How long should I take Fenugreek? And how can I maintain the milk increase?

many women when they're struggling with

milk supply will go to their

pediatrician or a lactation specialist

and they'll recommend fenugreek which is

an herbal supplement that boosts milk

production and in many cases it does

work but you watched a couple of really

good questions how long should you

continue taking it if you've noticed an

increase and how do you keep that up the

answer to this question is going to be

different for every woman if you've

started to notice a good increase

generally speaking you can stop taking

it after about a week of you noticing

that it's boosted your supply but watch

your baby closely for signs that you're

making enough milk if your baby has at

least six wet diapers a day and is

gaining the appropriate amount of weight

then you're making enough milk and you

can feel reassured by that many moms

actually have a perceived lack of milk

meaning they feel like they're not

making enough but they actually are and

if you look at their baby signs like wet

diapers and weight gain they are making

enough so talk with your pediatrician if

you have any concerns about that but as

for keeping up your milk supply once you

feel like it's well established just

continue to nurse your baby as regularly

as you have been and on occasion if you

want to fit in an extra pumping session

during the day or an extra nursing

session or you can even do what's called

power pumping and you can pump for like

an extra 10 minutes after nursing

sessions just a few per day during the

day not at night do with this for like 3

to 6 days this can boost your milk

production as well so the combination of

the fenugreek with the increased

feedings or pumping sessions will all

help to keep up your milk supply you can

actually gain a stock of breast milk if

you're pumping more regularly and keep

it in the freezer in case you're going

to go out somewhere and it's a win-win

you make more milk and you have some in

case you want to go out if you have any

other questions about it feel free to

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