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focusing on the auto flour closet grow

it's been four weeks since the last

update on these Auto flours they have

begun the flowering stage and as

expected they are quick flowering autos

that end up short and squat so to

increase the candy coverage I'm using

low stress training techniques to low

stress train or LST your plant gently

bend down the stems and tie them in

place this will change the structure of

your plant by reducing the height and

increasing the width giving you more

Cola sites and canopy coverage and help

you use the light more efficiently using

LST increases the yields and is very

beneficial for small or micro grows as

it also reduces the planet but increases

the bud sites it really just gives you a

lot more control over your canopy when

you really don't have a lot of height or

space to work with






it's been one week since Ellis teen in

the lower canopy has even dealt with the

top candy it's currently week three of

flower and the plants are producing some

beautiful white pistols I have free

moby-dick double excels from dean FM in

three gallon pots one crystal candy and

one creme Mandarin from sweet seats and

a one gallon pot and I have one bloody

skunk from sweet seeds which is also in

a three gallon pot but I started that

one two weeks after the other ones it's

around 8:50 from planting these Auto

flowers into their pots with Gaia green

organic dry amendments I've only been

watering when dried a pH or 6.8 to 6.5

but in the upcoming weeks I will be top

dressed feeding them to amend the medium

and replenish its richness on top at low

stress training I'm also using selective

de leaping to increase the light

penetration to prime bud sites

I'm only removing large families that

are casting big shadows over the prime

sites or extracting light access doing

this will give you bigger and heavier


I just like the sound now that we're

caught up on this small auto flour

closet grill let's take a sneak peek at

next week's episode


for next week's video I'm gonna be going

over my propagation area and going to be

getting ready to top and transplant I'm

also gonna be providing an update on the

5x5 cookies and gorilla glue grow as

well as talk about early flower leaf

dripping for increased yields




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