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do you know when you're supposed to

brush your baby's teeth for the first

time kids hi welcome back to the kids

post channel today we're with dr. Eli

gold he's been a dentist in Australia

for over 40 years treating everyone from

celebrity two-year-olds to night zero

you don't start brushing them when they

first get teeth you're more likely just

to maybe get a small clot put it around

your finger and brush their teeth

because when a baby is six months I

don't think they really like

toothbrushes in their mouth

why one year of age they've usually got

their full lower front teeth at four

upper front teeth and it's a perfect

time to introduce the toothbrush

I wouldn't insist on toothpaste at all

times and to all kids because the the

thing with toothpastes when you do use

them they start to bubble up and your

mouth and most kids want to spit it out

so I don't think that is the the main

thing I think the main issue is the

brush and making sure that the brush

cleans all the plaque and the food off

the tee if parents can do that and

supervise their kids and in all honesty

up to about three or four years of age

when the child learns manual dexterity

it's more important for the parent

whitby it mother-father etc or

grandparent they should be doing the

cleaning and they should know what

they're doing dr. gold has written this

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