How To Train 5 Tricks in 5 Minutes!

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content a few weeks ago I met Rue and I

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her trainer has done a great job with

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rollover is looking I mean rollover is

one of those basic tricks that almost

every dog should know when you're

teaching rollover you really want to

make sure that their hips are shifted in

one direction and then favor that

direction you can see how Roos hips are

shifted right there so if your dog's

hips are shifted in that direction you

would want to lower them that way she

shifted him the other way so now I'm

gonna lure her this way and look at her

look at her go her hips shifted this way

so we're gonna go ahead and do roll over

that way nice job and the trickiest

thing about working with a high-energy

dog like Roo is that she is so

fast-paced that keeping up with a dog

like this can be really challenging so

you want to be able to offer that

feedback quickly and it can be really

unnatural yes in the beginning yes good

girl they'll get really bored with you

if you're uninteresting or you start

talking to a camera roll overs looking

fantastic roof I'm told that Roo doesn't

even know how to crawl yet but

looks like she's well on her way why

don't we try something a little more

outside the box

one flashy trick that's pretty easy to

teach most dogs is teaching them how to

go through your legs and either we or

walk let's see if we can do a couple of

tricks we're waiting to that rube

already knows how to follow a Lord you

might notice I'm using the toy to lure

her this time that's a little

unconventional most of the time when

we're using lures we tend to use food

treats but if your dog is this motivated

by a toy use it look how she is just on

this toy doing figure eights I love it

I'm gonna go ahead and give her a reward

right there for following that lure and

her reward here for that is just a few

seconds of tug did it yes go ahead

through yes one more good girl oh that

was good experiment with different

currencies with your dog - I'm gonna go

ahead and lure her with the ball this

time good this way yes

get it in this case she was willing to

work for the ball let's see how she does

on supreme another cool trick you can

teach your dog is how to walk while in

between your legs I'm just gonna lure

her right now she's at the beginning

stages of learning this oh that was

great come on yes here you go good work

if you walk down the street doing this

you'd be the coolest guy in town or gal

you might notice that I'm really

lowering Roo and I'm keeping that treat

pressed up against her nose but I think

she's at the point now where we can

start to fade out the lure a little bit

so here I'm gonna hold it out a bit

farther yes let's try it again but again

I'm trying not to have the tree press

against her nose here and maybe have it

an inch or two out come on yes good oh I

love that do you see how she really

regulated and controlled her speed but

remember this is a gradual process you

don't just go from lure in your dog to

not luring them she would be a great

dancing dog she's got so many moves

already let's see if we can get her to

walk on her hind legs this is something

I believe she's got potential for I mean

she you saw her she went up into her sit

pretty up here yes good yes right there

she's kind of using my arm for balance

that's okay in the beginning she's

trying we want to acknowledge that I'm

gonna try and encourage her to stay on

that stand for just a moment without

holding on yes good so that was

excellent right there she stood up for

like a second and a half good job now

I'm watching those legs did you happen

to see that how they went back that's


beginning of teaching her how to walk on

her hind legs which is a neat trick and

yes look at that oh that's amazing I'm

gonna let her hold on there cuz she's

doing so well yes and there's forward so

she took a step forward there that is

great so she's well on her way to doing

this but you don't want to do too much

of this in one training session with

your dog be very conservative in the

beginning when teaching these types of

tricks because they really have to get

their muscle memory going and really

kind of ease into doing these tricks so

it looks like she can shake really well

if your dog can shake it's usually

pretty easy to modify their shake into a

high-five so rather than doing this

shake like that you might hold it up

here and if she see how she went higher

that time good job

high-five good how about high ten okay

pushing it I guess yes okay she knows

how to give a kiss I guess click thumbs

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