Baby Starts Solid Foods|Tips & Tricks For Feeding A Preemie

hey guys so today's video was just super

random I'm vlogging today and I started


laney eating and feeding her solids she

just recently got the OK from the doctor

to start solids and it's been a lot

different than when Kayson started

eating solids so I figured I would just

turn it into its own video for those of

you who are new my name is Casey and I

had a baby eight weeks premature she is

seven and a half months old now and five

and a half months adjusted so things are

just very different from her for her

compared to my son who was born

full-term he's three years old now but I

have a few tips and tricks that I have

just learned over the last two three

weeks that have really helped us in our

feeding and eating salads kind of

journey so I thought I would just turn

this in since on separate video for you

guys so um you guys are gonna see Lanie

eating solids and here but our journey

starting that has been this far how I

feed her how often she that kind of

things though I hope you guys enjoy so I

didn't end up doing an update for Lanie

this past month her seven month update

so I'm going to actually combine her

seven and eight month update in the next

few weeks she goes to she turns eight

months on April 6th but she has her

eight month checkup on the fourth so I

will definitely combine both months this

next month for an eight month update but

at her 7 month update we got the OK to

go ahead and try fruits and veggies I

tried doing cereal with her first we

didn't do rice cereal because I didn't

have a good experience with that with

casein so we tried out meal but she was

never interested in it as soon as the

spoon hit her mouth she would start to

cry it was terrible

so we started doing fruits and veggies

and it's been a little bit of a rough

start she sorry she has not been into

the spoon that much but yesterday she

finally took the spoon pretty well so in

order to get her to take her food I've

been feeding her with a syringe and she

prefers it so much more she likes to

suck more than she does eat out of the

spoon but I still try with the spoon

every time some

I'll even give her her own spoon just to

hold and play with while I'm feeding her

to help her out she is very particular

about tastes which is weird she

shouldn't be because she's so little but

she is so far she likes sweet potato

banana and carrots she did not care for

Apple she did not care for pear and she

did not like Peas

so I've been giving her the gerber I

don't make my own food I just don't I

just prefer to buy it so we used the

Gerber baby food she's on step one and

this is carrots

yesterday she ate an entire thing in one

sitting so I figured I would show you

guys how she eats and what it's like to

beat her all right you ready beautiful

let me scoot you bit up a little bit so

I'm gonna try with the spoon first I

probably shouldn't be wearing white

shorts while I do this I'm gonna try

with the spoon first I'll always try

with this spoon oh do you see it

it always takes her like a little bit to

like get used to getting the food in her

mouth you like carrots not some more do

once more you get it open you gotta open

if you she like zips her mouth closed

you gotta eat it you can gain weight and

get big and strong look at mama

Lanie bug ah I go get ya baby

oh I'm come get her see so if she keeps

zipping her mouth closed

with the spoon then I'll do the syringe

and the syringe works a lot better for

her at least right now she'll probably

be one of those babies that likes to

take the Stuckey's casein likes the

pouches too but he was never he never

discriminated when it came to food he

just opened right up and it was very

easy but she's definitely a harder eater

which I've heard that a lot of I use

yarn and premature babies are very

difficult to feed when it comes to there

you go good girl

dad do a mommy like to see right there

yes ma'am you better swallow it she's so

dramatic the minute I put peas in her

mouth the other day she gagged and threw

up that's how dramatic she is say I did

justice cuz you're a girl


girl alright now I'll try with the

syringe just to show you guys so I am

very much like I find whatever works the

best whatever works easier for us

there's no right way or wrong way so if

your baby is not into the spoon but she

takes a syringe perfectly fine you that

might be a better way to feed there we

go good girl you see how she was sucking

on the syringe so and this is um a three

milliliter syringe so I only squirt like

a quarter of a teaspoon into her mouth

at a time but this is a really good way

to measure exactly how much your baby is

getting like if you like to measure out

their food or you only want them to have

a few tablespoons at a time this is a

really good way but if you're really

wanting to feed your baby solids and the

spoon just isn't working I highly

recommend trying the little syringe we

just stock up on these syringes they

come in her gripe water she used to get

hiccups really really badly she's gotten

really better about it now but the

syringes come in the little gripe waters

the little they come in the little

remedy gripe water box anyways and

that's the ones that we use I'm pretty

sure it's cut little girl little

remedies that's more so and I just feed

her like however much she'll take but

she does eat better and faster with the

syringe and then um I still like to try

the spoon every time so I like I'll

start with the spoon if she's eating

really slow or just not into the spoon

I'll move to the syringe and then I'll

try to end it with the spoon I will use

the spoon every single time just so that

she still gets familiar and gets

practiced with the spoon eventually she


the spoon so I'm just not worried about

it all I care about is her eating and

gaining weight so I will do it however I

can do it right baby but you like carrot

this is carrots right here but I need to

go to the store and get her some more

I'm still gonna try the other fruits and

veggies with her but I always want to

make sure I at least have the ones that

she likes on hand so if I try a new

fruit or veggie and she's just not into

it I can have the flavor that she likes

so that I know that she at least sees

but I try to feed her some days she only

gets one she only eat solids once some

days twice it really just depends on

what we have going on that day and what

our schedule is and how she's eating

good girl this is amazing your mouth any

of you tell me he does mmm

so we've been feeding with the syringe

and now I'm gonna scoop back in with the

spoon just so she there we go good oh I

feel like that's just the best way to

get her to practice it takes her a few a

little bit to get going when we start

eating so I switch to the syringe and

she realizes that she likes it and it's

good and she's more apt to open up and

actually eat from the spoon so just a

few little tips and tricks if your

babies if you know your baby's ready to

start to eat and they like to start to

eat but they're just struggling a little

bit with how you feed that maybe try

this route huh that's a very good girl

bug I'm so proud of you good girl good


mmm you getting so big

great job baby so that's gonna be it for

this little impromptu feeding tips and

tricks video I hope you guys enjoyed it

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