How to Teach Toddler's ABC Letters - Alphabet Activities

in today's video we're gonna be talking

about some ways that you can learn your

letters with your littlest ones we're

doing alphabet toddler activities and

also in this video I have a giveaway

that is sponsored by Safari Ltd they

have some new products I cannot wait to

show you that work really well with

learning your alphabet

hey hey you guys it's Christina from the

purple alphabet I wanted to take a step

back because she kind of requested so

many times and to be honest because my

kids are a little bit older now I don't

have a lot of things that I used to use

with my kids when they were babies and

toddlers but you guys requested over and

over and over and over and over again to

do more activities for the younger kids

and so when I get the opportunity I jump

on it so Safari Ltd sent me one of these

new toys that they have in their line

and it's pretty amazing

it's called bio buddy learning letters

for ages one and a half to six so I

thought this would be a perfect

opportunity to show you some learning

activities that you can do with this

plus some other ones too and learning

your letters and of course I'm gonna

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so now let's do the activities on

learning letters for time gonna do some

alphabet stuff today so I'm pulling out

some alphabet stickers alphabet stickers

can be found at the dollar store at the

craft store sometimes a Target dollar

section here is some examples of ones

that I've accumulated over the years

almost like that or ones that are big or

like that

take your pick of what you want then I

have a piece of paper or you can use a

notebook doesn't even matter whatever

your preference is if a book is nice to

keep track of progress and I'm gonna

take a marker and I am going to just

write the letters on here

you can write them in sequential ABC

order you can also write them all over

the page you can stick to one type a

letter and maybe two letters at a time

I'm doing all uppercase and just as just

for a sake of example mixing them all up

here on okay

easy guys this is so so so easy you want

to make this activity simpler I would

definitely recommend doing a sequential

order or sticking to fewer letters

remember we're working with toddlers

here you don't want to get very

complicated our preschoolers and you

don't want to overwhelm them so you guys

know your kids best so make sure to

adapt to the level that they can do you

don't want to get too complicated and

have them get so frustrated then you

give them their stickers and then they

get to find the letters and do the

sticker match of course now that I'm

doing this on camera I can't get the

middle of my a out there we go so you

find your sticker and they match it up

to the letter there's the letter A oh I

need a P where's the P reach the piece

over here I guess the P and they put the

P on top of there like I said don't

overwhelm your kid with too many options

keep it very very simple or just fewer

letters and watch them do it the

matching maybe it's just a zandi's maybe

it's agencies whatever you choose okay

so simple very easy and they like it

because what kid doesn't like stickers

stickers are great

okay I'm gonna use that same piece of

paper just the back very very very I

like the simple stuff easy activity to

do write out your letters I'm using on

paper you could also do this on the

floor get some masking tape and just

cover the entire floor with the letter

and find bigger objects for this

activity I'm gonna use some small

objects now these are a choking hazard

if your child is oral do not use small

objects like this but if your child is

not oral you can definitely use these I

did with my children they never put

these in their mouths but I do know some

kids do so just just use your best

judgement you're the parent and use

supervision but now we are tracing the

letters and we're talking about it as we

do it this is the letter B the letter B

makes the buh buh buh sound and so when

you talk about the letters you can say

other things that make that letter name

my boy book balloon and you can ask your

child to repeat you to say the letter to

say the name now if you're using

something that's bigger in your house

maybe you decided to do the tape all the

way across the floor get building blocks

or giant Legos

or books or choose things that are

larger objects would work really well I

want to show you another example here I

have some wooden Jenga blocks from

Dollar Tree and these would work well as

tracing objects and you're just making

the outline now at this age we're not

learning how to make this shape but

we're just learning to recognize the

shape so I wouldn't be too picky

on the order and how they do this

because we're not learning to write them

yet we're just learning to recognize

them and there is our letter B look to

see what you have around the house you

don't have to use these you don't have

to use these I bet you you have

something that can be used to trace a

letter on a piece of paper or on your

floor you have suggestions for this put

them in the comments so that other

people can get inspired to do the same

thing too because your ideas are really

good and maybe you have some things that

I hadn't thought of and other people

might have at home to use if you have a

dry erase board at home those would be

perfect for my next activity I have one

here I got this from Daiso you can get

them from Dollar Tree you can buy them

pretty much anywhere nowadays you could

use a dry like one of sheet protectors

for a dry erase those work really well

I'm gonna use this mini dry erase board

cuz I like the size of it yeah if I can

find my dry erase markers here they are

and I have an eraser very similar to the

stickers where you would write letters

on here keeping it very very simple can

you circle the a find the a Circle it if

you have a more advanced child you can

do different shapes and integrate some

shapes can you put a square around the

letter C or you can have fun saying can

you find the P and erase it and they

love to erase stuff can you find the X

and erase it another variation on that

another this is another one that you

make as simple as easy as you can like I

said if your child is new at this and

they don't know all their letters just

start with two letters at a time can you

erase all the A's

and they find all the eggs and he race

all day is part of the be like I did

there something like that okay now

they're not learning writing but if you

do have an older child that is learning

writing you can have them write the

letters on the board if you have two

children one that's ordering one that's

younger have the older one write them

and the younger one erase them a great

way to double your learning there with

two children or more children if you

have a pad of post-its you guys post-its

are your learning best friend all you

need to do is put the letters on the

post-its its course best to look around

your room before you do this and then

have your child go and label the object

that has that letter so since I'm not

showing you my whole entire room here

let's say we had markers laying around

