How to stop puppy biting, especially Rottweiler puppies

hey what's going on folks lighter back

master dog training gonna make a quick

video because I just got a message on

one of my videos that I take pretty

serious and I've actually been asked the

same thing about the same breed several

times this week so so let me touch on

this very very fast for you folks the

message basically said this person has a

Rottweiler puppy very young puppy that

is biting extremely hard like with

intent causing harm you know becoming

very vicious I've heard this more than

once this week with Rottweiler puppies

and I mean very young puppies a lot of

lot of people are told by trainers to

redirect that bad behavior no you don't

redirect to you correct this is a really

really serious issue guys let me explain

something to you I've been raising

Rottweilers for a long time it is my

favorite favorite breed on the planet I

love the dogs but when people call me

about getting a Rottweiler I usually

steer them towards going to the shelter

and rescuing a pitbull and they're blown

away by that

but the reason being a a really dominant

Rottweiler can be tough man and our

first Rottweiler was vicious at eight

weeks old I mean at eight weeks old this

dog was vicious he was a mean mean dog

and wanted to hurt you you know and we

had to put a lot of work into that dog

um he was ok with me I can handle him

but my wife could not and so my wife

Stephanie she had to put a lot of work

into that puppy and they became best

pals Bruno my Rottweiler that most of

you know best dog I ever had worse

freaking puppy I ever had he was a

savage he was a nightmare it took a lot

of work but where people go wrong guys

you have these puppies a lot of people

look at a lot of these behaviors and

they think it's cute because the dog is

young and cute and innocent while it's

not because let me explain something to

you that Rottweiler is going to be 80 90

100 to 120 pounds those behaviors aren't

going to go away because the dog grows

up it's going to get worse and it's

going to get dangerous and then you're

going to have one of those Rottweilers

that gets under the needle and is dead

its killed because you didn't take care

of it when it was young

now many people have a misconception

that you can't correct a young puppy man

that's so false you have to correct

young puppies you have to correct them

guys okay what happens here is people

have young puppies and they don't do any

correction they try to redirect them

with a treat or a toy or get them to to

sit to get their that that stuff doesn't

work you have to correct bad behavior I

can't say it enough do you understand

what I'm saying if that puppy is biting

you then you have to correct it

you know there's several things you

could do you know a loud no grab the

back of his neck the scruff of his neck

give him a good squeeze but it's gotta

mean something you know dud hmm make a

bunker out of a towel you know look up

Gary Wilkes he'll show you how to make a

bunker very effective that dog bites

aloud no with a good whack of a of a

bunker will really help and guess what

you're not going to hurt the dog you're

not gonna hurt his feelings the dogs not

going to grow up mess up because you

correct them as a puppy so the one of

the biggest mistake people of one of the

biggest mistakes people make they have a

puppy they have a young puppy they don't

want to correct it as the dog gets all

the dogs six months old seven months old

eight months old finally the behaviors

getting so out of control the people

decide to correct the dog after doing

nothing for eight months and the dog

just is is completely flabbergasted it

really causes some issues because the

dog doesn't know how to take a

correction the dogs never been corrected

before you know same thing with kids

guys you know you have a four year old

kid and he runs in the supermarket shits

his pants and wipes it on the meat

section I mean do you do something wrong

I hope so you know I like me come on now

but seriously guys the Rottweiler thing

it's not just Rottweilers it's all dogs

but this week I've heard several

Rottweiler puppies same thing and it's

pretty common in the breed guys they

could be tough little dogs it has to be

stopped now stop bad behaviors that


reward the good correct the bad and the

corrections better have some meaning

they have to have some meaning you're

not going to harm the dog you're not

going to hurt his feelings you're not

going to sever your relationship as a

matter of fact it's going to make it

much stronger promise you okay folks

it's Friday go enjoy the weekend take

care of your puppies teach them show

them what you want all right peace