Hunting Dog Training (Pre-Training Part 1)

hello and welcome to pre train week one

greet Sam he's a four month old Labrador

dog that we pick up from a rescue center

now the purpose of pre training is to

start to get him used to things that we

will teach him our latest age also it's

used to get him used to his surroundings

and all importantly to get him used to

Ron some is too young to start full

training so we used this pre training

period to start to introduce him to

different things so it will be ready for

when we start the serious training when

we got Sam he was a shy nervous and

subdued dog

he was also underweight and in the four

months prior to us acquiring him he had

picked up quite a few bad habits we're

going to try to identify these and see

if we can correct them before we start

the serious training the habits that

we've know so far Sam likes to walk on

the right hand side of Ron now list will

not be a problem for any left-handed

shooters but for all the right-handed

shooters out there this will cause a

problem he also likes to jump upper

people and he barks when left alone in

his kennel these are the types of

problems that we aim to solve at the

earliest stage possible and before we

start training him we will cover how to

solve these problems and what to

introduce to your dog before training

begins Ron will try to improve Sam's

health you do this by saying him a new

diet ron is using 200 grams of frozen

tripe and 200 grams of dry meaty green

food mixed together twice a day now

because Sam is quite a nervous dog Ron

is going to try and boost his confidence

by letting him run around with Ron's of

a gun dog Kayla if you don't have

another dog you can always use a

friend's obedient dog but if not this

will just take a little bit longer for

young dogs such as Sam we're going to

start our pre training slow and small so

we recommend training your dog for 50

minutes each day and letting him run

around the field or park once or twice a

day 15 to 20 minutes if you try to train

your dog for any longer than this amount

you will end up progressing slower this

is because the dog won't be able to

process all of the information it's a

slow and steady progress is the key so

for the first week of pre training we

don't need to try too much all that ron

has done with Sam is introduce it to its


he's boosted his confidence and now he's

going to try and introduce the tennis

ball and some basic retrieval at the

very beginning introduced the tennis

ball to your dog let them play with

their and get it used to it and then

begin to roll the ball a small distance

away and encourage your dog to fetch him

by now your dog will think of the ball

as a toy so it will be very excited to

run and retrieve it then when your dog

has grabbed the ball we bent down clap

our hands and call the dog's name this

is all to encourage our dog to bring the

ball back to us you can try this for

five to ten minutes

and then your dog will maybe get bored

so then it's probably time to pack up

for today there are a few things you

must remember when introducing a tennis

ball and retrieval start small progress

slowly and whenever your dog does what

you've asked of it we treat it or we

make sure we give it some fuss this is

to let it know that it's behaved well

and then it will want to do this in the

future follow these instructions and

your training should go as smooth as

this one

next week on pre-training Ron is going

to introduce Sam to a lead he will also

build on the tennis ball retrieval and

he's going to attempt to get Sam to walk

on his left-hand side