10 EASY DOG TRICKS IN 10 MINS 🐶 Promise, they're easier than you think


I've been hey guys welcome to another

vlog in today's video I'm going to be

showing you 10 easy tricks in 10 minutes

and make sure you watch through the

whole thing because at the end I'm going

to show you some secrets on how you can

do these things with any dumb make it

super easy I'm using my treat pouch by

wildebeest I love this thing because it

has a magnet on top it can fit my phone

in the front flap and fit a lot of

treats in the middle easy to wash and

clips right to my pan the treats I'm

using today are ZV peak stripe and green

land what I like about these is that

they're really small portion for this

first trick I think you guys are going

to be very grateful for it and it is

what can you pray all the way yeah so we

call that give grace or pray it's really

a dogs version of kind of kneeling down

and praying and while it looks like a

complicated trick there's really only

just a few parts and his works best for

dogs who know how to sit pretty which he

did and so we would ask him for a sit

pretty and I will reward him with treats

play or praise when he would rest his

paws on my arm so then can you pray pray

boy and then to get him to put his nose

under my arm I would take a tree and put

under here yes and I would reward with a

Margaret thing okay Eddie's Finnegan

Goel Adah yes go at the end of this

video I'm going to give you two more

secret hacks on how to do this with your

dog if you're still struggling but

Bentley is really excited to show you

this next trick which is gently hold his

nose I'm not grabbing it hard I'm just

it's like gently just holding him stable

as all I'm doing I take his treat I

place it on his nose I tell him to

freeze Oh see this is the tough part

because it falls off sometimes which is

okay so I'll put it higher up on his

nose okay freeze now get it at first he

needed to know the freeze come in and

the way that I taught that really simply

was I would ask for a freeze yes good

job and I started really slow for short

durations and worked my way up so all I

did there was freeze yes and as long as

he stayed still which when I first

started was like one second I would

reward overtime he got it really quick


the Hawks are super smile I would slowly

get him used to having things put on his

nose her head I did not start with

treats because dogs will want to go

after it kind of like that so I would

take something that was not super

significant like a little piece of paper

a note card a note pad something that

wasn't super exciting way that you can

get your dog to reach up and try to grab

it is after you've worked on this for

weeks at a time and you put the treat on

their nose you can give them their

release command for Bentley it's free

and that tells the dog they can be free

and go try to get the treat I have a

really special tip on how I got Bentley

to be motivated to try and get the treat

by flinging it up in the air and not

letting it touch the ground which I'll

tell you at the end but I've got an

impatient dude here I'm trying to keep

this moving so that he stays motivated

to stay on that bed I'm working both

dogs here can you twirl yes and that's

Ben yes dizzy there you notice what I

did is spin Matt go one way and twirl

meant go the other way as this is so

simple you could even do this with a

puppy you just take a tree or their

favorite toy or you could use your hand

and you can just lure them in a circular

motion okay what do you guys say that I

give Finn a turn to participate because

he's being such a good boy can you have

yes good boy the way that I did that was

Finn loved jumping up as a puppy

one thing I love doing is taking a

behavior that a dog does naturally in

teaching them to do it on command

because once you teach them to do on

command they learned oh I should only do

that behavior when I'm asked for it

because I'm rewarded for it now because

next come in it's actually my favorite

thing I've ever taught my dogs because

it's life-saving it's really easy and

both of my dogs love it because there's

instant gratification it is called

Finnegan touch yes touch yes touch yes

and the easiest way to teach this is you

hold your hand out like this yes good

job and you wait for them to put their

nose to it now your dog if you've never

done this before will take them awhile

and that's okay

do not move your hand and do not

encourage them to go to it just hold it

calmly yes and as soon as that nose is

touching that hand

not after but as soon as that contact is

coming there you reward with your marker

command if your dog is far off on the

field or they get off leash

and you need them to come back to you

and your recall is not super strong the

touch command is a surefire way to get

them to come back to you or to lure them

away from something that might be

dangerous for the next trick let me get

my labrador Bentley back in this bit is

deeper yes good boy and the way that I

taught this to Ben was I had to mark his

bark and the way that I did this was I

had to be ready and when he barked at

something on his own I put a command

next to it once you teach them that

consistently you can teach them quiet so

when he's quiet after barking you can

give the command quiet and he'll look at

you and you wait a few seconds and then

you go yes the job and what you're

teaching is how to speak on come in and

how to be quiet on command so if your

dog is barking at somebody and you say

quiet this will actually mean something

now for the next trick high five yes so

what I would do is I'd have a treat in

one hand or toy and I have my hand low

yes good job and then I'd give a treat

then I'd have my hand a little bit

higher yes the boy and then a little bit

higher yes good bull another trick that

a lot of people don't practice but can

actually be useful is teaching your dog

to go to an sta nd from a Down so the

way that I taught this was I held my

hand up yes he did that fast because

we've obviously worked on it and I

waited for him to stand up many dogs

this will take a while they'll look at

your hand like what the heck mom and

that's okay just wait Stan yes good boy

that's a good boy okay

now for this next one let's use fin

because I think he's getting a little

look at them he's getting a little tired

of waiting but you're doing so good

buddy you're doing so good if you are

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love because I can do both holding it so

thin can you down okay now sit yes down

sit yes good job this is what we call

puppy push-ups where they go from a sit

to a down and a down to a sit and the

excellent way to tire your dog out super

fast while indoors and it's just a fun

party trick because most people I'm

gonna be honest because I was one of

them most people have a hard time

getting their dog to go from a down to a

sit mostly because it's not something we

practice Finnegan can you down yes the


I'm not going to use any hands and I'm

just going to ask for us sit yes good

boy and the easy way you can teach this

is when you're dropping it down bent fin

down you can start by lure them up you

don't even have to use a treat a lot of

times they'll just follow your hand good

good boy and you get them to come up yes

and you just practice that motion over

and over put a command to it which is SI

t obviously and over time they will get

any bend down boy chill yes good boy boy

boy and oh that's a little preview into

our bonus trick but what you can do is

you take it's almost like teaching roll

over which if you want my roll over tip

video click the video here you take it

and then you bring it over to the side

yes there you go and you wait till they

lay on their side and you reward when

their head is on the ground Finnegan sir

place you put up his body on there go

all the way go on right here okay let's

do a real-life moment right here yes

good job you can stay over there but now

I'm gonna do the bonus trick that Ben

kind of already leaked and gave away

what that was and then after that I'm

gonna give you two special secrets on

teaching your dog the prey come in and

the fries come in where they throw the

Treat in the air and then grab it but

first let's do this bonus trick yeah

because this is not the most natural

command or really a natural command to

all four dogs

I do recommend trying with treats again

I don't rely only on treats as a reward

all I did was put the Treat on the

ground all the way lure them forward you

saw company a second and then I reward

them with the Treat in the beginning

after they moved forward one time in a

crawl let's go back to the beginning

we're talking about how to teach your

dog to pray pray yes can you boys can

you guys see that when you're holding

your arm out you can get them to jump up

by putting your treat up and then

putting your arm out for them to catch

so try to get up there oh there we go

and you kind of got a

coordinated yes good job can he sit good

job pray yes good job I promised you at

the beginning of the video I was going

to give you a secret tip on how to get

your dog to be motivated to throw the

Treat in the air when you put it on

their nose and to actually grab it

before it hits the ground you can grab

the treat before they're able to every

time it falls on the ground that way

they learn okay if I don't catch it

before it hits the ground then I'm not

going to get it and I'm not saying do

this to be mean to them but it's just a

way to get them to want to throw it in

the air and to want to try to get it

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