- Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel.

Today I want to talk to you about wee and poo in the potty

because Caleb is now potty trained and he clicked

after just four days of doing it so while it's fresh

in my mind I wanted to share all

of my best tips and tricks with you.

Caleb is now two years old and eight months

and he was totally ready and he was showing lots

of signs so he was showing an interest

in his brother going to the toilet

and me going to the toilet and every time he did a wee

or a poo in his nappy he would tell me almost to say,

sort it out mom.

And now that I'm 30 weeks pregnant, it kind of dawned

on me that I only have 10 weeks to get him completely dry

before the new baby or I'm gonna have two in nappies.

Kind of was waiting for the warmer months cause I thought,

well you know, in June, July he can run around

with no nappy on in the garden.

What we did was we went out and we chose a potty together

and he chose this bright green potty.

He's got a thing about green, actually.

And I also bought him some brand new big boy pants

even though we had loads from his brother previously

but I bought ones that I knew he would like best

so I got some Marvel ones and some Spider-man ones

and we made a big thing about it on the first day.

I showed him his brand new pants, I had a potty chart,

I had lots of stickers and we had the potty itself

and I let him even put some stickers on the potty.

Guess what?

It's time to say bye bye to nappies.

- Bye bye nappies.

- Bye bye nappies. (baby sounds)

And now we just gonna wee on your green potty.

- No.

- Yeah. It's over there.

- Over there.

- Shall we get it?

- No.

- Yeah, cause Caleb look.

We're gonna take the nappies off.

- Trousers! Stormtroopers!

- There.

You've got big boy pants now.

- I got Spider-man ones.

- Spider-man ones!

- Fraser got them ones first.

- Fraser's got some like this, doesn't he?

Look at these big boy pants!

- I like that one night.

- You should put them on.

- I put them on, off.

- You take them off, okay. We'll put them on.

No, but that's more pants.

- Okay.

- You want to wear them all in one go?

Yeah, so that was all really exciting and I actually

found it easier this time around with my five year old.

He was really encouraging him and he was so excited

about the whole process and he was like,

you're a big boy now Caleb, you can do this.

Weeks leading up to when I was going to potty train him

we read some books about using the potty,

we talked about it a bit more.

Every time his older brother went to the toilet I was like,

wow, well done, like over the top praise about it.

So, we kind of had a bit of a build up to it.

So, for the first three days of potty training

we pretty much stayed at home as much as we could with just

a T-shirt on and absolutely nothing on it with the potty

and we just kept encouraging him to use the potty.

He would not sit on it at all as my first son

had no problem with sitting on it for about half an hour

watching an iPad or reading a book or something like that

but he would just not sit on it.

Whenever we tried to put him on it

he literally went like a cat that was getting put

into a box, you know?

Really went like stiff and stuff.

So, the first two days he just would not sit

on it and was loads of accidents and then finally

on day three, I was like let's try the big toilet

and he sat on the big toilet

and he had a wee.

Then we were over the top praise, sweets, stickers,

cheering, calling daddy,

telling daddy, telling friends,

basically telling everyone and he was so proud of himself.

There have been a few times when he said that he needs

the toilet and we'll sit him on the toilet and he'll be sat

there for quite a little while and he will, sort of,

you see his stomach muscles going and he goes,

it's not working, it's not working so one thing that I did

which I don't know if it's advisable but I did it

was whenever Caleb gets in the bath he has a wee

like instantly that the hot water makes him have a wee

so there's been a few times when he's been sat there

for 10 minutes and he's getting frustrated and he's like

it's not working because this feeling

is all very brand new of like releasing.

So, I got a bowl from the kitchen and I filled it up

with quite warm water and I put his little foot into it

and instantly the wee came.

So, we did that a few times.

We haven't needed to do it since but maybe

at the beginning it just helps them

to work out that connection and that release.

After using the toilet, he then did start to use the potty

but he still much prefers to just stand

over the potty rather than sit on it.

He has sat on it now but he, if he just needs to wee,

he will run up to it and just stand over it and have a wee.

I was thinking that's how he sees his brother go

to the toilet so that's probably what he thinks you do

if you're a boy.

So, I've actually gotten him the most ridiculous product

that I thought I would never buy but it is the little tiny

urinal and you can stick it on a wall.

It was only $6.99 on Amazon and it's just been perfect

for him because he likes to stand up and there's this thing

that you can wee on that spins round

and it's just really funny.

If you have a boy that doesn't want to sit down,

then that might also work for your children.

I also have this really great potty that I wanted

to tell you about for when we're out and about.

It's called the My Carry Potty and it's so, so simple.

It literally closes so when you go out you could take

it with you cause we go out lots of days to the farm

or the park and stuff and you get caught short.

So, this is perfect for wees and poos and you can close

it back up again and you can carry on with your outing

and it comes in really cute, bright, different animals.

We chose the ladybird.

When we did stay in for the first three days,

I would recommend maybe getting a few new little toys

from like the Poundshop or some bubbles and stuff to do.

We actually got some of those cupcake mixes

that you can just make up together as a half hour activity

to do indoors and I think just being at home,

the two of us, and playing,

it helped to keep him concentrated on what we were doing.

I also wanted to say he's not potty trained

during the night yet.

He is using Pull-Up pants and I don't want to tackle that

until he's over three or until he kind of prompts it.

With my older son, we were just getting ready

for bed one night and I went to put the Pull-Ups

on him and he said, no,

no more nappies, no more nappies.

So, I was like, right, okay.

I'm not gonna then force him to wear nappies.

So, we stopped the nappies and what we then did was the

Lift or the Dream Wee they call it,

so when Fraser was about three and he was like

I'm not using a nappy at night anymore my husband and I

at about 10 or 11 o'clock at night when we went to bed,

we would lift him up asleep,

put him on the toilet and say have a wee

and he would have a wee and then we would put him back

in his bed and he would sleep through dry and we did that

for quite a long time until one night we were like

should we just see if he can make it through?

And he did.

But that worked really well and it's surprising

how they can just be lifted and stay asleep and have a wee

when you tell them too.

Anyway, I hope this video was helpful.

Please ask me any questions in the comments below

and let me know how your getting on

if you're tackling potty training.

Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you soon.

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