7 Dog Tricks in 5 Minutes!

if you've ever wondered if there's a

limit to what or when you can teach your


keep watching to see this old dog learn

some new tricks you're being so good I'm

gonna give you a treat right after this

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awesome 13 year old golden retriever

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pill pockets from pet flow I'll have a

link in the description my friend Angie

is Sonny's mom and she's gonna join me

today now Angie I know you taught Sonny

lots of cool stuff and I just love how

cute she looks when she speaks she loves

to speak oh can I try and get her

alright Sonny okay I got this sunny room

speak can come in handy for a lot of

different things in fact we had Sonny

speak in my recent video where we were

teaching biscuit the bernese mountain

dog to walk on leash around distractions

it's like a barking golden retriever

do you want to see Sonny crawl - she

looks pretty cute

and resist that it looks like you're

signaling to her with your feet oh

that's cool yeah I love that now that's

original and she goes so purposeful

they're just an inch at a time

so she waits for each individual crawl

why don't you give us a quick overview

as to how you taught that to sunny we

started with a treat floor I just kind

of just dragged it on the ground a

little bit okay so as long as she moved

you know one paw or eventually two paws

three paws and then she would get her

treat and then just over the years you

know as she did it more and more I kind

of transitioned it to more of a foot

cube do you want to see Sonny spin today

- I can't think of anything I'd rather

see than Sonny spinning right now nice

look at that and that's how you know

your communication is super solid when

you can be that nonchalant and that

subtle with her - you how did you evolve

your signal to be so subtle over time

this was actually a pretty recent trick

but as you can tell she loves falling

food lures first I just had her make a

wide circle and just follow the treat

and then as we practice more and more I

would kind of tighten the circle a

little bit more or I would not have a

treat in my hand all the time and then

just kind of get that motion smaller and

smaller let's just go see a show I mean

not every trick is it's just going to

happen and one fell swoop like that I

could probably do this next trick with a

even more subtle cue let's see if you

can spot it Zach okay I'll do my best

oh nice that's good why do you tell her

to lie down you can see how that's

different but still very similar it's

just a testament to how smart dogs are

that they can differentiate between

those subtle differences and the way we

communicate with them even though

Sunny's 13 years old I love how you're

always teaching her something new do you

think we could see a few more tricks

that you're working on or in the process

of teaching yeah maybe you could help me

so we're working on bow Oh which she

could kind of do but sometimes her butt

goes down fast but she doesn't sustain

the Bell oh I see what you're saying and

then her butt goes down so she's holding

it for a second so it looks like we just

need to communicate to her yes that's

bow when she's still holding it this

time I'll give her some support under

her belly right here just to kind of

discourage her from going into it down

and you focus on luring her

there you go and then give her a yes sir

good girl nice and then release her

progress okay good job nice work

and I actually didn't have to hold on to

her there she was really holding it

maybe if we could work on phasing my arm

out this time and see if she can hold it

for two seconds that would be awesome

so let's give it another shot take him

out look at that that's good she's

holding it right now I'm gonna try and

get my arm out oh that's what's

happening take it out I'm not touching

her yes good exactly she eventually went

down but as long as we're saying hey

that's a bow while your butt's still up

I think most dogs are gonna get it we've

also been working on a leg weave look at

that nice look how long have you been

doing this one Angie a month

oh so really miss and it can throw some

dogs off there when you have to switch

up your lorry and so she's doing great I

think she's gonna have this down in no

time and this next one Sonny actually

just learned last week baby that's great

I love the bangbang that's nice very

convincing that's pretty good for just

last week girl click thumbs up for Sonny

the super talented Golden Retriever

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