6 Impressive Dog Tricks That Are Easier Than You Think!

in today's video you're gonna see

world-class dog training team Chris

parondi and his incredible dog Vinny

if you want to teach your dog something

new and do it efficiently you're

currency has to be top-notch personally

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you and I used to work together it's

been too long I'm so glad you're here me


it's an honor to be here so tell my

YouTube audience what you're about what

you do well I travel all the United

States performing with my stunt dogs

actually have 12 dogs all trained to do

amazing tricks and stunts flying discs

agility all sorts of dog sports and all

using positive training methods but we

tour around we perform for like halftime

shows the NFL the NBA we do state fairs

county fairs theme parks even have a

performing arts theater show called the

stunt dog experience and what I'm very

proud of is the fact that I just

released my first book the big book of

tricks for the best dog ever and Vinny

is on the cover it was over 118 tricks

and stunts that you could train your dog

to do at home doesn't matter the age

breeder size all using positive

reinforcement so Chris why don't you

show us something that's kind of easy to

teach that anyone at home could probably

teach their dog absolutely we're gonna

have him do a little sit pretty today

I'm gonna use the treat as a lure and

I'm just gonna lure it over his nose

into the position yes very good boy it's

very simple and just make it fun and

positive and if they're having a hard

time you sometimes you can have a breast

armed on your arms and encourage them

just to kind of sit up and get that

treat as a reward at the same time I'll

say penny sit pretty I'll give him that

tree pretty soon what you can do is you

can start fading out the Treat in your

hand and fade in what we call an air

cookie what you're trying to do is fade

out having to lure in with the treat

constantly and I've noticed when I've

taught Zippity in the past you really

have to build their muscle memory up

over a period of time so they can get

that balance right yeah absolutely

take it really slow at first get a good

vet checkup of course on your dog and

make sure their hips are good and their

back and all that and of course we don't

start doing things like this until they

get a little bit older so once he has

the sit pretty down we can start

teaching them to stand on his hind legs

I just lure him up into the standing

position and if you need some help I'll

just put my arm out let him rest his

paws on my arm

nice work Vinnie excellent job yes very

good boy I'll do that in some duration

and just start building that core

strength and then the next step is once

he's up I'll start luring him around and

following that treat and get that treat

as a reward yes very good boy and let

him rest keep the training sessions

short you don't want to burn him out

that's a really good example of how you

can take an existing trick and start to

add a little complexity to it and it's

all about your attitude and how excited

you are with your dog they feed off of

that you got to get excited with your

dog like any pretty yes good boy you see

my voice pattern changes I get excited

he feeds off that energy

what is the flashiest version of this

trick well right now he is actually

pretty good at on his hind legs in fact

without even using a lure I can just use

the hand signal Vinnie on two yes and he

will dance look at that around me

without me having to turn at first of

course I'll turn with them when I first

trained them and back up yes fun you did

so good make sure you give your dog lots

of love it effects your that goes a long

way my dogs are my pets first out of

formers second we want to make sure that

they're having the time of their life

when they're out there I know when

you're performing one of the flashiest

tricks out there is a back stall that's

where dog stands on your back it's one

of the easiest things to teach isn't it

it's pretty easy it's actually a lot

easier if you have a partner okay tell

me what to do Chris

spread your legs open just a little bit

so he can get up to you but all right

just go ahead and get down low as you

can okay I'm gonna get Vinnie behind you

and he's gonna try to jump up on your

back I'm gonna lure him up there now you

can either do from the side or from the

back first just have him put his front

two paws on your back and he's gonna get

that reward if you don't have a partner

some of that can help you can start by

encouraging your dog to jump up on a

chair or an ottoman and then

close to that Ottoman encourage them to

come up and put their paws on your back

so now the Vinnie's got his front paws

up there I'm gonna try to lure him all

the way up come on look at that oh yes

very good boy go get that treat his

reward and sometimes they won't be

confident enough to stand at first they

might want to lay down and that's okay

do what's natural for them and make it

fun and make it positive once your dog

has to sit pretty down and you got them

up on your back you can courage them to

sit pretty on the back excellent job way

to go Vinny when you teach your dog

amazing tricks like this you're really

building such intricate amazing

communication with them that spills over

into every aspect of their life would

you want to show us next well I was

thinking maybe we should show how to

teach your dog to take a bow the key is

is to try to get your dog standing up

the easiest way to get your dog to stand

up when they're sitting just walk

towards him now he's in the stand

position and now what I'm gonna do is

get down X to him and put my arm right

under his belly and then you're gonna

show him that treat and try to encourage

them to get the treat into the bow just

yes and very good boy as soon as he

makes any effort to kind of go down with

his front paws give him that cue yes or

click the clicker so the next step

obviously is to fade out the cookie and

then what I'll do is start relieving

pressure that's underneath his belly

start moving my arm down so it's not

right there barely touched him if he

starts to go down then I'll just give

them a little tap underneath his belly

and then the next step is basically

getting over in front of them because

you want him to take a bow when you're

not here you don't wanna have to be down

there all the time so I'll be up here in

front of him and I'll encourage him to

follow that treat into the bow position

yes and that's once he understands that

he's got to keep his bottom up next step

is basically the finished product and I

like to finish it with a bow with him

think about nappies you guys are gonna

be blown away by this next trick

very few dogs in the world can jump rope

Vinnie's one of them yeah now with our

book out I think there's gonna be a lot

more dogs jumping rope if your dog is a

natural jumper it's gonna be really easy

if they're not a natural jumper it might

take a little more time but I do believe

that you can positively train your dog

to jump rope the first step is using

that favorite toy so no rope at all yet

no rope at all oh you want to get them

jumping at first so I'm gonna try to

encourage him to jump up and he's not

wanting to jump up so maybe if I jump

with him but he yes you know get that

toy as a reward yes excellent job but it

would ever motivate your dog be animated

be excited the more excited you are the

more they're gonna feed off that right

Vinny I'm gonna fade out actually having

a jump and of course if you want to keep

this training session short - you don't

want to overdo it because they are doing

a very physical activity here he's got a

toy you give him that toy cool and play

with the toy is the reward the toiletry

water you're not using treat here on

this and the key to is you

nice straight jumps encourage them to

stay right in position because otherwise

he'll start moving and that takes time

at first doesn't matter if he's jump in

here jump in there as long as he's

getting up alright so in the next step

I'm gonna start giving him the cue right

away the jump rope cue my arms gonna be

moving in a circle and I'm gonna be

turning that rope once your dog has the

cue down they'll just jump for the

invisible jump rope so the next step is

introducing the jump rope so Feeny we're

gonna jump rope are you ready buddy and

we're just gonna do one jump okay one

jump big jump yes excellent job I do

whatever kind of works me it doesn't

matter if the ropes on your right or

left hand it's obvious you're consistent

with your dog

so you ready Vinnie jump yes yes yes

excellent way to go buddy yeah nice work

and that's how you get your dog trained

to jump rope that is unbelievable it's

just incredible right there I'm gonna

have a link in the description where you

guys can get the big book of tricks for

the best dog ever you will not regret it

there's a hundred and eighteen different

tricks all the way from beginner to pro

level and you can get chris's book

anywhere books are sold

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