I Tried Collagen For 30 Days — Here's What Happened

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so today we're talking all things

collagen I've seen it all over Instagram

it seems super trendy there's

influencers and major celebrities using

it so I thought why not give it a try so

some of the benefits of collagen helps

strengthen your hair skin and nails

number one my nose gets super brittle

and break off all the time and also my

skin gets dry and dull and so I'm

looking for something to help me out

with those things just finish brushing

my face as you can see I've already

washed and tone it but it's still a

little dull so I'm looking for some

radiance just like on the highs of my

cheekbones with my forehead just some

glow so I started off using the collagen

in my breakfast so I like to start off

with a couple tablespoons of powder into

the oatmeal and it blended super easy at

first I wasn't sure I didn't know if I

was going to taste the powder was gonna

dissolve correctly but as I went along

and blended it it tasted fine same with

my juice like so if I had a juice I

would just pour a couple tablespoons and

again shake it up and drink it and

honestly you don't taste anything a lot

of times around 4 p.m. and my work day I

like to give myself a caffeine

pick-me-up so I like to take a little

bit of collagen powder into my tea at

first I wasn't sure how it would blend

into my drink I thought it would be

clumpy but when I tried it it actually

wasn't I decided to put a little bit of

the collagen powder into my water to see

if I would taste anything and honestly

nothing tastes like water so at my

Midway check-in I just washed my face

and toned it and what I liked seeing

even now like the bridge of my nose and

the highs of my cheekbones there's more

brightness there where it wasn't in the

beginning I was very happy with the

results I saw so far we're about three

weeks in now and I decided to do

something a little experimental and

different I'm really craving brownies

and I want to remix my recipe by adding

some Neill cell french vanilla powder

into the brownie mix I took it to work

and my co-workers didn't even notice the

beauty boosting benefits that were based

in these brownies

I didn't even realize you've been food

yeah this tastes like a regular brownie

at this point I'm using it in my daily

routine whether it's beverages or snacks

or meals

I tried Neil sells super collagen powder

for 30 days and there's no doubts that I

saw results my nails they do not grow

but after this 30 days I noticed that

they're longer they're stronger they are

not breaking off and next my skin again

when I was washing my face and toning it

I did not see the glow and radiance that

I wanted but now it's the end of this 30

days and look at my skin it is glowing

but also I noticed that my moisturizers

absorb better into my skin and my skin's

more supple and soft and I love the

results so I'm going to keep using it

and incorporating it into my daily

routine it really does show that beauty

can start from within let us know in the

comments below if you try collagen if

you're thinking about it results you've

seen and thanks for watching