Day 18 - Our first LST training! - From Seed to Harvest - Autoflower


well guys mpk all the way here today is

day 18 of our autumn at our Auto flower

Northern Lights grow from seed to

harvest as you can see the girls are

getting butchered by the day like I can

actually see them growing now on a daily

base so that's amazing to see she is

responding well to the Rhino skin as you

can see stems are thickening up pretty

good all the way she's starting to look


we still have the kalmyk deficiency in

the lower leaves but I'm not going to

stress too much about it anymore because

I don't think that these bottom leaves

will recover from the kalmyk deficiency

because none in the new leaves are

showing this problem also the iron

deficiency that we talked about earlier

I don't know it looks that the new

leaves are having it less so I might

give one more dose of the higher calmac

just to be sure that they are in

everything that they need I'm also going

to up the dose today again we're at 0.9

yesterday so today we're going to go to

1.0 by the end of the day so I'm first

going to feed them now again the 9.0

because I have still something left from

yesterday and then after that I'm

tomorrow tonight I'm going to feed them

up to zero point nine zero one point

zero so I will also water some girls

today until run off again and catch it

with a saucer so I can measure the

runoff and then I can check the EC and

the pH of the buckets that's inside so

let me do that guys and I will come back

to you when I have fed these girls and

that I have some saucers with the runoff

so we can check that together see you in

a bit

welcome back guys they just watered all

the girls and I put four saucers on

there for girls just to check the runoff

so let's start with this one

wait let me it's pretty hard to do this

with one hand let me put you on I don't

know how we want to do this it needs to

be is there it's not deep enough yet so

I need to tilt it wait let me this is

from the first pot 0.8 as you can see so

that means that if we put 0.9 in and 0.8

is coming out that means that that what

I think that means is that she's taking

up more nutrients so we need to up the

dose tonight so that's something I'm

going to do when you rinse that off then

we're going to check it the next girl

let's hope this is deep enough also 0.7

0.8 so they can take more if we get 0.7

while we're doing is 0.9 run in and the

runoff is 0.8 is lower than the runner

that means that we can up the dose so

let's see the pH see the pH is at 6.3

that's a little higher than I want it to

be because at 6.3 the cow Mack is

getting taken up also the iris so that's

good but with 6.3 we're going to have

issues with the other ingredients that

we're putting in slightly dropping let's

say that it's six point one six point

two so that's I think that's okay

let me go with the other two girls I

think you wouldn't you guys there you go

so next stop is this girl over here let

me take my EC pen first so this one is

it 0.9 so exactly what we put in it's

coming out that's good

let's check this girl with the pH 6.1 so

this is ideal this what we put in is

coming out so that's perfect and then

our last one over here well she doesn't

have that much runoff here because it

just watered her so I don't think we're

going to see anything same also 0.8 I'm

sorry she's also at 0.8 this one could

have measured it on camera because it's

there's not enough water in there so

yeah overall the the you see that I'm so

yeah guys so yeah guys she's also at 0.8

so overall what we were putting in is

coming out so that's good that means

that we're doing a good job

however two of out of four had a lower

EC that I was putting in so I need to

check out I need to look up what that

means but usually that means because of

like they're up taking more nutrients

then I'm giving them because if you put

water in that's 0.9 you see and let's

say that they only uptake the water

without the the fertilizers and the

nutrients that we put in there then you

would see a higher runoff because you

have less water with a higher nutrients

ratio inside meaning that the EC with

race but as we are seeing now is that

with the runoff that we're doing it

seems like the runoff of course is lower

than what we're putting in that means

that they're up taking more of the

nutrients than we're giving them so we

can we can keep ramping up the nutrients

as we're doing is already so by tonight

I will give them the zero at the one

point zero and I will feed them again

and tomorrow we will update that again I

will probably go one point zero in the

morning and one point one in the evening

just until we reach one point two

because that's my target one point to

one point two and a half so that's the

target we need to have by the end of the

veg which is another two three weeks so

we should be there fairly quickly and

then we can keep feeding them with that

amount so yeah guys also these lunatics

I love them a lot they keep cool when I

put them on without any fans without any

outtake fan they raise the temperature

very very slowly like 1.5 degrees

Celsius every every hour couple hours so

yeah these are really efficient lights

they are expensive but I think you get

what you pay for because they are

well-built they are easy to assemble

they look nice they give a long time

warranty LUMO Tech is already an

established an established brand it's

not like something new of course not I

don't want to say that the new ones out

there are not good but a brand that's

been around for years usually has more

experience than a brand that hasn't

other than that

I think I'm going to end the video here

because there's nothing else we can do

other than watering tonight at a higher

EC but that's not something I'm gonna

put on the video so see you in the next

guys and see you in the next one guys

don't forget to comment give this video

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get out there I'm almost at a hundred

