hi everyone I'm Jodi and in this video

I'm just gonna be teaching everyone how

to hand strip their wire-haired terrier

at home I appreciate a self-made and

shocking video before but it's very very

long and not very concise so I thought

I'd make another one it's a little bit

shorter less embarrassing and just gets

to the point gets it over and done with

and isn't such a boring much stripping

your dog as opposed to clipping them is

great because it keeps the wiry dense

outer coat which is very protective in

wet weather as we have in England all

the time but unfortunately not many

groomers do hand strip and of the ones

that do often it's very expensive they

not all owners can afford this in this

video we're just gonna be going over how

to do a basic pants trick

this isn't really for a show dog as such

this is just the quickest and most easy

way to go dog I'm going to be stripping

a port area it's actually brambles and

little brother and I say little because

he was the runt of the litter but he's

quite a big boy now

but this also applies to pretty much any

Whitehead Terrier breed pair of the

tools I'm going to be using you won't

need all of these I'm going to go

through and show you how to use every

single one of them why would say and

this is the top tip definitely get

yourself some grooming chalk because

this is so useful I have the powdered

version here but you can also get the

solid version which works just as well

something else you need I know that this

don't forget to clip your dog's nails

because if they get too long it can be

really really painful for the dog to

walk and they can become ingrown I would

recommend a separate pair of scissors

you don't use the scissors that much

when you grooming your dog

it's great for trimming

inside of the ears and around the pools

to keep it nice and sanitary a metal

tooth comb is just good for when your

dog is fluffy scheduled over the brush

to make sure they're not getting knotted

thinning scissors are good for dogs that

are very sensitive around the legs and

the chest and stomach because it means

that you don't have to actually strip

you can just use a thinning scissors

over that instead and finally a

stripping knife which you can use to

thin out the coat to make it easier to

strip I personally would not recommend

using a strip you know all over the body

as it can cut the fur but it's not gonna

do what if it does so here's the needs

file and so by getting your chalk and

just covering your dog with it the chops

great because adds to the grip when you

groom a dog because it is very harsh on

your fingers and it can give you

blisters I've had so many lessons from

grooming dogs and the chalk just makes

the job a lot quicker and easier which

is good for you you think is and also

the dog because it's less stressful once

you've chopped up your dog just use your

thumb and finger to start plucking the

hair away


no no no dogs ready to start stripping

because the hair will come out nice and


boys flat downwards so you're not

putting the hair against the roots

because that can be a little bit painful

for the dog I start at the top of the

neck and I work my way down the body and

I leave the legs the stomach the chest

and the head and the tail until via the

actual bulk of the body is really really

easy to stretch in most cases if your

dog is really struggling with it then

it's probably better to get it clipped

once you've weighed up pros in the cons

but if your dog is easy to strap on its

body then just get that over and done

with start with because that's the nice

easy part once you're done with the body

you can start with your way down to the

legs now a lot of dogs are very

sensitive on their legs and their feet

and their stomachs so what I do here is

I will strip down until your dog becomes

uncomfortable if you don't show you

signs of discomfort then stop gallery

scissors and scissor from there on




you can also use stripping that just to

thin out the coat a little bit so it

becomes easier to strip



I'll use the scissors just to neaten up

the toes and get hair up from between

the toasters that can get grass seeds

and other things caught into it which

isn't very comfortable for the dogs


as I said before don't neglect your

dog's paws you have to trim your dog's

of course regularly just be careful

because they do have a little bayonet

with the quick

which runs through the claw so make sure

you don't cut that cool so now we have

all the body and the legs done we just

have the tail the chest and the head

left to go the tail is SuperDuper easy

again it's just slightly different

because of the shape but you just pull

the hair out as before with the

underside of it just flip the hairs

backwards so you can see which ones

along and then you can pull them out

carefully as well around the bottom area

you can either use scissors just to make

it nice and clean or you can use your

finger just to pull the hair out again

depending on how comfortable your dog is

with that and to finish up its the head

and chest area this bit is a little bit

harder to get out sometimes and the dog

can find it comfortable so what I do is

I just hold the muzzle in my hands don't

squeeze it

just hold it so that it's nice and

stable it don't does try to pull away at

them because you don't want the dog to

hate being groomed at the end of the day

this has to be a very positive

experience all the way through give your

dog treats and praise of course it's the

same theory but you just have to be a

bit more careful so what I do is I use

my nails more than the bulk of my finger

just to get the hair out nice and


around beard I used cynicism Archie

just the person who does find out much

when sometimes it pulls at the mouth

with bramble and other dogs I groomed I

haven't I just use my thumb and finger

in the same way to strip away the fur in

the muzzle with the eyebrows just be

careful they're not putting the eyelid

too much so make sure you're holding the

skin in place when you're doing that yes

again it's exactly the same something up

just use the nail more than the back of

the finger just to get the fine hairs

out and then you can use your scissors

to clean out the inside of the ear

finally we have the chest left to go

which some dogs do find that web

discomfort in so you just have to do

nice gentle movements with your plums

and your fingers to get this hair out

next you can have a terrier card or a


with the Furminator you have to wait

until your dog is completely stripped to

use it because it can actually damage

the outer wiry coat this is not to

replace stripping this is just to get

rid of all the dead undercoat once

you've finished stripping as I'll show



pitarrio hat does solve the same thing

that's just know I star

thank you for watching and I hope this

was nice and informative for you


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