German Shepherd Puppy Training

hey guys let's talk puppy so I have

Jasper who was doing some work for his

food so he gets three meals a day right

now because he's pretty little he's

gonna be a large breed so want to make

sure that he gets food throughout the

day it doesn't do it by getting booked

meals morning a night so one of the

things that a lot of people do wrong

with puppies is they give them too much

freedom too fast and they don't work on

focus and engagement and getting them to

earn things so see how he's wandering

around he's ignoring me doing his own

thing right this is how a lot of people

let their puppy move around their home

they let him sniff they let him wander

they don't even have him dragging a

leash which I have him dragging because

we're training and he's not off leash

trained so he shouldn't be allowed to

wander free around the house and what

I'm gonna do see he's playing with his

leash now so all of this energy and what

he's doing is typical puppy ethics but

what I would rather is all that energy

go towards positive shaping of behaviors

and focus and engagement don't just let

him do whatever he wants and wander

around and give him 20 different toys

and bones and be like well he's not

chewing on the furniture so I guess he's

being a good dog you're missing so many

opportunities when these guys are at

this age to shape good behavior focus

engagement and the desire to work with

you instead of just go and do their own


puppies aren't born with that what can I

do for you and how can I earn stuff like

my food or praise or toys you have to

teach them so one of the things I'm

doing with him is I just have a bunch of

this food and what I'm gonna do is get

his attention a little bit but a lot of

times I just wait for them to give me

attention and what he's gonna figure out

is so every time I pay attention this

lady I get something

I'm also going to work on my delivery

yes and teaching them to take things a

little bit softer he kind of just comes

at you with a piranha puppy mill which

is typical so rather than delivering

food like this which makes his whole

mouth cover my fingers I'm gonna put

that food on the palm of my hand with my

thumb over it and his mouth is gonna

come in here and I'm gonna move my thumb

out of the way so he's grabbing the flat

of my palm he's not grabbing my fingers

when he's going for that food okay I'm

not gonna reward him if he's barking or

jumping that's another big thing I want

him to learn to engage with me politely

and try to offer me behaviors he wanders

away a little bit I think in his

attention a little it's a lot of

different smells here than what he's

probably used to at home

yes so all I'm gonna do is just say hey

can you pay attention to me I'm not

gonna ask for attention I'm just gonna

see if he'll offer it yes good and when

he's gonna figure out is paying

attention to me is really cool

i want him to constantly be saying what

can i do for you what can i do for you

what do you have for me especially hey

guys we got a funk on al mid-session

there so like I was saying before I want

him to look at me and try to offer me

behaviors this and be like really paying

attention to me and kind of demanding

that I acknowledge him offering

behaviors not have him sit and chew on

me or bark at me or jump up on me

I want to already say that's a pretty

good behavior wait for him to look at me

yeah there was a piece

and then work on engagement follow me

interact with me so instead of giving

him a bowl full of food to eat at meal

portions take that food and start

working on some training start working

on can you pay attention to me can you

focus on me can you offer me behaviors

we could sheep commands like I said all

of our other videos I'm not gonna name

it till I love it until he's doing a

good job with it

but I could already shape a do WN with a

little bit of a fool or maybe give him a

little pressure with my hand and then

give him some food and having that food

right under my thumb makes us so that he

can't get it he can't chew or my fingers

to his in the right position same thing

with our psyche obviously he's offering

it to me he may have worked on this

already and I know a few guys can see

maybe if we turn sideways you can see so

the way that I'm holding the food

Terry's trying and implementing fingers

he's probably used to getting the food

from the fingers but when I put it in

the flat of my palm he can't nibble on

my fingers and now he started to lick

because I'm holding I'm withholding the

food until he's a little gentler without

risking piranhas puppy nibbling on my

fingers and walking backwards getting

him engaged and following me it's the

foundation for recall you guys if you

can't get your puppy to follow you

you're not gonna be able to call them

away from distractions another big

mistake everybody makes like I said

before it's too much freedom so we're

gonna do tons of short sessions maybe 5

10 15 20 minutes and then we're gonna

put him away for now or give him a

little playtime with a toy or one of the

other dogs

but what I don't want is for him to

spend so much time out that he doesn't

get a break

he doesn't rest and he doesn't learn how

to exist calmly on his own a lot of

puppies develop separation anxiety

because they spend too much time with

their owners when they're young yes they

need a lot of attention at this age but

they also need to learn to be separated

and be cool with that and not be the

center of attention so he's going to do

a lot of come out train play potty and

go away come out train and play and

partying going and we've got that

acronym PT PPP so he's gonna potty first

thing when he wakes up from a nap and

comes out of his greatness then we're

gonna do training cuz I want to work his

breeding when he's fresh not when he's

getting agitated or puppy tired and then

we might do a little bit of play tool

and burn off the rest of his energy

after a training session whether he

plays with me with toy so we might let

him engage one of the other dogs then

we'll do another potty break because

anything like Tiffany wise gets these

guys system going so if your puppy

Trine's plays goes for a walk anything

active chances are their systems gonna

say oh I got to go to the bathroom again

even if they just went 20 minutes ago

so that's why that's the second pee

after they play then we'll do another

potty break and then we put them away so

now we drain energy

we've worked the mind and the body with

training for the mind and play for the

body to get that physical energy out of

these Gray's Buffy's giving him a chance

to empty out by going potty and then we

put them away so you can absorb his

lesson have it nap not get crazy and

practice working on being alone and calm

and his feet

so remember PT PPP don't give your puppy

too much freedom give them exactly what

to do when to do it and then restrict

them from getting into trouble the best

training is prevention so when we start

bringing him out to a couple of new

places for a couple really short field

trips I'm going to expect like you've

seen on some of our other puppy videos

to have stuff going on around him and

have this this is what I want from a

puppy I want him to be like nothing else

matters what's up what's up what's up

what can I do for you how do I earn

something through you I don't want him

saying hi to people I don't want him

sniffing all the bags of food in a store

I got one and snuffling around on the

ground when they go down a walk for the

side down the sidewalk for a walk I

don't want him pulling and barking at

other dogs cuz he wants to play or cuz

he's scared about if I can't take him

out here Ivan ignore everything I'm

certainly not gonna let him indulge in

meeting a bunch of people and a bunch of

other dogs doesn't mean he doesn't need

socialization oh you do it but it should

be structured socialization and quality

versus quantity too many people get

caught up with oh my puppy has to meet

hundreds of people and hundreds of other

dogs you might want to expose them to

being around a lot of people dogs

stimulus in the environment but if they

learn to brush up to people and other

dogs they could want either make

themselves scared and nervous

or become overly friendly and that's

when we see a lot of dogs who start to

get crazy on the leash because they want

to they have to and it's their right to

go and say hi to everybody and

everything and they start going crazy at

the end of leash so they need to learn

to exist and ignore first if you teach

that to a young puppy they're not going

to be leash reactive to other dogs and

people when you start taking them out

into public focus and engagement first

and then we're gonna do a body weight

and we'll put them away for it now maybe

let him do a little bit of play with one

of the other dogs but you can see

already how tired he is and it's only

been not even 10 minutes