Should I take supplements during my pregnancy? | NHS

folic acid is important during pregnancy

because it helps to prevent some birth


for example spina bifida and it's

important that you take 400 micrograms

each day during the time that you're

trying to conceive and up until you're

12 weeks pregnant once you are into your

second trimester which is after the 13th

week of pregnancy you can stop taking a

photo casted supplement but if it's part

of a multivitamin that you want to

continue taking it won't cause any harm

to you or the baby during pregnancy you

need vitamin D to help maintain healthy

bones and to make sure that your baby

will have enough vitamin D in its body

during the first few months of life you

need 10 micrograms of vitamin D each day

throughout your pregnancy and for as

long as you continue to breastfeed if

you want to get your folic acid and

vitamin D from a multivitamin tablet

it's important to make sure that this

doesn't contain vitamin A or retinol

it's important to avoid vitamin A during

pregnancy as this can cause harm to the


if in doubt check the bottle or speak to

your Midwife a very balanced diet should

help you get the nutrients that you need

during pregnancy but sometimes it's

difficult to get enough iron or vitamin

b12 you can talk to you midwife about

how they can check that your body does

have enough of these nutrients and what

you can do about it if your levels are