

gear do I need to start snowboarding so

this video is going to be geared toward

beginners so all you advanced people out

there this is probably not for you you

already know what you're doing we broke

this down into several different

categories the first category is going

to be essentials we have five essentials

for you the next category is going to be

the non essentials or less essential if

you have any comments or anything to add

any of you advance people out there that

already know please feel free to comment

below again this is going to be for

beginner so any advice will help the

first item that we have on our essential

list is your code and the main feature I

want you guys to look for when you're

going out and purchasing a coat is make

sure it has a powder skirt for

snowboarding you're definitely going to

want something like this powder skirt to

keep the snow out of the inside of your


so all it is is a an extra piece on the

inside of your coat that snaps up and

even when the outside is baggy and loose

the inside is going to stay tight and

not allow powder to just flow up inside

your coat and get you all wet and nasty

and cold so our second item on our

essential list is going to be a pair of

snowboarding pants and I say

snowboarding I mean snowboarding pants

not ski pants they're not going to fit

over your snowboarding boots and that's

something we have to have so the way our

snowboard pants work is they have this

gate or down at the bottom you stretch

the Gator over top of your boot and then

you stretch the next layer of pants over

top of that you never want to have

anything tucked in or it's not going to

work properly and keep your feet dry

which really really sucks to not have

dry feet a general rule of thumb when

you're buying pants and sometimes with

the coat is the more you pay the more

waterproof it is and the more waterproof

it is in the end the happier you will be

because the drier you will stay but the

next thing on our list of essentials is

going to be a helmet or a brain bucket

something to protect your noggin the one

thing I'm going to say when choosing a

helmet is just choose a helmet that fits

properly you want it to be tight on your

head you don't want it to be able to

fall off on its own so make sure the

helmet fits on your head nicely you want

to make sure that the chinstrap isn't

too loose you don't want to be able to

fit a lot of finger

underneath there and just make sure that

it can't fall off on its own a great

reason to be wearing a helmet I wasn't

always a believer and uh I've caught my

heel edge riding down the runs before

and got whiplash to the ground

unexpectedly and been knocked

unconscious for ten minutes I've also

done the same wreck with the helmet on

and sat up three seconds later looking

around I was just fine so that's enough

for me to be a believer in the helmet

just take my advice wear a helmet

everywhere you go on a snowboard safety

first okay so the next thing on our list

of essentials is going to be goggles or

eye protection got three different kinds

to show you today this first kind of I'm

going to show you is going to be for a

extremely sunny day if you notice you

can't see my eyes so not a lot of light

is going to get through this lens this

is going to be for the sunny day the

next goggle I wanted to show you is

going to be for partly sunny partly

cloudy day you don't quite know what to

expect so this is kind of a good mix of

both it's still probably kind of hard to

see my eyes but I can definitely see you

a lot easier so this is going to be for

a good mix of cloudy and sunny days and

then the third one I've got I'm sure

you're gonna see my eyes really easily

through this one this is for the days

that it's snowing heavily and there's

clouds above I mean not a lot of Sun so

you got those three main types you got

the not for sunny day these are for

clouds these are for clouds and Sun and

then you got these for just strictly Sun

so the next thing on our list is going

to be gloves you want to keep your hands

dry you want to keep your hands warm

that is the purpose of the gloves

there's many different styles of gloves

the basic thing is you just want to find

the glove that feels good on your hand

first thing that you're gonna have to

choose when choosing gloves is whether

you would like to have a mitten or

whether you would like to have a glove

the mitten is definitely going to be

warmer the gloves gonna be more deck

style you're gonna have a much more

dexterity you'd be able to do more

things with the glove on

so that's the first thing you're gonna

want to decide it's a little harder to

put your bindings on with these than it

is with these and that's a big deal

sometimes next thing you're going to

notice when making a purchase of gloves

that there is also one called over which

is this one in my left hand and one

called under the way that works is the

one that's the under actually I'll show

you right here you

put the glove on and the ones that go

under actually go pretty

self-explanatory under the sleeve of

your coat like so the ones that go over

are gonna be the gloves gonna go on just

the same way except for if you'll notice

my sleeve doesn't quite go over that

easily so it's gonna go under so this is

called the over glove this is called the

under glove under over because this goes

over my sleeve this goes under my sleeve

and the last last but not least is going

to be the pipe gloves these ones are

super thin but super deck styles so

they're not going to keep you warm but

you can do tons of things without taking

your gloves off some of the LES

essentiels that you're gonna need first

and foremost you're gonna need some

snowboarding socks those are always

important you're gonna need your base

layer something to go underneath your

coat you're also going to need a beanie

always going to need a beanie neck

gaiter something to keep your neck nice

and warm you're going to need some crash

pads possibly for the go underneath your

pants and you're going to need some

snacks you always want to keep full

you're going to need a tool in case you

need to switch anything on your bindings

or your snowboard alright so if you have

any more questions feel free to email us

at info at board insiders comm and again

to purchase anything that you've seen

today feel free to go to our website

visit our retail partners they're going

to give you the best possible deal that

you can find on any of this stuff and

again this has been Tyler and you guys

are now ready to get out there and try

your first day on the snow