STOP Making These Potty Training Mistakes! Doberman Puppy Training

potty training a young puppy can be a

many months long process and luckily

though Dobermans are where the quickest

learners of this but you could very

easily throw this off track or even kind

of be working against yourself if you

make some really common simple mistakes

along the way not only could you be

working against yourself but most people

usually are so that's why in this video

we're gonna run through the most common

and detrimental mistakes that Doberman

owners make while potty training their

new puppy




lastly guys I'm gonna reach deep into my

bag of Doberman tricks and I'm gonna

pull out a really cool technique that

you can use to help teach your dog to go

to the bathroom one specific small area

of your yard so that way it'll make

cleanup super easy and you never again

have to worry about your friends or you

stepping on any of those landmines while

you're in your backyard oh man so let's

jump into it

mistake number one not limiting the

roaming area of the house now this is a

common mistake and the problem with this

is if you let the dog just kind of have

free roam of the house a really young

puppy what they're gonna do is they're

usually gonna go find a back room

somewhere or the back wall of a large

room even if just say you're a living

room they'll go to the back wall or back

corner and they'll have an accident back

there now the reason why they always go

somewhere far away is because they

naturally have the desire to keep their

den area where they eat and sleep and

hang out with their pack clean so they

won't go there so what your goal what

you want to do is have them see your

entire house as their den right so that

way they don't have the urge to go

anywhere inside your house they only

have the urge to go when you take them

out back for example the way you do this

is by limiting their roaming area in the

beginning especially when they're a

young pup - maybe just a central area in

the home where the family hangs out or

relaxes throughout the day you limit

them you can cordon off or however you

limit them to one certain small area and

as they get a little bit older and a

little bit more trustworthy you can

slowly expand that eventually you want

it to encompass the whole house now you

can expand it by doing small little

trips into some of the extra rooms of

the house or other areas that you had

initially cordoned off maybe with a

leash to help keep control then keep

them real close to you or just under

constant really close supervision slowly

expanding this bubble will make it so

that you'll have way less accidents and

eventually it will encompass the whole

house and they will see the whole house

as a den and you'll be accident free and

the dog will be potty-trained

now the next most common mistake is

letting your puppy sleep in the bed with

you now if you've made this maze mistake

you probably haven't made it for very

long because chances are sometime

through the night

get up kind of roam around your bed and

eliminate themselves somewhere on your

bed now you want to avoid this it's so

hard to do because they're cute you know

you want them in bed with you they want

to be in bed with you it's so easy to

snuggle with them all night but there's

a problem is that the bed it's just too

big of an area for a dog like that and

they're gonna go to the bathroom on the

bed they're not gonna see the whole bed

as their den I'm a big believer in crate

training for this reason especially at


now if you have them in a crate it's

really easy to control the size of it to

make sure that it's not too large too

whether you have accidents it's not too

small where it's uncomfortable and it'll

feel like a den for them now the other

problem with that is it really increases

separation anxiety down the road you

don't teach your dog that it's okay to

have their own personal space if they're

always sleeping in the bed with you and

teaching them that personal space away

from you is a good thing it's actually a

really valuable thing to teach your dog

because then you're gonna have way less

problems with separation anxiety and

it'll just pay off just tenfold down the

road so instead just resist the urge to

pull that cute puppy in bed with you

start off with some crate training keep

the crate so that the dog can see you

from within the crate cover three of the

four sides leaving open the side that

can see the bed so it feels like a nice

den if you have to throw a blanket over

three of the four sides keep it just a

little bit larger than the dog itself so

it's still comfortable but they can't

get up and go to one side of the crate

to eliminate themselves and again keep

it close to your bed and you're gonna

have to ignore some cries maybe the

first week especially if it's a brand

new puppy they're gonna cry in that

crate you're gonna have to ignore them

as long as you're sure the dogs taken

care of they've they've gone to the

bathroom they had food and water etc and

that they're fine in there they're just

sad because they're away from you you're

gonna have to ignore the cries for a

little bit and let them subside

if you've already made this mistake of

getting a dog used to being in the bed

with you

you can still transition them over to

crate you might have to do a few little

tricks maybe having a TV on with a

little bit of chatter in the background

that helps a lot with those types of

dogs what also helps is putting a shirt

of yours inside the crate with them that

it smells like you putting that shirt in

there make sure it's a shirt you don't

care about because it

get tore up but that may also help them

to transition into a crate if they're

not used to that and the last method

that can help calm them down as some

people with especially really young pups

like eight weeks old they might leave

they're kind of their hands sticking in

the crate a finger sticking in the crate

that's okay to do them getting to calm

the dog down a little bit but you don't

want to get stuck on that too long but

get them used to that personal space and

not only is that gonna help the potty

training and keep your bed clean and

your room clean but it's gonna really

really help with separation anxiety

