Simple exercise to stop tennis elbow and golfer's elbow

this is John Doherty free PT now today

I'm going to be talking about tennis

elbow and golfer's elbow so two very

common conditions and the treatment is

very similar so just to quickly go over

the anatomy so golfer's elbow is

typically you're going to have medial

elbow pain pain on the inside of your

elbow here and they call it golfer's

elbow because basically when you're

doing a golf swing typically that

backhand you're going to get a lot of

torque in through your elbow here so

when you're coming through and you're

swinging on your follow-through you get

a lot of torque through that elbow

causes strain through the tendons there

and that's what causes pain

tennis elbow the opposite is basically

its name that way for when you're doing

a backhand in tennis and when your wrist

is coming this way basically you're

going to put a lot of strain through the

extensor tendons on your forearm and

that's what leads to the irritation and

the pain that you're having on the

outside of the elbow so typically these

injuries are tendinitis or tendonosis

the treatment is similar most of the

time as far as exercise is concerned the

exercise is going to be the same for

both of them

first for golfers elbow all of the

muscles of your forearm your forearm

flexors here on this side of your

forearm are the muscles that are going

to help to bend your fingers this way

and also bend your wrist up towards you

all of these muscles come and they

insert at a common flexor tendon right

here at the medial epicondyle of your

elbow so basically at this point ephone

here on your elbow you have one common

tendon that leads to a number of

different muscles that go down into your

forearm and into your hand

so when you have overuse you start to

get strained irritation on that tendon

causes pain so the primary exercise we

want to do for this is going to be an

eccentric wrist curl so a typical wrist

curl is going to be when you just have a

weight a dumbbell you're going to curl

up and then back down an eccentric wrist

curl is where we want to focus only on

the down portion the eccentric portion

when you're going up this is called the

concentric when you're going down that's

the eccentric so what you want to do to

isolate the eccentric is going to take

your left hand lift it up bring it up to

that fully flexed position and then

slowly go down a real slow five count on

the way down and then on the way back up

use your left hand the right hand is

passive during this the left hand is

doing all the work and then slowly back

down one two all the way down to five

back down so three sets of ten very slow

on that eccentric portion at least five

seconds and on the concentric make sure

you're not actively flexing the wrist

that the opposite hand is doing all the


likewise for your extensors which is

going to be when you're caused by tennis

elbow what we call tennis elbow caused

by overuse of the extensor side of the

forearm the treatment is going to be the

same and just like on the flexor side

it's the exact same situation the

muscles that go down into your fingers

to extend your fingers up and extend

your wrist up this way all come through

the forearm and insert at a common

extensor tendon here that's why it's too

irritated in the same way

mechanism of injury is similar typically

overuse and the treatment is going to be

similar as well so just like we did on

the other side now we're going to flip

it over and do it the other way so again

you're not going to do the concentric

portion so you're going to use your

opposite hand to lift the wrist up and

then slowly down at least the five count

nice and slow on the way down take your

hand lift it back up real slow five

count on the way down

when performing these exercises you

should have no increase in pain so if

you're already in pain see if you have a

constant pain level of five or six then

you if your pain stays of five or six or

a slight very slight increase maybe up

one point is okay if you're having

increased pain to nine nine out of ten

eight out of ten then you're either

doing that exercise incorrectly or this

is in the correct exercise for you so I

want you to try out these exercises if

you're having medial elbow pain it's

going to be the eccentric wrist curl if

you're having lateral elbow pain it's

going to be the eccentric wrist

extension going down this way three sets

of ten of each and and we'll see how

that doesn't worry