What makes a Jersey tomato so great?

what makes the Jersey tomato so good is

its flavor simple

New Jersey really is the Garden State

right earliest memories are going to a

great-great-uncle home up in Hibernia

and picking fresh dug beets and potatoes

and corn and tomatoes and coming home

and enjoying them that day so I started

going my first heirloom tomatoes and

they were beautiful and I was really

inspired and almost all of them died

uh-huh because they're not bred to be

resistant to a lot of common diseases

and viruses and focuses so over time I

took classes at the Mercer County Master

Gardeners and learned how to tend to

heirlooms laughs they need a lot more

care but it's worth it

it's one little sanctuary one little

haven that I can control I can't control

goes on the outside world but in my

little space I can rule it with

tenderness and kindness I take great

care with the planets and it's a great

way to feel connected to the earth