Teaching Nova and YOUR PUPPY their FIRST 5 TRICKS!

hi what's up you guys welcome back to

enjoy views so here I am today with Nova

and we're gonna be teaching her a couple

of tricks today we're gonna do the five

first tricks that you should teach your

puppy Nova knows already she knows a

couple of tricks so let's go ahead and

learn all of these tricks and I have a

brand new treat bag $2 from Marshalls

mango and pumpkin flavor let's go ahead

and teach Nova and your dog some treats

so the first one is sick sit is pretty

essential usually you want to show them

sit just in case they always jump on you

and you don't want them to jump on you

so you tell them sit instead and then

you can go ahead and pet them when they

sit down instead of them being over

reactive and just keep on jumping on

your guests or you or anyone that does

not like to be jumped on god this smells

so good

so I recommend little tiny treats to

start off with just so you could feed

them more without them getting full or

throwing up because you give them too

many treats so I have these little tiny

ones ready here alright so first it this

is good this is usually the first trick

I usually teach my dogs right off the

bat because like I said she'll keep on

jumping on me

and sit is it good it's like it's a good

trick so they can just calm down and

know that they're not gonna get anything

until they sit so she knows it pretty

well already which is a good girl

usually you teach them sit by having the

treat right on their nerves and they'll

be signing up you want to bring the tree

back backing it up until they sit so

she's already sitting but let's see if I

could have her stand up okay like that

perfect the second trick I would most

recommend is lay down teaching your dog

to lay down is most likely used in order

to control them let's say they get too

overwhelmed you tell them to sit and

they're still wagging around you're

gonna tell them to lay down so that they

know that they need to calm down and

become more self control of themselves

so Nova did not get laid down right away

so I had to do it off-screen she

eventually got it but I'll teach you how

I taught her of course

so now lay down you're gonna have to

teach them sit first you're gonna want

to follow the treat with your nose down

to the ground until they have want to do

the gesture before they know the word

sit like let's say I didn't tell her to

lay down but once she keeps on laying

down you're gonna have to say lay down

when she gets it laid down good girl

lay down just like that so the third one

I recommend is stay and that one is very

important especially in the Australian

Shepherd breed I think the main problem

that we have if you don't teach them say

is they just run out of the house my

brothers French Bulldog does that all

the time she runs out of the house right

when the door opens and she just keeps

on running maybe you have to get them to

stay because the car is coming and you

don't want them to go in the road it's

very important to teach them stay it

just lets your dog know that you're the

one in charge and you're the one that

keeps them safe in the scenarios that

they are put in

first state you're going to be a little

more patient because a puppy has been

stu hyper they're gonna keep on running

all over the place jumping on you so you

gonna get them in the sitting position

I just ER is like day day day no so if

they messed up usually want to do about

two seconds where they stay at first

give them a treat and then do it again

and then do four out of five seconds and

longer and longer until they get used to

it of just flings day until you tell

them to come sit stay stay good girl

stay good and with that being said the

fourth one that I recommend is come here

or come you want them to know that if

they do end up running away that they

have to come here just because the

situation might not be good for them so

let's see what I did there you kind of

want to make it exciting like come and

then like make like a certain noise stay

good pick up my voice a little bit just

so she knows like Oh like I have to come

you know like you have to make it

exciting for them stay stay

good girl good girl

don't mind my puppy voice it's necessary

sometimes this is also the reminder for

you guys to know sometimes you'll be

frustrated with your dog when they're

like wandering around and you're all

come come here and right now and they

won't come to you because you're kind of

being aggressive and when you taught

them you're like come here come here

kind of like a good treat reward so

that's why they also might not come to

you because they think they're in

trouble so even though they are in

trouble you should try relaxing and just

saying it like how you taught them

number 5 trick that I would recommend is

leave it certain situation that you want

your puppy to know this trick is maybe

you drop a piece of food that's not

really good for them so you want them to

leave it because it's gonna do harm for

them or in most cases like for Stella

she sees like a certain bug like walking

around or something and she wants to go

and chase it but it might be maybe a

snake or something and you say leave it

and she knows not to touch it or do

anything to it she's barely learning

this one actually I usually teach them

this one with their bowl of food in the


this is demonstrating with her food bowl

put a couple of treats in there but

usually it's dog food of course she's to

jump around a lot when I gave her her

food but now she likes to sit and I face

leave it leave it and then good I'm