which is a huge problem in the Dorfman's

they are already prone to this so if you

ever want to leave your dog alone and go

to work or go other places this is a

good habit to build up now the next most

common mistake is not adapting the type

of reward that you give your dog for for

successfully going to the bathroom where

you're training them to go with your dog

specifically and what I mean by this is

you have to adapt to your dog because

every dog is a little bit different some

are motivated by treats and this is kind

of our go-to most of us just

automatically give her dogs treats when

we want to praise them that works for a

lot of dogs but not all of them some of

them are motivated by by toys and

playtime others are motivated just by

love giving them love and attention

hugs and petting them others are

motivated by a special toy that they

don't normally see that you pull out

specifically when they've done a really

good job you've got to find out what

motivates your dog specifically what

gets them super excited what gets them

like run into circles and like trying to

climb up in your lap whatever that is

that should be the type of praise you

use when you take them out to go the

bathroom and they successfully go where

do you want them to go not adapting to

your dog can cause problems and really

set you back with your potty training

you're in for a lot longer haul I mean

you're adding weeks or months to your

potty training process now the next most

common mistake is relying too heavily on

puppy pee pads now people love these

things they put them everywhere and the

thing is it takes training to get your

dog to get used to peeing on a pee pad

and dogs they love textures of things

and they they like certain textures that

they get used to go in the bathroom on

it and if you get them used to that

texture of the pee pad that's gonna be

their preference for a very long time

and it's gonna take a lot of training to

train that out of them if later - let's

say now you want them to go to the

bathroom on the grass in the backyard so

instead of training them to go the pee

pad and then later having to do

transitional training and training them

to go on grass why not just put that

effort in training and go on the grass

and them in the first place or at least

outside now the only exception is

obviously is if you got to work or you

don't have any other option and you have

to do that okay then maybe you can do

that but even then try to get someone to

come over throughout the day pull them

out when they should be going to the

bathroom take them out back and help

them to eliminate themselves outside

while you're while you're at work that

way you're at least not having to go

retrain the dog later it can really

speed up the potty training process

immensely now another option is you

could put those wire pens like around

the outside of a doggie door and on the

inside the doggy door in the inside the

house you can have the crate attached

right up to the dog door so that way

when the dog comes in they just have

their bed to go to sleep in their little

den where they feel comfortable and then

when they have to go to the bathroom at

least they're going through the dog door

and they're going to enclose safe area

outside so they get used to going

through that dog door and eliminating

themselves outside your house now the

next mistake that people commonly make

is ignoring those subtle signs that your

dog has to go to the bathroom look

dolphins are just super predictable and

they'll probably have a certain set of

behaviors that your dog does time and

time and time again when they're about

to go to the bathroom and it's your job

to figure out what that is again it can

be subtle but don't ignore those subtle

signs because they will repeat them next

time I have to go to the bathroom these

signs can be things such as sniffing

around in circles putting their head

down and smelling while they walk around

all sudden disappearing to a far back

room of the house or back corner of the

room that they're in going to the back

door all of a sudden these are all signs

or potential signs that your dog is

gonna have to go to the bathroom don't

ignore them if you think maybe these are

one of the signs that your dog's is

explained pick up your dog bring him

outside go to the bathroom with them if

you're doing things right you should be

taking them out more than they're going

mean there should be kind of a lot of

failed trips out there if you're getting

some failed trips out there then you're

probably doing things

just the right way and you just got to

hang in there so make sure you do that

don't go to sell signs and you'll be

well on your way to a potty trained


alright time for a little insider trick

guys for your doorman and this one is a

little technique that was given to me by

EE you know who you are thank you sir

very much for this trick this is an

awesome insider tip you gave me you can

train your Doberman to go to the

bathroom in one certain section of your

yard and the way you can go about doing


is pick a section in your yard that's

big enough to where your dog can go to

the bathroom but small enough to where

it'll be easy for you to clean and you

know base the size on how big your dog

is how often you want to clean it and

that kind of thing then when it's time

to potty train your dog take them always

out to the exact same spot with a leash

on start in the middle of the area that

you've chosen let them sniff around with

some slack on the leash and let them go

to the bathroom if they wander off to

the edge of the area that you have

picked pick up the dog bring him back to

the center and let them sniff around and

go to the bathroom repeat whatever

command you have to get them to go the

bathroom such as you know go potty or

whatever it is keep repeating it while

they're there now you got to stay

rock-solid consistent on this technique

but eventually as an adult you can get

it so your dog will actually eliminate

themselves in the same small section of

the yard all the time consistently this

will make your life way easier cleanup

will be super easy and you'll have to

worry about tripping on landmines

throughout the day now if you enjoy

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