Taking Tolvaptan - Day 7

hello it's day seven that it's the

afternoon fall o'clock in the afternoon

actually and I'm about to take the pop

to the 15 milligram session

so what my skull it's so far by day

seven right well let's take the pill

I know I forget and I'll turn so this

one is trying you up I can't see that

and what do you that it'll just go

blurry and like focus but hey what the


so what happened in seven days I'm

taking it's all wrapped up okay

overnight no one so taking a pill four

o'clock in the afternoon that seems to

help so at night I'm down to go to bed

about half ten eleven wake up half one

for the loo and then half fall for the

loo and then the wake up set that's fine

twice tonight and at night I have a full

liter of water bomber bed and I drink

about 400 marriage maybe 500 each new

time and arresting that lasts was he's

to work right I think I'm tired I've had

time because they're more time obviously

I'm waking up in the night so that's one

thing what were then want sleep not as

bad as I thought it was and that's like

this straight to sleep afterwards which

I'm very lucky with and what about oh

yeah this is the other thing I learned

my little friend I haven't named it yet

so I think I have to name this bottle

take it everywhere it has to get it

everywhere the moment I walk out that

front door has to go with me and be full

and when I fill it up before I got the

front door just go to the loo as well

David more good idea on Friday I had a

group of five years six to the graveyard

exciting things we Vickers do its

grateful actually but halfway around I

realized I was thirsty and then about

ten minutes later I realized I was

really thirsty and then about five

minutes after that I start to get a

migraine so yeah I won't blame the me

growing on table uptime in the I think

it helped but there's also a lot of

stuff you know stress but stress and

tiredness and dehydration great me going

triggers on a migraine what you call it

so there we are

listen I've learned is take this thing

with me everywhere and you just gotta

learn to put up with people thinking

maybe I'm bitter not drinking all the

time especially it's funny tricky thing

it's not

good for you know which is a bit daft

anyway I'll name it Fred keeps kind of

my there's such a girl named for stop

anything anyway it's all if you're Fred

apologize so I think those are two

things that I've discovered also you

just number three okay so one sleeping

number two take the water everywhere I'm

a three island just thirsty all the time

and you know you get over a bit by

having a few sips of water and then ten

minutes later all-nighter thirsty again

how did you have to say all get used to

that you normally in life thirst goes

away don't talk about turn it's going to

come back say that again will I keep

going not at the moment

you know oh there it goes say it goes

see whether the tartness things a pain

or get also me groans so happens just

keep drinking that water anyway

great I'll see ya bye