30 Days on Progesterone & the Side Effects! | April 30, 2019

good morning muchachos it is a 9:45 in

the morning and I am so excited because

I'm being extra productive look at this

beauty right here my vlog is currently

exporting you want a little stickers yes

I will make you some so um

Alondra was asking me to make her some

stickers so I'm gonna make her some with

my Silhouette so once mommy's video goes

up I'll make you some LOL stickers okay

LOL stickers okay so yeah that's a

pretty cool thing about the silhouette

since I have it and I have sticker paper

is that I can make it I just have to

Google some lol images and just make

them looks like tracing and all that

stuff but anyway so I'm gonna do that

for her but I just got off the phone

with my OBGYN I scheduled my cycle day

21 test which I'm kind of nervous about

but also really excited about they told

me to come back and do cycle day 21

either out a month and a half or two

months it just depends wherever my

period fell on so my the white my period

worked out is that my cycle day 21 will

be like a month and a half into taking

progesterone so the cycle day 21 test is

basically them testing my progesterone

it's a blood test it's just one vial and

they take my blood and I usually get the

results within a couple of days so I

don't know I'm I just really hope that

the progesterone went up because it

should be out of ten and mine was at an

eight point six so it's really not like

that much of a difference but it is

still slightly lower so I don't know I

mean we'll just see and had I don't know

I feel like my period really hasn't been

different like I've been officially on

progesterone for one month and I was

like trying to think like has anything

really been different I feel like I have

been breaking out a lot on my chin like

a lot like this whole area has been

breaking out a lot more typically

whenever I would get breakouts it would

only be when my period was supposed to

come and it would just be like one or

two and that that was it but lately it's

in really just a like kind of like a

cluster on my Chen I feel like the

lighting looks really good right now you

can't see it so I'm okay with that but

yeah it's been just like constant it

hasn't just been my period I don't feel

like I've had any mood swings I don't I

don't know if that is like a side-effect

you know there's like a laundry list of

side effects there is some another side

effect of drowsiness obviously the

headaches which I did have a headache

for a week thank god those headaches are

gone um but it does say drowsiness and I

feel like my sleep has been a lot better

like you guys know ever since we moved

to Texas I don't know what happened to

me but I wasn't going to bed till like

1:00 2:00 in the morning you know like

the earliest I was going to bed was like

midnight and so now I feel like I've

been falling asleep between like 9 10 I

was up til o on when I watched Game of

Thrones I was up to like 11:30 that

night because well I was watching Game

of Thrones so um but yeah like I've been

going to bed really good so I don't know

if it just be like I'm finally going to

bed good or if I don't know it's the the

progesterone because it does say it can

like cause drowsiness that's why you

take it at night so I don't know but I

feel like I mean I don't think I've

gained weight I haven't lost weight I

don't really notice like this is my

first period since being on progesterone

and I feel like my period was the same I

doesn't have any cramping which I tip I

don't know it's weird like I feel like

my period is not the same I'm like as

far as like symptoms like I don't know

if that makes sense but like I sometimes

I'll cramp like the day before my period

and the first day of my period but then

sometimes I won't cramp at all so I

don't know but like I didn't cramp at

all I feel like I just had kind of like

a normal flow I didn't have anything too

heavy I will say though I had a lot of

Browns and this might be TMI since most

of us are females I'm sure some of y'all

have had your period by now and you guys

you guys know like I don't know like

period talk doesn't gross me out I just

feel like it's kind of normal and it's

it's our human body like what do you

want me to say it's my human body like

it's our human body so I mean this is

what our body does you know thanks

but anyways so um Booya so I feel like I

don't know I feel like I had a lot of it

and it was like a little bit like

thicker consistency I feel like yeah

like kind of like chunky like brown and

I usually don't have like like thick

chunky brown after my period like it's

just like I don't know it was like dark

so anyways I had that for like two days

so um that's like the only thing that

was like different so I don't know I

mean I know there are some of you that

took progesterone so I don't know and I

do know too that like if I take it like

my side effects and whatever happens

will be totally different than like you

for instance like if you've taken it so

I guess I'm just I am still just a

little bit curious also - if you want I

know there's some of you that commented

you took progesterone a lot of you guys

told me about the cream I never like

call the doctor and ask the doctor about

the cream just because I already paid

for the pills and I was like I'm just

yeah I don't wanna have to like go and

like pay for cream so anyways I hope it

works if you guys took for Dress your

own let me know if it worked for you if

it did raise it I really hope that it

does but I honestly don't know after the

progesterone what happens next because

they said like let's just do one and a

half to two months come in for cycle day

21 testing again and then we'll see you

know we'll go from there

I mean I guess it's good to not to be

like okay you know if it doesn't raise

then we need to do this if it does raise

it because it's like why do like the ifs

ands or buts

like let's just wait till like we know

for sure so we'll see um but you know I

was offered clomid before I took the

progesterone so I wonder if my pressure

own does raise will I get to take clomid

I don't know or do I have to like just