gonna put her on her palm I'm really

teaching her this with the treat like I

said before I usually do with her food

and she's really good at that and I'll

probably show you guys what I mean well

let's do it with the triggers sit down

leave it leave it so right now I'm doing

it as in she just doesn't touch it at

all with her nose and that's good

leave it leave it and if she goes

forward to get it I kind of back away

telling her no that's not what I mean

leave it good girl

hey you guys see she left it and I said

good girl then she went ahead and got

the cheek I'm gonna try putting it on

her paw really good like leave it leave

it leave it

good girl well she kind of went for it

there but I feel like she was getting

frustrated because she doesn't want to

wait that long for the treat leave it

leave it leave it no leave it girl

that's a good girl and if they do extra

good I just give them extra treats of

course that's a good girl

I know I said five but I'm gonna go

ahead and give you guys two more tricks

that I really think are very important

to teach your pups number six would be

to go to bed or go to your crate or any

word that you want to do resembling go

to like their where they go to sleep

space and this is relatively easy to

teach just have to make this area this

place comfortable for them make sure

that they like it and you want to teach

this in the early stage just so they get

used to sleeping in a certain area so

I'll just show them that they have their

own space that they're safe in and

somewhere that you want them to go the

end of this they'll like to be in there

at night and they won't cry every time

you don't let them on the bed or

anything nova wasn't like this but

Stella would always cry it's a bit get

on the bed when she was a baby we

introduced to the crate we did an

introduced her to the crate right away

and she kept on crying and crying in the

crate so I feel like this one's really

important to do right away and don't

introduce them to the bed first so this

is Novas headquarters she usually sleeps


and when we're out of the house she

stays in here as well then you want to

do is get them in there I usually say go

okay good you're back

good girl and want to get out let them

to get out but she usually wants to

retreat so she stays in once there you

get used to being in there you want to

lock it up stay but you don't want to

leave it yet so you're gonna kind of

just stay here give it a treat so I'm

not everything's fine oops everything's

okay good girl go to your bed

I heard toys in there and everything or

what I also did she used to not like to

go in there like her full like for a

full five minutes she would not just

stay in there at all like she'll get in

and then come back out so what I would

usually do would put her blanket make it

kind of like a game tell her

everything's fine that just stays in

there she'll get a lot of treats so I'm

just putting a lot of treats everywhere

so she could find him and then I would

lock it up and she'll just be in there

the enough she lay down she got

comfortable and she would just spend her

time looking for treats so that's how I

taught her how to go to bed and also how

to keep her in there without crying she

just looks for her foods there's a lot

in there baby

there's a lot in there

and then at night when I want her to go

to sleep I usually introduce goodnight

and then I turn off the lights and make

sure it's quiet

mixie she'll just entertain herself for

hours looking for the treats the seventh

and final one is heal and this one is

very very important because your dog

will be going on walks for the most part

their whole lives and only Shepherds or

any other hyper breed can be very

difficult walking on the leash if

they're not properly trained when

they're puppies Nova has not been walked

on the leash yet because she is barely

13 weeks and she's not allowed to like

go anywhere yet but I thought this would

be the perfect time to kind of teach you

guys right now how it is but yeah you

just don't want to be in a certain

situation where you know your dog is

going crazy and you can't control them

on the leash so you're gonna want to

have them to sit right next to you good

girl good girl I think it worked better

if we had a leash and a harness just as

she thanks for going on a walk actually

gets used to it but I think get her to

sit right next to you

and basically just follow your steps see

heel heel

good girl no no joking sit no I think

I'm just gonna bring up the treat more

like bring it up more so it's not right

in her face

I was just leading her to know that she

has to walk right beside me and of

course they like heel or I don't know

your keyword and then eventually when

your dog gets used to it still a

professional here she'll be able to do

heel and that's how you do heel so

that's gonna be it for the video I hope

you guys enjoyed it and learned the

basics of what's a teacher puppy when

you just get a puppy this has been a

very requested video since I first

started my youtube channel and I haven't

done it just because I don't know so

Nova song is good bye and thank you guys

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overnight and you just have to be

consistent once they get it right just

give them lots of love and attention at

home if it did a good job and they'll

keep on doing that trick for you they're

gonna love doing these things for you

and they're gonna catch on to doing

tricks and add more advanced tricks and

hopefully I couldn't do a video on that

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