see how clever I was there and then they

would go and label that stick with

simple letters do one letter a day for

the beginners you guys don't get too

complicated and ambitious learning the

whole alphabet in one day stick to one

letter a week one letter a day whatever

you want to do and label things with I

just got marker all over me you pulled

things with the post-its the thing about

the post-its is is that they come off

and you can label something else later

do something more labeling the next day

and reuse them and they love to stick

them on it's just something about

sticking and taking them on they'll love


I'm bringing up my clothes pins with my

letters on them you guys can do this

yourselves it is so easy get a package

of clothes pins from Dollar Tree or I

think you've been target has don't take

a black sharpie and write your letters

right on them and this is a very simple

thing you can do and you can use them in

a different many many many different

ways I have these letter flashcards that

I've had for a long time they've been

pre-printed but you can make your own I

laminate in mine I like that they had

the uppercase and lowercase on them but

you guys you can use your post-its if

you wanted to because they're already

made and your child will not know the

difference I promise you so this is a

simple letter match I have the lowercase

on here in the uppercase here but of

course you would make yours correspond

correctly for the little ones limit it

to a couple letters don't overwhelm them

and that's just clipping them on the

post-it or clipping them on the card

whichever one you have

for a simple letter of match if you want

to get more complicated more advanced

you could do this as a matching the

upper case with the lower case that's

for a child that knows their alphabet

and you can get even more complicated

and do something on words for instance

this came with a whole bunch of words

I've showed you guys it's busy back

before and where you would clip it on

the actual word to make a whole entire

word so see these will go a long way

definitely invest in these it's a super

affordable learning tool here is the bio

buddy from Safari Ltd this is the

learning letter set and they call this

an echo toy and the reason why they call

it an echo toy is because of the

materials used to make these there's 36

pieces in here they recommend ages one

and a half to six so there is a lot of

learning that can be done using this one

set and you can have it grow with your

child we get one main platform here and

then here are all the blocks and then

you're gonna have some stickers in here

they're inside your guide that go on

your blocks and then this little book

tells you about the product and why it

is an echo product and so it talks about

that in here and then it gives you a

little guide that you can use with your

children and let me show you what you

can do with this because I think this is

actually really cool someone open up

these and put my stickers on here we go

we have all of our letters on the white

alphabet box and then the color blocks

they're on the side so you can see that

they're a little bit different now we

can begin and do some play with this so

obviously that you're a very simple

thing that you can do is stacking on

your blocks and playing with them like

you normally would this kind of

interlocking block game I'm gonna fit

right on there

this guide inside of here has some ideas

that you can play with these too

one of them is a told letter match on

here so you could just set this out and

use this to match up your letters you

can do a letter hunt you can just match

them to the picture as you go all the

way across until they're already filled

you can also put these in a bag and have

your child close their eyes and pick one

out say the letter and then put it on do

a letter sound instead of saying a

letter name goes there or you can try

one of the activities over here this one

actually has a spot to trace the letters

you could color them if you want and you

can do the same thing with the matching

on to the page this one I like

especially in the book because it's the

phonetic sounds so you would have to

find the thing that says huh-huh so

you'd have to find the correct letter to

match up with the letter sound so D for

a diamond like that I would actually

take these and put them in some

eliminated pockets because you could

definitely use this over and over again

some other ideas for this is doing some

CVC words okay so let me do some CVC

words here if I find my a here's my a

and now I put my T on here and now I can

find out which letters can go with this

so we know that works so I'm gonna put

the B here P works for Pat are works for


so CVC words are definitely a preschool

or higher level activity but if you are

working on letter sounds you could just

put individual letters on here and work

through your sounds you can also do

really easy spelling words if your child

is just learning the letter names as you

placing the blocks on you would say the

letter names are and you would be

building and maybe you're building

uh-uh-uhh with the letter A for the

letter it's just a fun way to create

something while learning your letter

sounds at the same time you can also do

it to where if your child's doing a

review of all the letters you can reward

them by placing it on this board so

maybe they know this one oh good job so

we're gonna put that on your letter

board of letters you know what other

letter do you know oh you know a what

son does that make ah okay we'll put

that on your letter board until you have

all the letters stacked on here they can

put it on the board they'll like doing

that this is a good opportunity to learn

alphabetical order so if you're working

with your child you could sing the ABC

song and then work through and putting

them all in the correct order

anyone know where my C went

there you go there is and if you wanted

to take some of the letters out and then

have your child figure out where they go

so maybe these are the three that are

left out can you place them into the

puzzle and tell me where they go for a

letter order so they place them in there

looks like I got somehow to order you

guys why didn't you tell me there we go

now we're back in business and then

these are great because they have the

letters on the other side so when you're

building you can see them unless you

have some colored block options I also

like the size of this you guys just

because it's kind of compact so I could

probably put this in a restaurant kit

and take this to the restaurant with me

it's not that high of a profile it's not

like they keep larger building bricks

and so it will actually fit inside those

little boxes that I use so those are big

great for that just to take it like this

and to work on some letters you can also

sing the song and point to the letters

like this which i think is a lot of fun

too um you can have your child point to

the letter to show me that em show me

that show me that and and of course you

guys can build with these just build and

have fun making your own creations and

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