Supercrop and LST, Autoflower First Training.

hey guys bill coming back at you with

another video today we're going to be

doing our first training on this pretty

little girl she's northern like big butt

Auto flour purchased at Jun our seats

I believe it's Oasis genetics so yeah

we're gonna get down to it we're gonna

train her now normally I would start off

when she's a little bit smaller she's a

little bigger than I usually start two

and a half weeks from seed right now so

the stock is a little thicker than I

like for LST so I think what I'm going

to do with this barrel is super cropper

right from the start right at the base

bend her over that way I'm not gonna

snap or accidentally we're gonna snap

her on purpose sort of so anyway let's

just get started for supplies I have

pipe cleaners from the dollar store I

have a couple of just metal rods that I

had kicking around I just put a hoop in

it they help hold down some of the

leaves and stuff so and then my trusty

trimmers so first thing we're gonna do

is I want to anchor the base now the

reason to anchor the base is so that you

don't pull the root ball out of the

ground when you bend it I used like

trimmers open them up they got a pretty

sharp point on you're going to use

anything with a sharp point so we're

basically just gonna poke a couple holes

right in the side here

all right so we got a couple holes this

is fabric pot obviously and now we're

going to take a pipe cleaner

try to find that little hole there

sometimes easier said than done


all right now I'm gonna tie it to itself


now these probably won't stay in these

are basically just for the first little


and we're gonna wrap it around the base

wrap it around and then we're gonna

stick it through that other hole that we


okay now we don't want to bend it this

way but we want we don't we don't want

it to move when we bend it the opposite

way she'll be laying this way so we

don't want to we want the bottom to stay

straight up and down so that we don't

affect the roots at all so then we'll

just give that a little twist here too

okay so we have that anchored so now

what we're going to do is we've got a

super cropper so I think we're going to

go right down let's see here a couple

group a couple branches coming there a

couple there so I think what we're going

to do is we're going to super cropper

rate in this area and the way we did

that in the other video

just give her a pinch squeeze and stock

a little bit like squeeze there all the

way around get it nice and soft give it

just a little bit of a twist and once

you feel

the structural integrity gift then you

could bend her over so move this out of

the way a little bit and we're just

going to bend her rate sideways there

she goes okay

so now I am gonna take one of my metal

rods here stick it in the ground and I'm

just gonna put it right here on top of

that because as she heals she's gonna

want to try to pop back up this will

prevent her from doing that so okay now

what we're gonna do we're not done yet

now we're going to do some LSD so we

have this here these branches off to the

side we have this one we have these two

coming out these are good fine

and we have this one so what we're gonna

do is we're going to move them where we

want them so we're going to start off

with this one I want this one to come up

right around here so what I'm going to

do is poke a little hole another little

hole grab a pipe cleaner stick it

through the hole

and we're gonna grab ahold of the very

gently this here you don't want to be

breaking too much on this so just

loosely put it around that stem it won't

take much to hold it down and I'm just

going to bend this down like this that's

gonna be enough to hold it and we'll

adjust them as she grows so now we're

gonna go to the other side we're gonna

take this one I think I want this one

right here so you got to put a hole here

turn this around put a hole right here

we're gonna get another pipe cleaner

stick that in and then grab ahold of

this bring it down and just bend it over

there and again it doesn't take much to

hold these down so this one we will

probably have to bend over the next time

around okay so let's see what else do we

have here we have this one now we know

there's going to be lots of tops in this

area because we have this is where the

the main top is anyway so that's going

to keep growing putting it more tops so

that's why I'm bringing these ones down

to the bottom to cover in the bottom

area so this one I'm going to bring down

I'm gonna want her read around the side

here someone that somewhere in this area

so we'll follow that there poke a hole


another twist I like clean air whatever

you want to call it that and we'll get

the branch

bend it around it and there you go so

it's all it takes to hold her down okay

so now we have them all taken care of we

do have a couple little ones here you

can start bringing them down right now

also so I think we will because we're

going to want this one to grow somewhere

in this area so I think what we'll do is

poke a little hole here

we're gonna grab it we just want to

basically show it what direction we want

it to go in

and there we go just something just just

a little bit to hold it down you can see

it's bent down around there now so once

it realizes it can't bounce back up and

grow this way it's gonna start growing

this way so in the last one here we want

this somewhere in this area

so another hole now it might seem like a

little bit of work but it definitely

pays off because instead of just one

Cola by doing this method and

continuously pulling it down as she

grows out you create a a mass of colas

at the top okay put her in

hope that right around here now these

ones you could wait till a couple days

down the road and do them then I just

want to get them started right now so

and that's it now I tend to go over if

there's any leaves that are touching the

ground this one here it's touching the

ground you don't want it to so we can

bring it up now you can either clip it

off which actually I'm going to do I'm

just gonna pinch that off because if I

try to bring it up over these branches

here it's just gonna cover the branches

so and this one's fine it's not blocking

anything those are fine okay and that's

it for the first time you can see we

have a nice nice straight sideways stalk

so everything is trying to start growing

vertical out of it and everything is

going to get the same amount of light

now so you're not going to have any

small little branches down at the bottom

to give you a bunch of popcorn so anyway

so that's the first one we'll come back

now I'll probably do this again in four

days probably four days you'll start

popping back up this will be shooting up

towards the light these will be growing

out so then we'll have to move the pipe

cleaners a bit and keep training there

she grows okay so that's it for this

training session

get a nice Street stock now sideways the

branches are all going to come out we're

going to keep training them down and

we're going to fill this instead of just

having a one main top Cola coming up and

a bunch of small ones on the bottom

these are all gonna grow up to be top

colas so I'll come back in a few days

we'll adjust these pipe cleaners up as

they grow and that'll be a really

suggest not to skip

anchoring step doesn't take much to do

it and it can really save you a lot of

hassle because if you wake up tomorrow

and you see the the roots starting to

break out of the ground here then you

damage your plan a little bit at the

root at the root section which is we

don't want to do so anyway all right so

like share and subscribe leave a comment

with some comments section and get back

to you and we'll see you in a few days

happy growing guys