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hey guys okay you have no idea how

excited I am right now

I'm currently filming in our guest room

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complete them each room is kind of done

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I think his room is done yeah so that's

actually get into this video first thing

I wanted to talk about our fertility

supplements and my previous video I told

you guys that I have been trying to

conceive baby number two for a few

months now

okay my birth-control like I've

mentioned the Eagles last July so June

or July of 2017 in February of 2018 I

found out I have PCOS for those that

don't know PCOS stands for a polycystic

ovarian syndrome and all that means that

I have a lot of cysts on my ovaries

every month if you've gone to a doctor

you know that naturally women get cysts

on their ovaries it's just a natural

thing but I get more than the average

woman I keep trying not to say normal

woman more than the average woman I am

normal I just have more cysts on my

oprah's and the average woman and my

testosterone is a bit higher than the

average woman which can lead to a lot of

people suffering from weight issues like

issues with losing weight facial hair

normal characteristics that men might

have because of this the testosterone

levels sorry

I don't show mine as the average patient

with PCOS might I don't have the extra

body hair I don't have the weight gain

issue but I do have the sorry I don't

have the weight loss issue I have the

weight gain issue so my body is hard for

it to gain weight and a lot of them with

PCOS can have issues with diabetes and

I'm sorry if I'm reading this from a

previous video I just wanted you guys to

know because I'm about to talk about

seeing some fertility supplements that

can help with PCO

but depending on how you show your PCOS

or your symptoms you're going to need to

do research that's why I'm talking about

this part first I do not have insulin

resistance but I do have low insulin


my doctor said so I cannot go on the

medication to help with insulin

resistance of course because mine is low

so my blood sugar will drop a lot

throughout the day if I'm not eating a

very balanced meal so carbs and stuff

like that it'll kind of get all wacky

it's hard to explain but I'll kind of

get all Y K I'll get dizzy and another

video I told you guys I get really

nauseous I've kept that under control

since that last video and I do not get

not just like that but since I come off

these supplements my insulin level has

been kind of rocky so let me talk to you

guys about what these pills are finally

I've been talking for almost five

minutes um the first pill I started

taking I was doing some research because

my doctor kind of just said you can go

on birth control and see if that helps

your symptoms but I'm trying to conceive

so that wasn't the route for me she

referred me to a specialist for my

insulin and everything to see if I was

insulin resistant like I told you that

wasn't the case for me so he just saw me

to go see a fertility specialist I

didn't like their answers I was

frustrated so I started doing my own

research for a vetted herbal type of

remedies and I came across a few herbs

from herbalist and specialists and stuff

like that don't do this

if your doctor has a plan for you I am

not telling you to take these you take

these at your own risk do your own

research and make sure you know your

symptoms and things like that

saying that first so nobody come later

saying they try it the things I took and

it did this to them so the first one I

took is caught conception no this was a

second one I took the first one I took

this called preg prep

did some research and it's a dietary

supplement you take for one month it has

60 pills and this is what that container

looks like I believe I got this just

from everything I got all three of these

from Amazon but this one contains a few

things I'm not going to read through all

of them because I have trouble saying

some of them chassé berry extract is in

this one primrose oil kale leaf spinach

leaf red beet root and you take one side

of it twice a day AM and PM with a full

glass of water and this one has practice

an exclusive supplement with NAC which

stands for this longer where you can

look up like ISA told cysteine which

helps sooth in the cervical mucus hoping

facilitate transport of sperm to egg

fertile prep works to help optimize the

quality of your cervical mucus to help

facilitate conception reduce free

radical oxidation and support natural

fertility so took this for a month it

was cool I did notice the change of my

cervical mucus and all that stuff so I

knew what it was supposed to do but

that's a good step further did some more

research and found out there are other

herbs and things like that that can help

with fertility so I took this a step

further and purchase conception which is

this pretty bluish grey there we go

conception like I said this was also

purchased on Amazon and I'm going to

leave with this part this one is a basic

white pill that had no real aftertaste

it was kind of a big type of horse pill

looking supplement this one

it was a gel capsule but this has a

growth aftertaste

you can definitely probably smell it in

