Starting Solids for babies - Part 2 - Purees or Baby Led Weaning?


once I had kind of established that wick

rant is ready to start solids and once I

was mentally ready to start this process

with him I started to offer him foods

very gradually like I said before so

there are two kind of main approaches to

solid feeding I think one is the pure

ease approach the traditional approach

where you give the baby pureed foods and

the second is baby led weaning and talk

a little about both because I kind of

followed a combination of these two

that's what worked best for me

so for purees of what is generally done

is very simple foods like fruits or

vegetables or seizures are made into a

very smooth paste very thin in the

beginning and as the baby gets older

it's made a little bit thicker and as

offered to the baby with a spoon that is

what has been done for you know

generations the second approach is

called baby land feeling where you don't

feed the baby directly but you offer the

baby different variety of foods and the

baby whenever the baby is steady the way

we can pick up the pieces of food and

feed it to him himself or herself

directly there is no pressure for the

baby to finish whatever food is being

offered it's completely at their own

pace that they learn to eat this is

pretty great because they learn to

recognize their own hunger signals and

they know when to stop it's also great

because it develops a healthy

relationship with food later on in their

life but the problem with baby light

painting is that you don't know how much

for your offering to the baby and how

much for the baby is eat

so it's a little bit stressful I can say

on the mother's part especially if

you're not used to the concept of baby

led weaning so I kind of follow like I

said a combination of these two I wanted

to do baby led weaning exclusively for

WIC Ron so I started out by offering

long pieces of food something that he

can grab with his hand and put in his

mouth so soft foods like carrots boiled

carrots or boiled sweet potato or soft

bananas things like that and it helps if

the food is colorful as well so carrots

were very attractive to him and he would

in the beginning he would kind of just

play with them and just you know touch

them feel the texture and throw it on

the floor I did not worry too much about

it because again it's more about the

baby's comfort with the food being

developed so I wanted him to be exposed

to as many kinds of foods as possible in

the beginning without putting pressure

on him that it has to all go in his

stomach so my kind of mantra in the

entire first year of the Krantz life in

terms of solid feeding was food before

one is just for fun it is followed by a

lot of moms who do baby led meaning and

it basically means that breast milk or

formula provides the entire nutrition

for the baby in the first year of their

life and beyond so food is just to

complement the nutrition from breast

milk or formula and it's not a primary

source of you know energy for them so I

let him explore like I said before the

texture of the color the taste the you

know smell and all he would do in those

first few first couple of months was

just pick up foods and mash them in his

hands and toss it on the floor he almost

nothing went inside his mouth in the

first few weeks that

and then slowly he started to get a hang

of it and he started putting his putting

you know pieces of carrot in his mouth

and kind of nibbling on them but even

then not a lot was going in his belly

and I was completely ok with that what

was more challenging for me was

convincing other people like I was in

India at that point and you know there's

always people around at mealtime side so

I had convinced my direct family like my

parents and my in-laws and they were

onboard with this baby LED approach but

there's always other people and I heard

comments like you know what are you

giving him you're not feeding the baby

enough and the baby is going to choke if

you just directly offer the baby foods

like that and you know he is not getting

enough energy baby needs to grow breast

milk is not enough anymore

so when I heard all of these things to

be honest it did get inside my head and

I started to doubt this whole approach

and you know then I was like ok let's

let's offer purees as well but if I had

to do it over again I would just follow

baby led weaning and trust myself that

it's going to work but with Vikrant I

also started offering him purees

just because I was not sure if you know

he was getting enough like other people

were saying so at meal times I slowly

started to offer him one spoon of a


along with his finger foods that he can

play with so meal times formic trance in

the first few months for something like

this I would make sure that he is fed

and his diaper was changed and he was in

a nice playful mood so there was no

strict schedule that at this particular

time I would give him food every day if

that coincided with the family is

lunchtime that was great because then he

could join us and watch our the people

eating their food so it was even better

experience for him but otherwise he

would be in his hide

and I would give him soft cooked pieces

of food like I said before like soft

carrots or potatoes or broccoli is

excellent even and anything that grabs

his attention like it should be colorful

as well as you know easy to hold for him

so I would put some pieces of food on

his tray and I would bring a small bowl

of puree I will share a list of what

purees I actually gave him later on in

this video but I would then feed him

with a spoon and he in the beginning he

would have one spoonful and that would

be it and we would do it the next day

again so it was very very easy going

like I said before and there was no

pressure that he has to eat one whole

bowl of puree or anything gradually what

started to happen was very surprising

for me he started to grab the spoon from

my hand and feed it himself feed it to

himself like he put the spoon in his

mouth and he would give the spoon back

to me so that was so cute to watch and

also very you know it was a relief for

me because he's I saw that he was taking

back control of feeding himself so he

was you know putting how much ever he

wanted in his mouth and when he was done

he would just throw the spoon down and

he would not eat anymore so that is a

great thing because one of the main

features of baby led weaning is you let

the child stop when they want to stop

there is no force feeding of the child

but when you're giving them purees you

have like a bowl like a measurement that

you want to feed the child and if the

child has not eaten much that day you

kind of want to tell them stories or

distract them and you know give them a

few spoons extra which is what I didn't

want to do I wanted to kind of trust him

trust his own you know instinct about

his body and his hunger and let him stop

when he wants to so this method of you

know just him taking the spoon feeding

himself and

get back to me was the best of both

worlds for me I was kind of sure that he

was getting some food in his mouth while

at the same time he has the you know

control on what his how much he's

feeding himself so long story short that

was what worked for us there's also

something called the three-day rule that

most people follow which means that you

have to introduce one food at a time to

the baby and wait three days until you

introduce the next one this is so that

you find out if the baby has allergies

or any digestive issues that come up

because of the food it's easy to track

if you introduce it one at a time rather

than mixing two or three foods and you

don't know which ingredient caused the

problem so I didn't follow this rule

strictly it's because most of the foods

that I was offering vikranth

at the stage for not really allergy

causing and as far as digestion like I

did it so gradually that his body has

had plenty of time to adjust and adapt

to the solid citizens system in the

beginning the purees were very very

diluted and there would be only one

spoon of that so his system I think got

used to it very slowly and we didn't

have any problems with digestion or any

allergies at all having said that I did

stay away from certain foods in the

first few months I will talk about those

as well a little bit later but the

three-day rule is good if you're

introducing newer foods and some foods

that are known to cause allergies like

sometimes meat causes allergies or eggs

or not things like that but I did not

introduce any of these things

what I gave him for mostly vegetables

and fruits so there's hardly any

allergies cause because of that so I was

kind of okay with it

but still I always had an eye on him and

I knew what I was feeding him every day

so it was more of you know my instincts


when it comes to feeding the Krantz