3 Easy Things to Teach your NEW PUPPY!

so you've gotten a new puppy now what

today I'm going to go over some things

you need to know plus two things you can

start teaching against

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order now let's go talk to Brittany find

out what's going on with Bruno Brittany

why did you decide to bring a new puppy

into your life right now

well we both already had two cats and

we've always wanted a dog so this was

just good timing in our lives so how's

he been adjusting in his first few days

at home with you so far I think then

he's been adjusting really well in the

beginning he would kind of stay with us

at all the time you'd only stay in the

front room but as the days go on he just

sort of runs around the house and it's

getting more active with the cats and

he's being bolder and more curious so we

think he's doing very well I'm really

excited to work with Bruno and he seems

like he's ready to get going too would

you mind if I worked with him for a

little bit

oh boy when you first bring your new

puppy or dog home don't throw too much

on them at one time in other words many

dogs need some time to adjust since a

strong relationship with your dog is

essential prioritize growing your bond

with your dog as everything will be

built on top of this whatever your dogs

circumstances try to understand things

from their perspective now in Bruno's

case this is his very first time being

away from his mom and his litter mates

so he needs some serious patience and

understanding it's gonna take months for

your dog to take in this world learn our

language and understand how we expect

them to behave keep that at the front of

your mind during that first year of

training if you have a young puppy like

Bruno they're still rapidly

developing to watch out for those teeth

this puppy biting catches a lot of

people off-guard if you need help

getting through the puppy biting state

with your dog I'm gonna have a video in

the description of this video one of the

first things you'll want to do is teach

your new dog their name so that they can

begin to understand that it's their

attention we want when we call them by

their name Bruno come here see it's not

working yet so the first thing you want

to do is just get your dog's attention

on you maybe by making a little bit of a

sound like yes good job right there I'm

going to reward Bruno simply because he

acknowledged me but obviously I don't

want to have to name him we wanted him

to understand what Bruno means now I'm

going to do the same thing but this time

I'm going to introduce his name

Bruno yes good job Bruno you have to be

very deliberate when teaching your dog a

new word a new phrase or something like

their name see when he acknowledged me

there I said his name so that he can

begin to connect his name with paying

attention to me and I'm also right there

to make sure that I offer him something

amazing like this turkey in order to

make an impactful memorable experience

for him and right now that he's jumping

on me I'm not even concerned without the

fact that he's paying attention to me

and responding to his name is far more


Bruno yes oh did you see his eyes just

snap up to me when I said his name right

there he's doing really well really

quickly on this since when you're with

your dog at this age they're definitely

in a supervised situation you'll have

lots of opportunities to reward them for

giving you their attention voluntarily

or when you call their name really take

advantage of this catch them off-guard

as often as you can and reward them

heavily when they stop what they're

doing to pay attention to you or respond

to their name now I'm walking around

here just to try and mix things up a

little bit so that he starts to

generalize that I still want him

responding to Bruno when I'm walking

around when we're outside and so on so

it's important to practice these things

before you expect them to associate

these behaviors in general everyday life

if you've gotten a new puppy you're

probably going to want to teach them how

to sit pretty early on many dogs will do

this pretty instinctively but the idea

is that you can teach them how to sit

specifically when

ask them to do so sit is so important

because you're gonna ask them to do this

time and time again so it's worth

putting in the time right now to get

looking really good it's easiest to

teach your dog sit by luring them into

position you really want to use that

nose and a really good currency like

real Turkey or real chicken to your

advantage but think of your dog's nose

and the treat that you're using as two

separate magnets at first that magnetic

attraction between their nose and the

tree is kind of loose if you keep the

treat really close to his nose and it's

much more likely to keep his attention

see this look how close that is you have

to go in really slow motion if you

haven't done this before most people

tend to go too fast like this but really

what you want to do is go super super

slow look at that see that sit this time

I'm going to introduce the word sit to

him as he sits yes sit most dogs are

gonna pick up on this really fast so you

should be able to start phasing out the

lure pretty quickly on something like

sit anyway so watch this sit good job

see he anticipated because we practiced

several times in a row Bruno yes good

game his attention when I called his

name sit hey that looks really good

let's go for some bonus content now and

see if we can teach Bruno how to lie

down sit good again we're gonna do the

same exact thing and we're gonna go nice

and slow just like this yes

I'm gonna reward there simply because he

moved his front foot forward I'm not

going to insist that he does a complete

lie down immediately I'm rewarding for

progress that's the most important thing

don't be so greedy when you're

introducing new behaviors

yes excellent job now what some dogs

this might take a few days other dogs it

might take a few minutes it really just

depends on a variety of factors make

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