keep trying naturally idk my BFF gel you

guys ever watch that AT&T commercial I

feel like I say that well like what are

you talking about who are you texting 50

times a day

idk my BFF Jill tell your BFF Jill that

I'm taking away your phone me paying

this bill that's

dan yes now too much texting is NBD AT&T

brings you unlimited texting so yeah um

I don't know I'm just I'm kind of

nervous but I'm really excited I like

want to hurry up and just take this test

it's in two weeks so we will see what


but anyways why did they come to the

kitchen I'm in the kitchen but I don't

know what I came in here for and I have

like a full cup of coffee let's see is

it cold it's cold that's why I came in

here I came in here to heat it up oh

hell oh my gosh and I swear to

microwaving coffee it just doesn't taste

the same it always tastes like crap but

you know what mama needs our coffee so

we're gonna be what we're gonna go but

anyways alright men talk to us I feel

like I've been blabbing for a little bit

but you know that's just how I do and

I'm gonna go ahead just drink my coffee

wait for my vlog to export and just kind

of like shellac it has been a lot later

y'all it is currently 2:19 look at your

stickers I just printed these lol

stickers for Alondra that way she can

play with them I need to cut them still

though so they're not ready yet okay

maybe cuz I need to cut them okay and

then after I cut them you can play with

them but anyways I'm getting ready to

have lunch just having some leftover

some sloppy joes and we are watching a

game of Thrones episode 3 for the second

time today so after I got my vlog up we

watched it and then Alon just like again

again I'm gonna watch it again so um

we're watching it again it's almost done

though but I was like okay I cannot wait

anymore to me I am so starving oh I know

and then while we were watching it I was

working on her lol sticker so once I'm

done eating I'll cut these stickers for

her cuz I know she really wants to play

with them honestly I do not have a lot

planned today there's really not a lot

that I need to do that I can think of

anyways EDM is working a double so he's

working till 9:45 at night no I just

don't have any plans to go anywhere or

to do anything so yeah just stay home

that's right so anyways I'm gonna go

ahead and eat my lunch though before it

gets cold and I wish

cause you guys later with hopefully

something more exciting you guys I am

seriously shook I am so shocked I can't

think of another word but all I want to

say is thank you from the bottom of my

heart so if you watch yesterday's vlog

than I mentioned that I possibly was

getting cancelled from sensi today April

30th but when you guys see this it'll be

May first or after so um but yeah when I

was ending the vlog I was talking about

how I haven't met my quota I'm really

close to it and I wasn't sure what was

gonna happen and come May first I might

not be a consultant but I am now

officially gonna stay a sensi consultant

and honestly y'all I just thought it was

so sweet and I just really meant a lot

to me especially because um

y'all had comment it was like I'm gonna

place an order like I'm gonna help you

and I was just like I cannot believe it

like I honestly wasn't expecting that

and I just I just really really really

appreciated it

I just want to give you all a shout out

because I seriously appreciate y'all so

much I honestly appreciate all of my

customers oh ho those are your stickers

they just got done she took him off the

silhouette to this girl she knows here

you want your stickers alright let me

get this off one second you guys along

just got her stickers you know

interrupted that heartfelt moment there

but anyways I just want to give a shout

out to all of you that puts in order

this month because without y'all or

during this month in April I would not

be a sensing consultant anymore thank

you to everyone everyone everyone

everyone that has ever placed a since

the order with me like I honestly really

appreciate because there's so many

sensing consultants you can order from

anyone so I really appreciate that you

are choosing me to order from it really

means a lot to me and from the bottom I

heart so whether you placed an order

from the very beginning whether you

don't order anymore if you ever ordered

from me I just I appreciate you and

honestly I'm just I'm just shook I'm so

shook I'm so

I don't know like I want to cry like I

really do I really thought like it was

over like this morning when I was

filming that ending clip I seriously

thought it was like over and I was like

trying not to get all upset about it and

I was like it'll be okay I can come back

in August and I'll come back in August

big and strong like don't let it affect

you and I just I thought it was gonna be

game over so I really appreciate you

guys like I'm feeling a little emotional

so thank you guys so much I really

really really do appreciate all of you

so anyways yeah it is gonna be a good

day but alright so anyways I don't even

know what to do with myself now I guess

I'll go actually probably need to clean

up like my silhouette and all my stuff

now that I cut her stickers for her but

my laptop away and I guess I'll just

resume to watching a game of Thrones

because why not that episode oh my god

if you guys haven't watched Game of

Thrones yet y'all need to get on it okay

that's all I'm gonna say y'all need to

get on it

because it is so good and that's all I'm

gonna say I don't want to spoil it but

it's really hard now that I want to

spoil it for you guys or for anyone it's

just really hard to not talk about it

because I'm just very very excited about

it just like it's hard not to talk about

Avengers end game there are so many

things I want to say and it's like hard

to like I don't know cuz like there's no

one to talk to about it well I can talk

to Etan about it but I mean we see the

same thing so it's gonna be the same

conversation over and over over again so

you know but anyways comment down below

if you're watching Game of Thrones and

if you've watched Avengers and game yet

because both were really good alright

I'm just rambling now so I'm gonna go

and I'll show them you guys later

