Rutgers Brings Back the Jersey Tomato

New Jersey's known for lots of things

like the shore its boardwalks and the

tomato well people love Jersey tomatoes

and in general people want that memory

back of that great tasting Jersey tomato

so what we're trying to do is we're

trying to go back and recapture some of

those flavors some of those memories the

Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural

Experiment Station is working with the

genetics of the original Rutgers tomato

to rediscover and re-release an ru

tomato with the best characteristics and

flavor 1934 dr. Schermerhorn from

Rutgers University was working with

Campbell Soup and he identified and

released the Rutgers variety of tomato

and that grew tremendously to one point

there was over 70% of the market was all

growing Rutgers variety of tomato that

was across the country County

Agricultural agent Peter Nietzsche says

over the years seed companies cross the

Rutgers variety with others and so

there's no really way to know do you

have the true Rutgers variety which is

why the team's breeder remade the cross

used to make the original by moving

pollen from one plant to the other

typically what you in any kind of

crossing situation you're taking two

plants that have special characteristics

I'm crossing them see if you can get the

best characteristics from those two

plants and get it in the crosses that

you're making for that fruit the Rutgers

breeding team developed about 230 tomato

seedlings they narrowed that down to

three different selections over the

years and now that's what's in the

fields here today residents and master

gardeners already began taste testing

the tomatoes the Rutgers selections are

growing next to commercial varieties at

their Earth's center they're tested by

tasters who fill out a survey as they

savor the tomatoes the team will use

this data to make their final selection

which they hope to unveil by late fall

early winter there's plenty of tomatoes

out there and there's plenty of good

varieties that and great varieties that

we grow but it's having yet something

else that we can offer to consumers for

farmers to try and to get excited about

yeah as a commercial grower we always

look not just for production but we

always look for something that tastes

good another

testing is scheduled at Schneider

research farm next week in South

Brunswick I'm Lorne Wanko NJTV news