Basic Obedience Training | Cesar 911

Luna is a confused dog she has no idea

how to act around other people or in

other environments

she's never been trained so I have to

bring it back to the basic fundamental

steps and for Luna that starts with

basic commands to get Luna used to being

around people and other dogs Cesar

arranges a group obedience session stay

so this is basic basic basic obedience

what people call basic obedience the dog

have to be have to be able that you tell

him to stay and that move no hey hey

stay why is this were so important

because if she learns not to move

especially when grandma passes by

grandma then represents stay that word

is gonna save grandma's life normally I

don't do obedience but in this case I

have to do it this is the best tool we

can use right now for her brain where

she is right now

short and sweet thank you guys we'll be

back for another session later today was

a good day for Luna but for these things

to really sink in is gonna take

repetition the hard work has only just

begun when I met her no way in the world

I was able to put my hand on her she was

in he wasn't ready so we have gained a

little bit of trust but everything for

her is new