When to start taking evening primrose oil to conceive will be available soon

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel! As you can see from the title, I will be

discussing the three supplements that I took to conceive my five-month-old son

via home insemination. First and foremost, get yourself on a prenatal. I swear by

the Up & Up brand, the Target prenatal vitamin. I've personally been on prenatal

vitamins for about nine years now. I started taking them the month I tried to

conceive my daughter way back in the day and it's great for your body. First up is

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. It's not the same as a regular raspberry, you want to get

RED raspberry LEAF. I highly suggest the Traditional Medicinals. It's an organic

tea and it really tastes good you guys. I always have to have honey with my tea

and this stuff I could just drink straight. I had it in the morning and

then I would have it in the late afternoon. Also, I think it's really

important to let you guys know that I typically ease into supplements.

It's just personally, I feel it's easier on my body to not give it a full dose. So

because I was planning on conceiving that very cycle, I just gave myself

three days to get up to the full dose of everything. So, I think with the tea, I

had started with one bag the first day and then.. it's just tea. What the red

raspberry leaf tea does, is it clears the toxins from your system, it prevents

hemorrhaging and most importantly, it strengthens your uterine wall because if

this is an area of concern, I mean how in the world would we know

unless we went to see a fertility specialist,

if it is an area of concern, you want to make sure that you have a good uterine

lining, so that when the egg comes down your fallopian tube, that when it comes into

your uterus it will implant into that wall strong enough and create a strong

enough bond, that it prevents you miscarrying.

Next up is Evening Primrose Oil, also known as EPO in the TTC world. I would

take one soft gel three times daily and what this does is

it increases the volume and the quantity of your cervical mucus. Men, I know you

don't want to hear this, but this is pregnancy, or trying to get pregnant. It

is very scientific. When the sperm goes up the canal and makes its way over to

where the egg is gonna be, you need to have a fertile environment, an

inviting environment because when it goes up there and it's waiting for that

egg to drop, you don't want hostile cervical mucus getting in the way of

that and when the egg finally drops, you want it to have been thriving, to where

it's gonna do its job. Thirdly and this is seriously like the best one,

even though all three of these attack a different area and I swear they are like

the perfect trifecta, this is Vitex: chasteberry from the

chaste tree. I would take a 400 milligram capsule three times a day, so pretty much

with the primrose oil that I took three times a day, I would just take those and

what it is, is it doesn't have any hormones, but it balances your hormones

by regulating the pituitary gland, which in turn creates a feedback loop where

the pituitary gland signals to your ovaries to balance out your hormones.

This regulate your cycle, promotes ovulation and also, most importantly, it

will increase, like elongate, your LH phase. The LH phase is a 12 to 14 day

phase on average, after you ovulate, where the egg has time to implant into the

uterus. I think it's just still a fertilized egg until it implants into

the uterus. So, we're gonna call it an egg, but if it doesn't have enough time

because some women can have a short as an eight-day luteal phase and what

happens is they start their period before it has time to implant

into the uterine lining and make that bond. So yes, it'll increase your

luteal phase, that's the LH phase and it does that by increasing the luteinizing hormone

and boosting progesterone. If you don't have high enough progesterone

levels after the egg implants, a lot of women tend to miscarry. My cycles are all

over the map you guys. I mean I went back, I'm gonna cover this in how to

track your cycle, but I went back like over a year of all my cycles and they

would go from 28 days to 42 days. They are just all over the map.

After you've ovulated, you want to get off the red raspberry leaf tea and the

evening primrose oil. However, if you think for any reason that you could

miscarry, if you have had a miscarriage in the past, or if you're a little bit

older.. I was 31 when I did the insemination, I'm 32 now, but just because

I was a little bit older, I mean I was 23 when I had my daughter, fully confident

there, but because I wanted to just really just do everything I needed to do,

I continued taking just the vitex and I would continue taking those three pills

every single day throughout my entire first trimester and I told myself that I

was going to at ten weeks, start weaning off slowly because like I said it

increases your progesterone levels it really just keeps your hormones balanced

and that is the sensitive time, the first trimester. So, at ten weeks I wanted to

really slowly wean off, so my body could kind of catch up with producing those

hormones on its own. So by thirteen weeks, that was it, I was completely off and

I have a perfectly happy, healthy five month old baby boy. So, disclaimer, I gotta

put this out there, I know you hear it anytime anyone talks about any kind of

medicine or supplements: I'm not a medical professional, I highly recommend

doing your own research. Look at forums, I mean definitely look at the real

research, but check out forums and get some feedback from other

moms who have tried these supplements. There's negative information on

everything out there. If you look up the greatest product in the world, it's not

gonna have five stars. It's gonna have like 4.7. That's just kind of how it is.

So, there are gonna be some negative reviews, but I did so much research and I

got nothing but majority positive feedback on all of these things. You are

taking care of your cervical mucus to help get the sperm there, you're taking

care of your uterus to make sure that that egg implants and you are balancing

out your hormones, so that you don't miscarry. So that your levels stay good

and you know, you've got enough time for it to implant before you start your

period and you've got those nice balanced out progesterone levels. Even

even your surge, those days when you can conceive, your surge is a

little bit longer as well. I do think that it is really important for me to be

upfront with you guys: I was pretty healthy when I was starting

this journey. I was exercising several times a week, I had not drank or smoked

in four years at the time and, this is not to convert you, but I just want to

tell you, I'm vegetarian. So, I don't know if you know anything about factory

farming, but all of those animals are crammed in tight quarters, they're filthy,

they're treated like crap, they're under so much stress and stress

makes us vulnerable to illness. So when you consume meat, you're consuming those

spiked cortisol levels, stress and whatever sicknesses that those animals

have. Along with the growth hormones and all that other stuff. I really don't mean

to lecture you guys. I just want to let you know that I'm vegetarian, I was

exercising and I didn't drink or smoke. So those things create a really good

base for me, but I genuinely, to my core, do not think that I

would've gotten pregnant that first month, just based on tracking and inseminating,

but like I said I'm not a medical professional, do your research. If you

guys have tried any of these supplements, please comment below and let me know how

they worked for you. If you happen to have a favorite supplement that you

swear by for trying to conceive, please also put that down there. Also, please

subscribe and like this video and I will see you in the next one, bye!

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