subscribers so thank you for that guys

you're awesome

without you I'm doing this for myself of

course but also to learn everyone in the

community about how to grow these

wonderful plants and the reason that I

made a YouTube channel and document this

is so that I can show you what I'm doing

is the first time growers and that I can

show you as well how I do it and which

problems and and hassle we get while

we're doing this because when I was

learning this as well I looked up so

many videos and there's not a lot of

videos out there that give you a daily

update so they always give you like a

weekly update or maybe a monthly update

or from see to harvest in one video

that's cool but I have the feeling that

you don't really learn a lot about that

because as a new grower you gets you get

surprised by everything that you see

because you've never seen it before and

that's why I want to document every

single day just to help you guys as well

so you can follow the same with me you

can see exactly what I do you can see

the same deficiencies that were meeting

and that way we can work together to get

this grow to a perfect end result so

next girl we are already know a lot of

things that we should not do one anymore

and which we have to change so that's

amazing and I will keep that in my next

grow series but for now I'm gonna leave

it like that and I will see you in the

next video guys have a good day see you

tomorrow bye bye hello guys what's up so

today I started my first LST this is day

eighteen SIL or seventeen item I don't

know yeah well they ought I said at the

beginning of the video that's today

we're in with this Corona I have no idea

where we're at so what I did is I took

the plan out of the tents so for it to

be able to it's a lot easier to work

like this basically what you do is

whenever the plan gets the first three

notes as you see this is the first notes

second one and she's developing the

third one inside so whenever she does

that she you are ready for Palestine

because the thicker the stems get which

we are doing as well with the rhino skin

up there so the thicker the stems get

the easier the the harder it will get to

bend your plant so when they're still

like rich you can still like when

they're small like this it's easy to

bend them without doing too much

pressure because you don't want this

temp to break or snap then you

definitely don't want the roots to come

out by doing this so what you do is you

take some is this some it's some line

some there's some a little bit of metal

inside there I don't know if you can see

it yeah there's a little bit of metal

inside and around it some thick rubber

and the reason why we take this kind of

thing or and not just normal rope or

metal wire is because these plants will

grow a lot harder now because you're

giving more light to the bottom of the

leaves so these leaves were not getting

as much lights as the ones on top

because they were covering those sites

but now that they're getting them it

will grow a lot faster and if you have

like normal metal wire here or a string

like a string that you like I don't know

how you call that but way that you put

through a needle if you take that it

will eventually start to grow in the

stem or it will cut your stem because

this one is growing pretty fast and if

you forget to replace it

or if you make it too tight you will

squeeze it it's like when you put on a

wrist band and it's too small it will it

will squeeze you and I will it will make

your hands get deficient off of blood so

the same goes for this don't make it too

tight just make it that you can bend it

over without having to damage the plant

so as you can see I have this there's a

very wide opening on the LSD so on the

on the wire that I used and then I

hooked it up on one of the holes in the

pocket because this bucket has a lot of

holes so it's easy to take whatever you

want so that's how I do the LSD I'm

gonna do that now for all the girls in

the tent and then I will show you how I

did it quick update I did the first part

of the tent as I told you in a previous

video that I LSD them to the corners so

we can get a nice canopy filled in the

middle because if we all go them put

them in words eventually we will have a

space problem and now we don't so as you

can see we tied them all down just as

much as possible so the lower leaves can

get the light that they desperately need

to grow I did it on all the plants as

you can see so I am expecting them to

recover by tomorrow as this is low

stress as the word is saying the

technique it should not cause stress to

them doing it like this so hopefully it

helps them grow stronger and faster hope

this leaves a little bit stuck see if I

can get that out without damaging her no

I can't so yeah that's pretty much it

guys I'm also going to do it on that

side I haven't done it but as you can

see it's fairly easy you just bent the

plant over to a side that you want her

to go and tire down so the light can

penetrate at the bottom leaves that's it

for today's update as I said earlier

I will do another feeds tonight with the

UPS newts of zero one point zero I think

I might leave out a little bit of the

Rhinos skin I will dilute that because I

don't want temp to grow that big of a

stems right now that I can snap them I

will probably give them another Rhino

skin like lower dose at this point just

to give them more strength in the cells

but not like making a stick of a stamp

so that's it for today for today's

update guys it's because it's because I

how you say that the LSD is I asked a

few expert growers as well online and

they said you cannot start early enough

with Alice Dean because you're really

helping your plant getting bigger faster

and Sun and a lot stronger because

you're feeding the bottom leaves now

these big leaves will eventually curve

back up because they desperately want

the light that you're giving them and

that you've like slightly taken away so

they will start to curl like that in

order to get more light but while they

are doing that the bottom leaves are

getting the same amount of light that

usually only the top leaves are getting

so we will see some explosive growth in

the lower leaves I'm going to finish up

those girls and then I'll see you guys

in tomorrow's video peace out