How to Train Autoflowers For Bigger Yields - White Widow Budget Grow Week 3


what is up guys from seed to stone here

and in this episode we'll be following

these white widow Otto's through week

number three this week came with its

fair share of challenges to overcome

like correcting some issues with one of

our widows and I ended the week by

starting their low stress training I

found out some not so shocking news

about one of our plants and lastly I

talked about the pros and cons with

growing in the budget set up so far I

ended last week by giving these three

their first new treat feeding a few days

into the week I noticed two out of the

three seemed very happy but one was

showing some very early signs of

nitrogen toxicity in a slight calcium



now some might ask why are two plants

thriving and one is showing some issues

even though I fed the exact same amount

of nutrients to all three while there

are a handful of factors like the rate

in which a plant matures and root

development but the simplest way to put

it is different plant phenotypes last

week I already showed how two plants

were showing similar yet slightly

unstable fee nose while one was showing

signs of a strong phenotype what's the

phenotype you might ask think of it this

way your mom and dad had you and you

have your own traits characteristics and

things that make you unique but let's

say after having you they had another

kid although that kid was created by the

exact same parents due to so many

genetic variables there are tons of

different ways that they might assort

themselves meaning your sibling might

look like you and have similar DNA but

they also might have different colored

hair be taller or shorter and might be

prone to different health issues

throughout their life


unless you were growing from clones

plants work the exact same way because a

phenotype is different they might be

more indica than sativa dominant grow

shorter but bushier versus taller and

lankier and also like I mentioned before

responded nutrients in a different way

this is why it's important to stay on

top of your garden and give the plants

the attention they need well enough with

the birds and the bees let's get this

issue fixed to make things easier on me

I'll still be feeding these girls the

exact same nutrients for this feeding

the color looks great with the other two

meaning our nitrogen levels are correct

and they aren't showing any signs of

deficiencies I'll be cutting grow and

bloom nutrients and just feeding cow mat

which has small traces of nitrogen

already in it which will keep our other

two happy without over feeding the other

plant depending on how far the issue is

progressed for you you might even need

to create separate feeds for each plant

that's up to you to decide as your

Gardens caretaker after feeding these

gals I give them a day to rest and now

it's time to start their low stress

training the purpose of the training is

to expose new growth sites that might

not be getting direct light plants

biologically put more time and energy

into growing branches that are directly

exposed to light by exposing these lower

growth sites they will now be

prioritized as well as you'll see a

flood of new tops start to grow within

the coming weeks another useful reason

people train is to maintain their canopy

size making this a perfect method for

people growing in limited space trading

early on is tough because a plant is

smaller and more delicate but at the

same time it's actually a lot easier

than most people think all I do to start

is simply just bend the plant over


I'm using some flexible wire to first

build a support to keep the base of my

stock standing upwards I attach this to

the side of my fabric potholing in the

opposite direction that the plants will

be bent over towards once the first

support wire is in place I gently bend

the plant over the other way and secure

it with another wire and making sure to

leave enough space in the loop so as the

plant grows it won't become constricted

in the wire if you make them too tight

your plant will naturally start to grow

around the wire and this can cause some

complications down the road I repeat

this process on all three plants until

each one is properly trained

last step from here is to turn the

plants around so they're bent out

towards the edge of the tent the par and

ppfd outputs of light panels are usually

stronger at the middle this will allow

the majority of the lights energy to be

focused directly onto the new growth



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to it





well I showed you my methods for this

week now I want to talk about my

thoughts with the grouse so far and some

of the pros and cons and growing in a

budget setup first let's talk about the

plants in specifics so far they all look

happy and healthy the overall color

looks great and their Leafs are praying

upwards one aspect I'm not super happy

about as one of our gauss's already

popped pistols at day 21 this is earlier

than I had hoped for one of the reasons

I started photos was a fair amount of

auto strains don't let you veg them out

long enough to produce decent yields

come harvest time it's been my

experience that autos are unpredictable

temperamental and generally due to their

veg cycles end up bottlenecking

themselves in the long run that's not to

say you can't have decent results with

autos you just have to find the right

breeder and strain to date the favorite

auto have ever grown has been Northern

Lights by crop king seeds

they've edged out for a decent amount of

time they were fast growing and produced

amazing results with each plant yielding

close to a hundred grams which is

actually pretty decent for an auto as

finicky as autos are I don't plan to

stop growing them any time soon I'd love

to find an auto strain that veges out

for at least five to six weeks and

produces not only good yields but most

importantly great quality buds if you

have any recommendation let me know in

the comment section to this video the

next thing I want to talk about are the

pros and cons with growing in a budget

10 so far let's start with the cons the

light we're growing with is a course of

budget LED I'm not saying much LEDs are

bad but generally the rule of thumb is

if you can't afford a decent LED stick

with a CMH HPS kit until you can at

least that's my opinion there are some

nicer budget LEDs on the market but I've

already started to see the effects of

growing with one these three ladies are

by far the smallest plants that have

ever had at week three my temps are

perfect humidity is a tad low but still

at a suitable level at 45% RH and my

newts haven't changed at all although

their slow growth could be partially due

to their genetics I suspect a lot of it

is due to the plants not receiving the

quality of light that they need to

really flourish my second question to

you guys is what budget LED would you

like to see me grow with next I don't

ever plan to get rid of the budget tent

and I'm dead set on searching for the

best budget LED I can

fine additionally if you guys want to

see me grow with CMH HPS i have a 400

watt kit that actually comes in cheaper

than this LED that I'm sure would

produce better results than this let's

talk about the pros one of the benefits

to this light is it's not pulling a ton

of watts from the wall and because of

that it operates without putting out

really any heat this allows the tent to

stay truly budget-friendly because it

makes managing my heat that much easier

also with all the equipment combined I

would say that this setup is pulling

maybe 300 watts from the wall in total

that's including everything which only

increases my monthly electric bill by

about ten to fifteen dollars a month

whereas the main ten increases my bill

by about a hundred to 150

truth be told that I wanted to grow

before I even started this channel up

but my first visit to a hydro store kind

of shied me away from growing all

together the guy in the store told me

that I would need thousands of dollars

in equipment to even run a small setup

this was a pretty intimidating thought

because I'd never even grown before

although I understood his points this

goes to show that you can indeed grow

cannabis on a tighter budget you might

not get the exact results that you want

but you can at least build a good base

setup in which you can slowly add on -

anyways guys I hope you enjoyed the

video all products and equipment I used

are linked in the description of this

video I'll see you guys next Monday for

our cheese and Jack Herer grow and as

always guys happy growing