How to teach any child to read EASILY and FAST! AMAZING

hello everyone here I am with my

three-year-old and today I'm going to

teach you how we showed our

three-year-old how to breathe and it's

very simple anyone can teach their kids

how to read and so today I'm going to

share with you guys some tips and tricks

that I've learned along the way so one

of the first things that you want to

start doing is getting a set of

flashcards here I have black and whites

because it's high contrast and I have

the lowercase letters I also have

uppercase on the other side but

lowercase letters and you don't have to

go on by some you can just simply write

them on index cards um make sure that

they are large so that the child can see

them so the first thing you want to do

we start teaching letter sounds not

letter names a lot of people do the

mistake of teaching letter names so a b

c d e and they teach a song to the

children that is not going to teach your

child how to read and it is it is

important to learn letter names but in

order to learn how to read your child

needs to know letter sounds so you want

to start teaching letter sounds like

this ah ah buh duh duh duh and so and I

do have a video that I made going over

each and every one of the letter sounds

so that you can show your kids if you

want to UM so the first thing you want

to do is start teaching these letter

sounds once or twice a day one minute at

a time and you do it quickly just like

this ah but duh

ah good and you go on and on and then

once the child you've been doing this

for some time you want the child to

repeat the letter sounds so ours ready

we're gonna do what the letter sounds

ready set up sweetheart

iris good ready and so you got the point

I already knows it so she's gonna go

really fast so you have the child repeat

after you the letter sounds ok once they

have mastered the letter sounds and

order you want to get them out of water

so make sure that they really know

and I really had their letter

recognition so you can call out any

letter out of place let's see here let

me get a letter let's see iris what

letter is this what sound does it make

let going here mmm

let me give you another one what about

this son ah ah let's see another one

what about this one and you call them

out out of order to make sure that they

really really know it once they know the

letter sounds out of order in order

you're ready to move on to blends so for

blending before you start bending you

want to teach children that multiple

letters make a sound so you can do a

little game here that I like playing

which is letter sound game blending game

so come on out set up so we can play a

little game ready I'm gonna tell you to

get something you have to guess what it


can you get the dog good dog

yes and was that dog the dog says dog

let's get let's do another one ready can

you get the act what is that what is

that alright at rats yes and you keep

playing this game can you get the fur

AAG yeah for odd frog and it's good to

play this game or you can play with

things around the house like uh can you

get me the up what am I saying artists

up what am I saying

cop yeah you can have them get different

things like can you get me the book Oh

what am I saying iris ball and you can

even get um I talked about this in my

other video and I'll link it below guys

a a chart in which you have all the

vowels going across the top and then you

have most of the consonants on the side

and then you do the consonant and vowel

blend so they don't already another bow

is if they already know their flashcards

so then you want to have them blend so

but ah ba ba ba ba a big bow ah ba

but up but back bad big buh buh and you

can go on and on and a lot of you guys

ask why am I facing some of them what I

just try to keep the basic ones some of

them really um demands that the child

knows other a phonetic rule okay

so you can do a basic chart like this

one and then you want to move on to

reading two and three letter words and

that's the fun part

okay so let me show you guys here I have

some flashcards with the pictures in the

back arts for your feet down honey

with the pictures in the back and I'm

focusing on the word families that's a

great way to teach reading as well too

to introduce word family so let me show

you guys iris working on these word

family three-letter words okay so here I

have the flashcards and all of the

baubles hold on iris all of the vowels

are in red because I like to focus on

the vowels and have the child elongate

these vows to make blending easier okay

at the back I have the pictures but I

don't let them see the pictures until

they're done to make sure that they do

not cheat right okay iris let's read

this word here what did I say ah bad

let's see if you're right you got it

let's go on to the next one here what

does this say ah bad let's see if you're


oh you are right let's go over here now

click over here sweetie

ah what does he write you got it right

what about this one sweetie sit up ah


let's see if you got it oh the little

dog is getting patted yes you're right

pat let's look at this one last one mmm

what does that say Matt Matt you got it

right good job Irish and so as you can

see all of these flashcards are focusing

with the ad family so all of these are

three letter words working on the ad

families and I have all of these in

different word families separated by

word families so whenever I'm working on

meeting these three letter words I

introduce a particular word family and

this makes reading a lot easier for the


so let's go okay and iris is loving

these flashcards because these have the

pages in the back and we play like a

little game this is actually a set of 46

flashcards it has eight most common word

family so this is the app family and it

has about five or six different

flashcards per word family I mean I'll

link it below where you can get these

guys okay okay so once your child is

reading two and three letter words you

can move on to an actual primer and my

favorite primer is alpha phonics and

this teaches all 44 sounds of the

English language and 126 easy lessons so

I really love it because you don't need

anything else you know how these

programs are where you have to buy like

part 1 part 2 part 3 it's just one book

and I think it costs like 20 something

dollars on Amazon I'll link it below in

the description box guys it's very easy

on it's no color and it's just plain Oh

hardcore funnies guys I really recommend

it and it has very short easy lessons so

to recap all the steps first you want to

teach letter sounds

then you want to move on to doing blends

you can use the chart that I showed you

here you can play the little games with

the blending then you want to move on to

reading two and three letter words once

this is done you move on to a primer and

the last step is

with introducing on-site word sight

words are high frequency words and you

see in the English language that do not

follow the regular decoding rules I mean

you want to just get flash cards and

flash them because this is something

that the children need to memorize in

order to be good readers so I'll link

below where you can get these flash

cards for free and you can make your own

and also that you can start introducing

sight words to your children once they

are reading all right guys I hope you

enjoyed the video I just want to say

goodbye haha pseudo honey they can't see

you say bye guys I hope you enjoyed the

video on how to teach your young

children to bead you don't have to weigh

in to your children go to school to

teach them how to read this is a job

that I think belongs in the home our

children should know how to read before

they enter school it just makes

everything so much easier and your kid

would be so much ahead when they go to

school okay guys and don't forget to

pick up my flashcards in my teacher

store I'll post a link on the

description box I'm gonna have these

half off for you guys they're wonderful

you can play different games they have

the pictures in the back and the vowels

aren't read so that you can focus on

elongating your vows to make blending

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