Daycare Tour 2020 // Small Family Home Daycare

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and today i'm going to be giving you

guys a tour of my daycare space

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and let's begin okay i'm going to try my

best to not be shaky

um okay so this is what you see when you

come in my front door

we have i know it's not very

aesthetically pleasing

so let's see i have my little parent

calendar i have

artwork that the kids did a couple weeks


right here is my sign in sign out binder

i just have you know

some extra pencils in there um right

here in this little drawer i have my

thermometer to check

its temperatures when they come in you

know the whole

fungilitis going around so we come this


and you see my parent board sorry i use

stickies to cover up my information

um so this is what licensing is looking

for um when they come

inspect your home i added my fire drills

and i added my cpr

first aid so here are the kids cubbies

it's empty right now because it's the

weekend they take all their stuff

home for the weekend but usually this is


packed with their stuff we have hand

sanitizer out of the kids

reach and that is pretty much it for my

front door entrance

so now we move into the actual playroom

area i have the skate here to separate

the kids from like my actual living

space so behind me are like my dining

room in my office

so we come in here so this is the view

of the kitchen

from inside the playroom apparently i

only have one infant well she's not even

an infant anymore because she just

turned two

she's the only one who uses the high

chair my fire extinguisher

she does not sit there whenever she sits


i will scoot this forward like this so


not directly under the fire extinguisher

you definitely want to have the fire

extinguisher with a little hose

um that's the type licensing it's

looking for this table

i got on amazon and i hate it i

completely hate it

it stains horribly like you can see

right here all the stains that it has

and i have tried wiping it down

everything guys i have scrubbed this

table down

so i don't recommend this table at all

i'm saving up to invest on a really

sturdy table for the most part i like to


my kitchen this clean i'm very

particular about keeping my downstairs

very clean because this is the image of

my business this is what the parents see

daily and

they see a messy house a sink full of


you know what are they gonna think so

remember that if you're thinking about

starting a home daycare

that's definitely a factor when the

parents are deciding if they want to

enroll with you or not

when you run your business from your

home your home is your image oh let me

share this with you guys

this is super cute off topic but super

cute alize

made her dad a note dad i love you let's

go for a walk

and she drew herself and she drew her

dad but over here

this is her thea la set her de la seti

and her twin baby cousins

jaylene and johnny this is before the

twins were born and i asked her why did

you include you thea and your baby


and she was like i'm just so excited for

them to be born

so i thought that was super cute so this

is a view of the

playroom from the kitchen and

technically this is supposed to be like

the family room

in the home so i do have like a smaller

living room situation

but that is my office and then we do

have a loft upstairs

so that is technically our living room

so the space really works out for us

i hate the carpet i hate the color the

texture of it horrible

and unfortunately it's throughout the

whole house omar and i are saving up

to put in some new flooring okay

so because of covid i decided to get rid

of all these smaller toys

and like the plush toys anything that

has like a felt surface

i decided to get rid of that well not

get rid of it i put it in storage

so right now i only have the toys that i

can easily disinfect

throughout the day and i like to have

things up that my kiddos have done

so for instance these little hands they


they it's not their handprints like the

pants were already made but they painted


these are super cute tell me these are

not the cutest ever

i got these from ikea and they literally

look like

real pots this is adorable

ugh makes me want to make mini tamales

super cute okay so here we have the

sight words well

i do have two readers so whenever

they're playing i'll just be like hey

what is this word and then if they tell

me the word correctly

great so in the morning when we do our

morning circle we will sit on this mat

and we will start

with a playlist on youtube so our

morning playlist will include a morning


abc song number song uh

days of the week you're going down any

months of the year

for my fireplace i have those little

mats just to prevent any injuries

i haven't been told to put up a gate

around the fireplace but i know it's

different for every analyst which really

doesn't make sense to me but whatever

this is one last look at the whole

playroom and i do change the decor


i change the posters around just so that

i don't get bored with the space and

just so that

the kids don't get bored with the space

so now we come this way this is um

leaving the playroom

we come this way and this is supposed to

be like the fourth bedroom

in the house but i use this as our


we have our board we have our little

calendar the kids get to flip that this

is the week poster

we have some shapes up there we have


100 chart okay

this little matte foam thing drives me


if you're looking for equipment

materials to invest in your daycare do


do not buy those things they are

horrible they fall apart my toddlers are

constantly pulling out the numbers

it is horrible so i am going to invest

in a very large rug that covers the

whole room

because i can't so let me just show you

guys a little bit for like the kids

aren't writing yet but they're learning

how to trace this is amazing

i go through these little notepads like

it's my job okay well it is my job

um so i always keep a bunch of these so

here we have some workbooks

and i like to take copies of them and

give to the kids

just a whole bunch of different ones um

one of those things

right over here we have flash cards all

kinds of different

alphabet numbers comparisons we have the

um play money these are colors and

numbers we have animal identification i

love to use these with my toddlers when


learning their numbers we have some

markers some coloring books

we have some crayons colored pencils

like i mentioned before i do have two


so courtesy of elizabeth thank you i do

have all these little phonics books

and they put to practice they're reading


this is their daily journal so this is

pretty much what that holds is just our

daily topics

for the day and what we did this is

another tool that i use

with my toddlers for like fine motor


right over here in this closet is where

i keep

these sleeping cots and i got those on

amazon too

so the table you guys saw outside in the

kitchen will be here when they are


the table sucks but it is very easy to

move around from room to room so

so after we do morning circle we will

come into this room and we will do


letter of the week number of the week

sign language and then story time

kids will pick out a book and we will

read it and we will discuss it

coming out of the classroom we have the


the kids call this the spooky hallway

because it's so dark like

this little sensor thing is supposed to

turn on but it's like broken

sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't

so i will run to the bathroom to turn on

the light

it's kind of cute uh just a plain

bathroom soap towel

and little poster how to wash your hands

and that's pretty much it so that was my

indoor daycare space i don't want to

show you the outside just yet because i

do want to revamp this paste

and that'll be a whole separate video i

hope this was helpful to you if you're

looking to start a daycare i know i

scoured youtube and pinterest trying to

find layout ideas before i began

i hope you enjoyed today's video don't

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please stay safe out there and i'll see

you very soon