this bottle course you can't smell it

but yeah I can still smell them in this

bottle this you have to take with juice

if you are sensitive to things like that

because the size of these pills I want

to say this third pillar I bought is the

same size yeah so you can see in this

one this is my little finger and this is

how big that pill is so all the pills

are about this size but the last two are

in this like clear looking capsule and

they have the herbs in there like that

I'll crank it up really fine but this

one has a smell and taste like after I

swallow it is I don't like taking big

bills let me take this thing up so this

one has a novel spy told I nos i tol

I'll put it across the screen and vitex

and a bunch of other things it's kind of

like a multivitamin or prenatal vitamin

mixed with the fertility supplements so

what does it have in it has the chaste

tree bare chaste tree berry sorry the

mile in a sight hole I'm probably

butchering the name of the vitex which

is the chaste tree berry

I shall ganda extract shots of re-route

and a few other things which are all

good for fertility so that was good but

that aftertaste was like but I was still

doing it I just took it with juice like

I said so after this was up high looked

on Amazon to reorder it and it was like

on backorder or something and it wasn't

gonna be in for a while they didn't know

when they would have it so I did some

research and found another one which

does the exact same thing it has all the

same stuff in it from the brand pink

stork and just this natural fertility

support also they're young Natura

facility support pink stork I also took

a tea from pink stork which has a lot of

the same stuff in it when I was taking

this prank wrap so I stopped taking the

tea in this because I found out you can

just take it all in one pill so this one

has all the vitamins in it like a

prenatal vitamin to help prepare your

body of course for pregnancy

and it has all the other same stuff that

this one had but this one has no crappy

after days and I took this for a while I

still have some left and our top in the

video after this about why I stopped

taking this one one of the ingredients

ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb

it can reduce blood sugar levels which

if you have PCOS and you have blood

sugar issues they can help with that

anti-cancer properties helps reduce

cortisol levels helps reduce stress and

anxiety if you've been watching my

channel for a while you know I dealt

with depression and anxiety for a while

so I definitely help I definitely feel

like that route helped me when I was

taking these especially at work it may

help reduce symptoms of depression and

can boost priests muscle mass and

strength reduce inflammation so those

other things help with cholesterol

triglycerides brain function memory it

does a lot of great stuff okay the other

herb is vitex which is found in these

last two supplements that I mentioned

there's other stuff in here but I'm just

gonna press on the key parts the key

herbs that I did a lot of research on I

text help support the pituitary gland

reduce the gesturing and luteinizing

hormone both of which are necessary for

your body to ideal 8 so not having a

minstrel cycle every month like the

average woman made my of course

ovulation all over the place and I

didn't know when I was ovulating and I'm

gonna go more into that because I did

some other things in the next video I

just wanted to talk about the

supplements right now it definitely

helped my mood and my anxiety levels it

kind of helped me mellow out a little

bit throughout the day especially at

work cuz where I worked is kind of

stressful and it definitely helped with

regulating my menstrual cycles because I

mentioned before I didn't have a cycle

for five months and I finally got one in

February of 2018 they lasted for three

weeks straight and then it was kind of

sporadic didn't know how long they would


things like that I got a menstrual cycle

in October September August will though

August 1 went from August to September

so August September October July June

yes May they're kind of all over the

place these kind of helps regulate my

mistress cycles and they weren't extra

long they were bearable and the TMI but

not suppose have a bunch of old blood in

the beginning of your menstrual cycle I

found out so these kind of help with

that I didn't have much of that leftover

blood because I was getting them

consistently so I definitely would

recommend these they definitely helped

really I miss your psycho but make sure

you look up the benefits and side

effects of each herb that might be in

the vitamins because you don't want to

take one and your fertility issues are

different from what that will help with

and then it kind of counteracts so you

don't want to mess yourself up I hope

this is making sense you don't want to

be counterproductive but you have a

regular menstrual cycle you take

something that's supposed to regulate

and rinse your cycle so then it's kind

of counterproductive just do your

research I'm just saying I tried them I

liked them but in the next video I will

tell you why I stopped taking them which

is very interesting so don't forget to

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