The Only Sea Sickness Remedy That Works!

do you get seasick whether you're on a

deep-sea fishing trip on a boat or whale

watching parasailing you're trying to

enjoy the ocean but you just get too

much motion sickness well here's a quick

remedy that I think is gonna help you I

give this to a lot of people and that

always helps them even in the roughest

of the seas here we go


seasickness is an absolute pain in the

butt it creeps up on you when you least

expect it even I get it I got some

friends that are commercial fishermen

that get it it gets the best of us the

people that tell you oh I got a strong

stomach I don't get seasick well put

them out there when it's super rough and

smelling those diesel fumes a lot of

guys might not get sick but it gets the

best of us it gets the strongest of the

man doesn't make you a weaker person or

anything like that there is one remedy

that I really like that works really

well if I got somebody going fishing

with me and I know that they get seasick

I tell them to use this remedy and it's

basically Dramamine but doing it the

correct way Dramamine when you take it

by the directions you get super sleepy

you get super hungry and you almost get

like in a coma when you're out here you

can't even move it's absolutely awful

but the right way to take Dramamine is

take it the night before you go to sleep

you can try doing a half a pill or one

but take it the night before you go to

sleep and then in the morning take a

half a pill when you wake up with your

breakfast now the Dramamine is going to

be in your system and it's going to be

working you don't want to take it when

you get on the boat by then it's too

late you don't want to take it when

you're already seasick because then it's

too late but if you get it in your

system that night before you know it's

going to knock you out you're gonna

sleep like an absolute baby and then

when you wake up have a half a pill with

your breakfast and then have a half a

pill like four hours later if you think

you need it but otherwise it's already

in your system

and just get a bike

for those of you guys that fish a ton

you got your own boat another thing when

you're active when you're driving the

boat when you're putting rods out you're

not good that's anti seasickness right

there rarely will I get sick or will

somebody get sick if I give them a job

out here to do right but when you're

just kind of sitting around kind of

taking it all in and we're kind of

rocking back and forth and especially

these slow rollers they get the best of

a lot of people and if there's if you're

on a diesel boat and you're smelling

those diesel fumes those get you pretty

quick as well so so stay active I don't

know people tell you look at the horizon

behind you I don't know if that works

I've been seasick before and I've looked

at the horizon certainly did not help

the only thing that works at that point

is getting your butt back on dry land as

soon as you come through the inlet and

you're on dry land or your income water

it is like night and day it's like a

switch right it's like all of a sudden

boom and do not go into the cabin if you

have to use the bathroom and you're on a

boat that has a cabin a cabin is a

surefire way to get seasick even myself

if I go into a cabin that especially

doesn't have air conditioning it's just

like it's claustrophobia or something

about it that just makes you feel like

you know it just makes you feel ill

really quick and even I'll get seasick

if if if I'm in there too long so if

ever I have to go in the cabin to grab

some fishing rods or anything you'll see

me duck in there real quick and get the

heck out of there

so that's the remedy I got for you I

know it's not the new dream I mean it's

been on the market for a while but you

got to take it correctly ignore the

directions if you there is such thing as

Dramamine overdose you are just going to

be lethargic not going to be able to

move out here and it's not going to be

fun you might not be seasick but not

being able to move is almost just as bad

so that's my remedy for seasickness I

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I'm captain monk the reports calm tight