Prepping for a Straw Bale Garden Quick Tip

straw bale gardening is just another

medium to grow in and it's a very

interesting one in that whether you have

ground to growing or not whether you do

not want to till up the ground or you

have poor soil or toxic soil straw bells

is a great alternative to grow in now

there's certain techniques on how to

prep the straw bale you can use hay as

well we've talked with and interviewed

the man who wrote this book straw bale

gardening Joel Karsten is the author

we'll have that interview of that

program and the video that we met with

him in Madison both in the show notes

below now there's many different and

really no limit to what you can grow in

a straw bale we're going to focus on

zucchini and ours and there's different

techniques and preparations for all

levels and all different types of

vegetables to grow em so there's a

preparation that we're going to

condition this bell in now we're going

to put in these show notes below the

conditioning that we are following to

get this Bell prepped conditioning is as

a way of getting the internal portions

of this bail to break down to allow the

vegetable that we're planting which will

be zucchini to grow and feed off the

breakdown material or the composting

material internally in the Bale this is

all done through a method that we're

using in blood mill it's a high nitrogen

supplement mineral that we're going to

apply into this Bale and it's a two-week

process in order for this Vale to get

conditioned for it to sustain life

through growing in it so the first thing

we got to do is we're going to take

three cups of blood mill and gently or

the best we can distribute it across the

top evenly or the best we can and then

we're going to water it in now this is a

nitrogen material and it will work

itself in down into the Bale as we water

get it distributed now the water you

want to use is preferably on chlorinated

water and not ice-cold water you want

regular ambient temperature air water

we're using water

from our rain barrel system and we're

just going to gently water it into the

Bale until we see water come out the

bottom we're going to put about seven

gallons into this Bale and try to work

all of that night all the blood mil into

the Bale the best we can and if we need

more water we'll go ahead and get more

for that so this is the first step in

several in conditioning the straw bale

you can find straw bales at your local

garden center this time of year or any

time of year you can also find them

through websites like Craigslist org

simply ask on social media or you may

know a farmer that's willing to give you

a good deal you can do one bill like we

are doing or you can do dozens if not

hundreds of bales based on the resources

and the images found on line of the

elaborate gardens that people have set

up through straw bale gardening yeah for

more information please visit the

Wisconsin vegetable gardener com