I Went OFF Birth Control For 3 Months...Here is What Happened

you guys we weren't fully in to summer

shape-up oh I'm so excited I've been so

pumped about doing this video because

the last time I did a TMI video you guys

had 1 million questions and then I just

posted on Instagram getting some

questions from you too so I want to do a

little update and share all the things

that have happened over the last 3

months since the last time I shared

going off birth control so it's been a

solid three months we're kind of like

almost going toward for three and a half

months and I actually been told by so

many people and books that I've read

that it takes about three months for

your body to like really adjust after

going off birth control so you had a ton

of questions about all sorts of things

sex body periods life all the things and

I want to share everything that has

changed of the last three months alright

so there's a handful of things that have

been like a significant change since I

went off birth control the first one

really I think that is the most

important to me is my energy so I have

always been confused if my fatigue and

lack of energy it was my hypothyroidism

was it birth control was it a

combination and I mean probably as a

combination because obviously like the

fatigue and stuff is such a like big

part of hypothyroidism however like I've

been on birth control since was like 15

and it was really hard to know what I

was actually feeling what my body was

like going through people would always

talk about how they could like feel when

they're ovulating and all this stuff and

I had no idea what they meant because I

feel like I just was like this all the

time kind of one no nothing going on

um but Suns going off birth control like

the first month was a little rough but

now that we're like well into three

months I've noticed such a change in my

energy levels I'm sleeping better I feel

like I can just do more throughout the

day so that kind of goes to the second

part a lot of you guys on Instagram

we're asking me about weight loss if I

have like noticed losing any weight

maybe I'm like looking a little leaner

or whatever right now I haven't noticed

like losing weight really but I think if

I'm looking at a leaner if I'm like a

little bit more toned or anything like

that it's because I have more energy so

I'm pushing myself harder again like the

Katie that I felt like a long time ago

um push myself harder I'm able to do

more I have more energy like all of

those things play into it so like was it

going off birth control or is it

because I have more energy kind of hard

to say but that has been like the most

impactful thing that I've noticed by far

so yeah I saw my days like I'm still

dealing with hypothyroidism obviously

but I do feel like it's made a really

really big difference the second one a

lot of you compliment me which is so

sweet like I love it so much thank you

is on my skin and honestly you guys

since going off birth control it's been

crazy so I used to get like gnarly

sistex it's like all mostly on my chin

area like all right here especially when

I was on my period or PMSing like like

giant knots and they were so bad and it

was so hard not to like squeeze them I'd

even go and get them like shot with

cortisone sometimes they're bad but

besides the very first month so my first

period that I had off birth control at a

little one but since that I literally

have not had one of my skin has been

better than I've ever had in my life and

it's so crazy because when you're a

teenager they're like oh if you have

breakouts go on birth control it'll help

with your acne you guys my skin is

better now offers control then it was

for all of those years being on it and

that is so freaking insane another

reason I wish I would have gone off way

earlier but like oh my gosh it's been

night and day the last two months like I

told right in my clip

it's like glowy I haven't had ones at

like little normal blackheads but that's

it ok the third really great thing like

really really great is my sex drive is

way better and I know that this is like

like super TMI sorry I should have said

TMI TMI mom dad sorry stop blushing but

I know we've talked about this a lot

dealing with hypothyroidism like all

those things like your libido is lowered

like hair skin nails are super dry like

all things are dry not functioning the

way they probably should be or that you

would like them to be and being on birth

control really I think increase those

symptoms like again I don't know if

that's just the combination of the two

but like it was hard and it was fresh

because I freaking love my husband and I

want it to like have more of that drive

and desire and all that stuff but I just

feel like for a long time like my body

was kind of just like dormant and just

like yeah like I said I just like

dormant and kind of yeah

like just and sometimes um so on that

note I had to show you guys again

because I showed this in my story so

obviously this doesn't really impact

your mood but if you like need help in

the other areas cope are you guys know I

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everything gets disrupted and like off

tracking off whatever when you're

traveling so thanks like little like hey

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my gosh that's lubricant but yeah it's

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cute they'll say not it but it's vegan

