15 Vegetables & Herbs You MUST Grow in SUMMER

hello everyone this is jag in this video

to cover 15 vegetables you should and

you must grow in summer so let's get

started number one tomatoes every

gardener likes to grow tomatoes and it

is a no-brainer to grow tomatoes in

summer however I recommend growing

heirloom tomatoes along with cherry

tomatoes and a yellow pear Tomatoes

these tomatoes are absolutely delicious

the determinate variety of tomatoes

produce tomatoes all at once while in

determinate tomatoes keep producing all

summer long

number two eggplants there are many

different varieties of eggplants the two

ladies I like to grow our Japanese

eggplants and Blackberry eggplants

eggplants grow throughout the summer and

keep producing up until fall eggplants

are really good roasted number three hot

peppers you must grow chillies or hot

peppers and summer chilies are very easy

to grow most varieties peak at about

three feet and are very easy to match

chilies have almost no pest problems

once the plants establish you will be

able to harvest lots of chilies all

throughout the summer

number four sweet peppers you can also

grow sweet peppers in summer such as

bell peppers or capsicum depending on

the part of the world you're from bell

peppers can be very difficult to grow

depending on your soil and nutrient

levels plant bell peppers in your garden

with lots of compost and harvest and

enjoy bell peppers all summer long

number five okra not many gardeners grow

okra however okra is very easy to grow

make sure to plant okra in soil

containing some compost plants produce

continued supply of okra all throughout

the summer as long as you keep picking

regularly okra is really good stir-fried

number six green beans green beans are

one of my favorite vegetables to grow in

summer most green bean varieties produce

green beans all at once so plant in

succession at two week intervals with

this vid you will have a continuous

supply of green beans all throughout the

summer number seven sweet potatoes sweet

potatoes don't grow like potatoes sweet

potatoes belong to the morning glory

family of plants and you must grow sweet

Peters from slips check out the video I

made on the easiest way to grow sweeter


grow slips for about four to eight weeks

and then plant slips in your garden

sweet potatoes will take another four

months to harvest from the time you

plant sweet pea slips you will have a

lot of sweet potatoes by fall

number eight cucumbers you can grow many

different varieties of cucumbers and

summer I love to grow Armenian cucumbers

and I love snacking on these they're so

good I can just eat it off the plant

they're amazing

number nine chords all gourds are very

easy to grow in summer I like to grow

bitter gourd it's extremely bitter

however it is very good for your health

number ten squash squash grow like crazy

and summer squash plants can grow really

large so make sure you give them enough

space to grow number eleven pumpkins

pumpkins also grow really well in summer

pumpkins take about three to four months

to harvest so plant in June to harvest

by Halloween number twelve basil basil

is very easy to grow space basil at

about one foot apart and prune basil for

much bigger and Bushehr plant I made a

video on how to prune basil and how to

grow basil from occuring basil will keep

producing up until weather gets below 50

degrees Fahrenheit or 10 degrees Celsius

at night basil will also grow well in

shade or partial shade basil is one of

the most popular herbs and every

gardener should grow Basil's to add to

soups salads pasta and sandwiches number

13 mint mint is a perennial in most

climates it will die back in winter and

start growing again in spring and toward

all summer and fall be careful where you

plant mint mint grows like a weed plant

mint in a very confined space such as a

raised bed otherwise mint will overtake

your garden I prefer to plant my mint in

shade or partial shade full Sun makes

the mint leaves a bit tough planting a

sheet keeps the leaves bigger and softer

number 14 parsley parsley is another

herb that does really well in summer

start parsley from seed indoors and then

plant parsley outside in your garden in

summer number 15 corn most of corn is

heavily genetically modified make sure

you plant organic non-gmo corn seeds and

plant seeds directly in your garden corn

takes about three to four months to

harvest and tastes very more delicious

than any store-bought corn I really hope

you enjoyed this video and I hope you

grow some of these vegetables in your

garden this summer and you get a

bountiful harvest and I'll see you

another video