flash flood warnings are being issued

for southwestern Deccan County and

northwestern Cameron County until 9:30

severe thunderstorms including a tornado

warning in effect for southwestern

Denton County until 6:45 all North Texas

stations affected by this alert I


the preceding message looks like it's

gonna be a fun night muchachos I swear

we get one of these at least once a week

which I've really never noticed these

before like I don't recall having these

in Florida California now in Minnesota

no I don't think I've ever had these

before but they scare the crap out of

this one here she hates them she knows

when that comes on that means bad

weather it's happening and I don't know

if you all can tell but a tut tut it

looks like rain

so it looks like we are under a tornado

warning right now and we're also under a

flash flood warning with severe

thunderstorms so that means Wiggles is

gonna have a freakout and so is Alondra

which means Alondra and Wiggles we'll be

slipping with us tonight

yeah it's funny because Elantra hates

the thunderstorms however she's like oh

it's a thunderstorm that means I have to

sleep with you

and I know she's not just pretending to

be scared of thunderstorms to sleep with

us she genuinely is scared so that's

something we kind of have to I don't

know how you how you work on that


the thunderstorms do get pretty crazy I

mean I grew up in Florida on my whole

life and I mean the rain is pretty like

it rains all the time in Florida I'm

used to the rain we get a lot of rain um

I feel like we've never really had

flooding except for like hurricane

season hurricane season doesn't freak me

out I mean we're not gonna have

hurricanes in Dallas but I don't think

they do anyways but um anyways yeah but

the thunderstorms here in Texas are no

joke they are like they are hashtag cray

so they messin around

um anyhow the winds the winds get pretty

crazy I remember I don't know if it was

last week a week before it was like 70

mile an hour winds so it gets pretty bad

and usually when they come I feel like

they usually come at night to I don't

know why that's kind of interesting I

think like it always comes at nighttime

I feel like I don't I've never noticed

one like during the day but anyways I

don't know

we'll see how it goes hopefully it's

nothing too serious and I mean so far

we've been pretty good and lucky with

all of that like we haven't had any

damage knock on wood

so yeah no damage from Hale or anything

like that so I don't know I guess we'll

see what happens but it's definitely in

pitch black so hopefully my two girls

don't have too much of a freak out but

actually you know we need to do before

the rain comes

we need to shower before the rain comes

so we better get in the shower right now

because yeah we're not trying to get

electrocuted especially before the ooh

the Thunder just came down yeah come on

we got two quick showers because we're

not trying to get electrocuted before

the thunder and lightning combo it's 8

o'clock and we're all in here like one

big happy family

she's being cranky cuz we told her she

needs to lay down and tries to go to bed

and she's like no of course she goes

about at 6:45 last night and then today

it's 8 o'clock and she's like wide awake

and super hyper also by the way your bed

come on you have to lay down also by the

way the thunderstorm has not happened

however it says that the thunderstorm

should be going on until 3:00 a.m.

according to the weather app so yeah

good little light light storm

it is pretty though with all like the

lightning and stuff at all but come on

go too bad she's being a little dramatic

too but um like her father


but anyway so yeah that's under storms

not going on but we already told her she

could stay in her bag and I was like all

right got about 8 o'clock you need to go

to your back she's like but I'm sleeping

with you you told me and we are very

much like we don't like to go back on

our word some clarity told her she could

stay with us so and then also to I don't

know if the thunderstorm is gonna come

or not but

yeah yeah I don't want her to wake up in

middle of the night either he's scared

also her so all right many Mouse is

getting threatened and it's getting

serious up in here but anyways I don't

know that's just the thing though about

the weather though you just you never

know like something something terrible

is gonna happen and then nothing happens

or you think nothing is gonna happen out

of the blue something care box nothing

terrible's gonna but I'm just giving an

example that the weather is crazy I

think you're tired your face looks tired

but you're just fighting it look at that

face she doesn't Emily oh by the way

daddy's home and he is home early so yay

I don't think I've vlogged with Tom home

but anyways alright I'm gonna go ahead

and turn the block here because honestly

nothing is going to happen so I hope you

guys did enjoy today's vlog again thank

you thank you thank you to everyone that

has placed a sensi order I seriously am

just so excited and I just feel like

recharged refreshed I was on like a

sensi training today with my team

because they do it every Tuesday night

and I don't go on every Tuesday night

but I'm gonna start making myself do

that because I know that's gonna be good

for me and it's only 30 minutes of

training and stuff and it's really good

at like energizes and motivates you so

yeah mini so anyways I just want to say

thank you guys seriously so much to

everyone that ordered this month anyone

that has ever ordered from me I

appreciate you we appreciate you because

you are supporting a little family oh

there's a Tom's Ironman tattoo by the

way right there in case no one has ever

seen it it's funny because Claudia and

never realized he had an Ironman tattoo

she's like you have an Ironman tattoo

and he's like yeah she was like she was

shook alright so I'm gonna go ahead and

go so I hope you guys did enjoy today's

vlog please give it a thumbs up

oh is that Minnie Mouse happy mommy oh

wow alright so please give a thumbs up

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we'll see you tomorrow thanks for


burning ChaCha's