Week 4: Low Stress Training (LST) for Autoflowers



hi dear

how's it growing everyone welcome back

to this week's episode of beginner buds

the channel dedicated to well beginners

last week we did a little topping and

boy did it caused quite the stir

either way the girls bounced back and

we're looking better than ever

of course if growing our ladies was this

easy our work would be done here but

it's not in fact we were about to

implement a new strategy to help the

girls along even further wanted to keep

them low and wide so that the light

could penetrate to every inch of the

plants there was only one thing left to



some low stress training


alright guys so the girls were coming

along great after last week stopping and

had rebounded nicely now there was one

thing I forgot to mention during last

week's episode and that was our updated

nutrient schedule so starting on week

two we officially started the veg cycle

meaning that our plants needed a high

amount of nitrogen and potassium and

only a medium amount of phosphorous for

proper growth in order to accomplish

that we added two milliliters of cal-mag

per gallon 2.5 milliliters and micro 2.5

milliliters a grow and one milliliter of

blooms don't forget to add them in this

order stirring in between as each

nutrient is dropped in and pH balancing

at the end now as we mentioned earlier

last week we did some topping and that

seemed to stress some people out

personally I didn't know that the idea

of doing this to otto flowers was so

controversial but after doing some

research I quickly learned that it was

as it turns out it looks like opinions

on the matter or split down the middle

well half like the idea of bigger yields

and tout its effects the others suggest

that the Otto flowers veg to meaning

they don't have the proper time to

rebound which actually causes a lighter

end product

either way our ladies seem to be doing

just fine

but I wish I had left one or two on top

Taz a control just to see hindsight's

always 20/20 I suppose with that in mind

it was time to do something to every

grower supports LST


now for those that don't know LST stands

for low stress training in short this is

a method used primarily by growers who

cultivate indoors essentially the

process allows people to spread their

plants out in a way that gets the most

bang for their buck when it comes to

their lights in the end the more spread

out they are shadows are cast less which

means light can hit more of our ladies

solar panels or their Leafs

even better yet flowers get to soak in

the light which means you guessed it

bigger yields when it comes down to it

the process is rather simple of course

being first timers it was stressful

thoughts were continually going through

our heads like what if we snap a branch

or what if we rip a leaf off on accident

I don't want to hurt her however we'd

quickly learn that just like chopping

the only thing to fear was fear itself

you see cannabis is extremely versatile

and this went off without a hitch

starting out we strategically drilled

holes around the brim of our pot to give

ourselves a place to anchor the branches

to from there we simply bent the wires

into a hook shape wrapped it around a

portion of the stem that could support

being bent a little and tied it down now

the trick here is to know when to stop

obviously there's a chance you could

break a branch if you weren't careful

and no one wants that go slow read your

plant and make sure the branches are

spread out in different directions


you you






of course when push comes to shove it's

better to be safe than sorry

that said if someone else is around see

if they'll be willing to give you a hand

one can hold the plant where you would

like it to be while the other can

wrestle with the wire there's no arguing

that things are so much easier and less

stressful when you only have to worry

about one thing at a time now that you

have the first one under your belt it's

time to really get to work and do it

again and again and again until every

one of your girls gets there first

LST personally I have to admit that I

felt like our girls looked a little

pathetic after this entire ordeal and

that maybe I had pushed him a little too

far but in just one day

they've once again proven the resilience

just like that the plants had done what

they were designed to do seek out the

sunlight bending their own branches

upwards the ladies had remarkably laid

their leaves out to bask in the light

once again but things were far from over

you see you have to stay on LST like

glue if you let things get away from you

all the work done prior to that will

have been a waste

every day we were in our grow room

rearranging the LST wires in order to

pull the branches back down and every

day the girls had rearranged themselves

and grown even more that's the glory

though and that's the trick be diligent

stay on top of your LST and the reward

will be worth it's rewarding gold

well almost it'll at least feel that way

when you put your harvest on the scale

and see how much more you've gotten in

return for all your sacrifice there's no

arguing that growing isn't just for


hard work is rewarded both in quantity

and quality by the end of the week our

plants didn't even resemble what they

looked like just a few days before just

like the past new growth continued to

shoot off with nodes and bud sites

appearing out of nowhere




that said new problems were on the

horizon a few keen eyes probably caught

that there were other issues that needed

to be faced head-on so did you catch it

the discolored leaves the rough spots if

so good for you as for us we'd have a

stressful week ahead of us as we would

have to diagnose and treat our first

bout of nutrient deficiency


so make sure you check in next episode

to see how we corrected it and even more

importantly how the ladies are doing

because of the added stress don't forget

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then keep growing keep learning

catch you later guys