One of the most important dog training obedience commands

leave it yeah

yes leave it down yeah

Luca come come


yeah leave it


all done logo good job buddy okay guys

so check it out I just wanted to

demonstrate the leave it command I

didn't care about anything else in there

okay I haven't done anything with Lucas

since he had the seizure like episode

nearly killed him so I'm very careful

what I do with them but what I wanted to

show here we had a good discussion on

one of the post yes s someone made about

the leave it command a lot of people say

it's useless they don't use it I can't

imagine that there's three things that

my puppies learn first leave it means

don't touch it out drop whatever in your

is in your mouth and come to me those

three things are vital the thing with

leave it it quickly becomes possibly the

strongest command in my dog's repertoire

that's a big word

that's French I think as well as my

clients dogs very important guys what

you see is it works much faster more

effectively than the recall or anything

else I don't know the science behind it

but it does and I don't talk about

anything or debate anything or argue

anything unless I've done it hundreds of

times if not thousands of times so

there's nothing that drives me crazy

when someone says well my dog one dog

doesn't matter ten dog doesn't matter

tell me after a hundred dogs after a

thousand dogs so the reason that I talk

about the leave it command is because

it's extremely beneficial to people

extremely helpful guys if a rabbit took

off right now and I've shown this on

film I've set Lucca up with this if a

rabbit took off running right now a cat

a deer anything and he wanted to go

after it

all's I have to say is leave it there's

no yelling there's no screaming and it's

automatic the dog doesn't even think

about it so I wanted to demonstrate

there you see his insanity for the ball

his Drive

so even going down being worked up I'm

holding him back he's shaken I send him

I say leave it it's automatic and what

does he do he's looking at me and then

from there I can tell him down I can

tell him come I could tell him anything

and he's going to

okay so then what I demonstrated the

last time there is I gave him the recall

I think on the way to the ball and you

see hesitation you see a little

confusion because the drive overrides

that but the drive never overrides the

leave it command not sure why I think in

my mind maybe the dog figures let's say

it's chasing an animal you tell them

leave it maybe they think well well

if I catch it I can't touch it anyway so

what's what's the sense but it's

extremely effective I don't understand

this concept of not just being literal

with the dog okay I'm going to teach

what I preach all the time I'm gonna

tell the dog exactly what I want so if I

don't want him to touch something I'm

gonna tell them to leave it there is

nothing simpler than that that is the

simplest form of communication between

human and dog being direct and letting

him know exactly what you want now if

you don't believe in the command or you

think it's useless and you want to give

the dog you know a Down when they're

about to approach something you don't

want him to touch or you want or weak

that's there's nothing wrong with that's

on you but unless you have a lot of

experience teaching a dog leave it many

dogs you you can't you can't debate that

it's very difficult to because it works

not just with my dogs with all dogs

again it's probably the only command

that I teach where there's no rewards

ever and there's very few Corrections so

for the most part when I'm teaching a

puppy if the puppies off leash and I

tell them they you know and the reason

is they give you many opportunities to

get repetitions and right repetitions so

if the puppies going to touch something

and I tell them leave it and I move them

away you know they're going to keep

trying I gave an example on that post

yesterday mango the first correction or

the first punishment I ever implemented

with mango was at 8 weeks old and that's

because she's extremely extremely

hard-headed there was a dead bird eight

weeks old in the road and she of course

wanted to get in it and I said leave it

she wasn't on a leash if she was on a

leash I just say leave it and pull her

away no

least correction no nothing I just

remove her like I do with clients dogs

and just by repetitions they learn very

quickly but with mango I said leave it I

moved her away well guess what she went

right back to it

I said leave it one more time and moved

her away the third time when she went

back I took the scruff her neck gave a

little quick pinch and she yelped the

bird was no longer interesting could I

have done that the first time yeah but

it's not important to me you understand

what I'm saying

so with Luca or any of my dogs even

buddy who I don't work with I don't

train if we tell our dogs to leave it

that means don't touch it it's

off-limits and that's how it's always

going to be I'm very literal with my


I'm gonna tell them exactly what I want

again I'm going to teach what I preach

I'm going to explain to them and show

them exactly what I want I don't

understand the concept of telling a dog

if your dog's going out and there's a

big pile of cow poop and you don't want

them in it for me I don't understand the

concept of telling them to down or come

that's just foreign to me because to me

then the dog never learns eh I don't

want you to touch that and I want the

dog to know hey that's off-limits I

don't want you to touch it but if that's

your style and that's what you prefer

again there's nothing wrong with it

but don't discount someone else's style

especially someone like myself who has

shown it for years years I did a video

years ago with my four dogs in the

kitchen with the ribeye steak on the

floor right told leave it and I went to

cook the rest of the dinner if the dogs

are down and there's a steak in the

middle of them and I don't want them to

touch it what else can I tell them I

don't want to recall them I want them

where they're at I don't want them to

stand there in a down so I tell them

exactly what I want be clear to the dog

explain what you want leave it hey don't

touch it that's off-limits okay I don't

want to see that Luca knows that one

other thing when I teach it I see a lot

of people do this I'm not saying it's

wrong I don't do it though I see a lot

of people teach leave it with rewards

meaning they'll put some food some

kibble the dog's kibble or some treats

on the ground they restrain the dog

whatever and they tell the dog leave it

and when the dogs doing well and not

touching it they mark it and they

released the dog to get the food again

not saying that's wrong but I don't do

that okay I don't use rewards for that

command and I never in the teaching

process use something that I'm teaching

them not to touch okay so for instance

if I'm teaching the command leave it I'm

not gonna then turn around and allow

them to have what they want once they

know it very well like I did with Luca

now then you could use it for different

levels of very advanced obedience which

you guys have seen him do many different

things but if you take all of those

things that I've done with look in

videos all the more advanced obedience

there's nothing advanced about it it's

all the basics know very well in all

situations so my challenge to anyone if

you think that's not a good command and

by the way there's no tools there's no e

collars there's no leashes if your dog

can't respond to the verbal command at

the highest level arousal and

distraction your dogs not trained and

that's just a fact I can't do that with

mango right now because she's not

trained to that level but she will be

shortly you understand what I'm saying

so anyone who discounts that and you say

you're gonna use something else just

make some videos show it in a really

high state of arousal no tools some of

you will do it very successfully no

matter how you teach it and some of you

will fail miserably but you won't talk

about it or show it there's a lot of

people talk and in today's world there's

a lot of videos that you can watch

punishment punishment punishment

Corrections Corrections Corrections

that's what we hear right there's so

much emphasis on on punishment and

Corrections very little emphasis on

teaching and training the fact is the

better you get a training the less

Corrections and the less punishment

you're using that's a fact no one can

dispute that nothing wrong with

punishment Corrections but when your

whole training system is based around

that that's just not my style anyway you

know that's that's not my style but

again I back it up with my dogs I back

it up with my clients dogs

you understand what I'm saying it's very

important if your dog performs under

that situation it doesn't matter how you

teach her or what commands you use or

how you approach it as long as it works

but I'm saying for those of you that

struggle in those situations getting

your dog to recall from those really

high level distractions animals bikes

joggers cars anything the leave it

command I can guarantee you will work

better than anything else always I hope

this hopes again as long as you're

getting to success guys and the results

and your training you mainly do what you

got to do as long as it works peace