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coconut oil vanilla fruit extract some

type of seat of sapphire SAP safflower

seed oil anyway just a few ingredients

super clean super safe so if you need a

little extra help this guy got you - um

I love everything Campari does you guys

know I use their deodorant the rose

water spray lip balms sunscreen like

they're just good clean stuff so and

I'll link down below for this guy for

those of you that have been asking about

it since I posted on Instagram it's

there for you okay so increase energy

way better skin better sex drive what

else there's like so many great benefits

I think those are probably like in my

mind like my number one 3 oh I have to

show you real fast on the skin ones a

couple of the products I've been taking

hold on so I showed you guys these also

before but just real fast

I do really attribute not only going off

the birth control but then making sure

that I was like well equipped to go off

of it to help like balance my moods help

detox my body keep my skin nice and

detox and clean so one of my girlfriends

recommended these and then I also read

the book beyond the pill before I ever

even considered going off birth control

so this one is dim this is one that

supposed to be really really really

great for leaving your skin clear and

dealing with that post birth control

acne calcium glittery this one is again

detoxifying support and only

all the stuff below for you to and then

this one has milk thistle which I love

this is the glutathione good so I take

those three every single day and I do

really feel like that's made such a huge

difference and just like all my body

functioning and getting that crap out of

my system it's really nice to not have

to think about taking every single day

but obviously if you're trying not to

get pregnant you have to be really like

cautious and like careful with what

you're doing but that kind of goes back

to what I was saying before where now I

actually can feel what's going on in my

body I know when I'm getting my period

and it's been on the day to the day

every single time the other thing that's

been really nice is except for that

first time where I had really bad cramps

I've had just like totally normal

not crazy period so the last like 2

months it's been like four days normal

like normal flow situation not too heavy

like not in crazy pain like I might have

like a little camping but that's like

what your body normally does I think

it's not that insane to have mild

cramping but nothing like the insane

like horrible painful one that I had

before and before I ever went on birth

control they were really really really

bad but they haven't been like that at

all so I feel like my body is finally

kind of getting into its rhythm and flow

and when I asked you guys to ask me

questions on Instagram I got a lot of

you asking when I'm on my period like

what things I do for PMS and what things

I do like literally down to like pads or

tampons like all that stuff so when I

have cramps I always work out and I know

sometimes that sucks and I know

sometimes that's really hard that you

guys it's so important it really will

help those muscles to relax a little bit

more and get rid of cramps like

obviously you have to listen to your

body and know what makes sense for you

so if you're like oh my gosh like no

like I can't even move right now then

maybe try just doing like a few little

crunches on the floor or like literally

like knee raises I'm not even kidding

right here it can be super good for

those cramps but just trying to work

your abs a little bit real will really

help and then I also take calm which is

that magnesium supplement magnesium's

like a natural muscle relaxer and will


that cramping - so I'll link that below

for you guys those are the two things I

take to really help with the pain and

then I've also been trying CBD oil

lately um so I'll share the ones I've

shared a little bit on stories but I'll

share more in videos here of the

different Seabees that I've been using

what I like what I don't like all that

kind of good stuff

um and then I was just like oh then you

guys asked about like tampons pads all

that stuff so I'm an open book I will

share because I know this is stuff

that's kind of like hard to talk about

with family or friends and I know like

looking back I wish like I would have

been more open like my mom and we could

have like talked more about all these

things all the time and like sex and all

that stuff um so I'm here I'm willing to

share my story so um I used tampons but

I use organic ones that's kind of been

my way of stepping into like doing a

little bit better for my body and then

also for the environment I know a lot of

you were asking me about like the Diva

Cup I just can't get myself there I just

can't I like I commend every single one

of you that uses them like thank you the

environment thanks you I just like I'm

not there maybe I'll get there someday

I just can't wrap my head around it I'm

sorry I just can't for myself right now

but maybe at some point we'll see um but

yeah that's basically it when it comes

to that and then it's just easy and one

step at a time

um I think that was the main questions

you guys had relating to like checking

in all the changes I had so again three

months off birth control better skin

more energy increase sex drive what was

the other minors told you about there's

so many it's hard to remember all of

them Oh better periods so that's nice

and just like actually being able to

know what my body's going through and

feel it and experience it and like feel

like a woman supposed to feel I guess

it's really really the best thing

obviously I'm still tracking I'm using

my little thermometer this guy I'm

taking my temperature every day logging

it in the app to just like really keep

track of stuff and still taking safety

precautions because we're not trying to

get pregnant over here right now so just

being really cautious obviously if

you're not trying to get pregnant

one the only way to like completely take

risk out is not having sex but other

than that you got to be smart and do

whatever makes sense for you and your

life to be a safe apostle be as safe as

possible um okay so I think that's all

on the like birth control sex TMI

business for now and a lot of you guys

had a million questions about my chest

um and honestly like I wish I would have

had someone that I trusted to share

their story and experience and like had

been able to ask about all of that with

so again open book I'm totally open to

sharing so I will do that for my next

TMI video and I'll get more details of

what you guys need and want to know over

on Instagram so make sure you are

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