How to Teach Your Dog Commands from a distance.

teaching commands from a distance is

something everybody wants to be able to

teach their dog and it's something that

you need your dog to be able to perform

if you're doing any form of competitive

obedience especially a sports such as

French ring that has a change of

position exercise where you're far away

from your dog and all you can do is give

them verbal commands based on what

you're being told to give them sit down

and stand each position going into the

other position there's two ways that I

like to do this or really there's three

ways one is gonna be where I'm using

food to reward the dog so I'll stand in

front of my dog I have my dog on a climb

command I say sit I walk towards my dog

i cue my dog into position yes reward I

build distance again down I walk towards

my dog I used the food to cue the dog

into the position I keep doing this we

don't have to run towards a dog remember

the domino effect we give the command

then we move to execute the command with

our physical cue which is the dominoes

falling over we place the dog into

position we mark the reward that's the

last domino falling over we completed

the behavior we made the connection and

we keep doing that and we start to build

distance and before you know you give

the dog command before you even starting

to walk towards them they're already

going into position that's gonna be

using reward-based training and doing it

by yourself the next one is going to be

doing the exercise but using pressure

based training so just a leash so I have

a longer leash I say sit I cue the dog

they go into the sit yes reward I step

back down I cue the dog they go into the

position yes

reward and continuing to do this in

building this sense before you know it

you no longer need the long line one of

my favorite ways to do this is using a

helper so I have a helper with the dog

the dog already knows the leash pressure

I stand a certain distance away I simply

stand there I give the commands sit my

helper will cue the dog into the sit and

then I will say yes and they will reward

the dog for me and I will go through

each position with the dog at a distance

using my helper to help me get the dog

to understand this position this is a

great way to do it it's good to do all

of them though really if you're doing

competitive obedience because you want

your dog to understand that they have to

do the commands not just when somebody

is standing there making them do it you

want them to do it whether or not

somebody's standing there so let me show

you exactly how to start teaching your

dog commands from a dist

all right so for this exercise you want

to make sure you have an assistant and

this is going to do a couple things one

it's gonna help us teach commands from a

distance and number two it's going to

reduce the possibility of you messing up

your timing and the reason why this is

possible is I'm gonna be giving the

commands but she's going to be executing

the physical cue to get the dog to

perform the behavior I will be marking

the behavior and then she will be

rewarding Derby so it's a very simple

exercise I give the command she does a

cue I mark she rewards okay and I'm

gonna show you we're going to show you

how to do this so I'm gonna give her

some treats and you can start closer if

you want and build this since as your

dog gets better but I'm gonna stand here

and give command so Erika's ready to

execute the commands using the leash

pressure down yes good boy

and she's also there to reinforce now if

he makes a mistake good sit yes good job

bud no oh yes good boy

you want to come running over to me sit



yes good boy

Derby sit yes

no he has a tendency to really look for

pieces there we go now help them with

the food there we go good perfect down

then she does the cue yes then the

reward no good i boy sit yes

no oh yes say it fell to the crack

it's okay okay you guys are going to

drop food on occasions no big deal yes

down yes fine yes and then after you do

a low short session then go ahead and

switch positions just like this she's

gonna give the commands and I'm gonna

execute the physical cue yes oh wait

sorry see that she's supposed to say


I'll then free so as you can see it's

really easy exercise and once again it

helps with giving the dog commands from

a distance and number two it reduces the

likelihood of you pairing your physical

with your verbal which will increase the

speed and what your dog learns these

commands sometimes you're not gonna have

a training partner to help you do a

change of position exercises from a

distance so we can start giving our dog

commands from a distance but we're gonna

want to start really close so what we're

gonna do is we're gonna start close to

our dog where our dog is used to hearing

our commands I like to either place my

dog on a back tie or place my dog on a

climb bed like re is right here so I'm

gonna block the Sun so it's not blasting

in her eyes and I'm going to give her

the command down and then I would give

her the cue and reward

sit than the queue and reward you can

see she's already doing it

but when you first started even if your

dog knows the commands from this

position when you're right up next to

them as you build distance it could be a

little confusing for them so once we

give the command we start with the

physical cue stand then I come in and I

help her come on yes sit

then the cue yes we work and each time

we're gonna build more distance down

then I would do the cue and build more

distance so what I'm gonna do for

instructional purposes we're gonna start

back up here just like in the other

video I'm gonna name these commands

using different colors so I'm gonna do

red blue and green again cuz I want you

to see how I would actually present the

physical cue had she not knowing the

commands as well as she does red yes

blue yes green yes building distance red

yes blue no

Green yes red yes

Green yes

blue yes green yes fine so we're gonna

keep giving the commands and helping out

as much as we need so our dog can start

to understand what it is we're asking

them to perform so eventually you can be

far away and you're gonna be able to

give your dog the commands and they'll

be able to execute them beautifully sit

stand down stand sit free and I was able

to teach her that using the technique

that I just showed you