Grow BIGGER Nugs Using Low Stress Training (Complete Guide)


what is up guys from sea to stone here

and in this episode I'm gonna be giving

you a complete guide to low stress

training cannabis plants I'll also be

giving you an update on the seasons grow

and talk about what I like and don't

like about some of the genetics that I'm

currently running why should you low

stress train your plants well with no

training a cannabis plant will commonly

grow one large cola with the handful of

other smaller nuts below in ways the

shape will almost resemble a Christmas

tree the problem with this is in order

to protect against light bleaching is

you'll have to raise their light up as

the main stock rose this leaves your

lower growth under exposed to light and

in turn won't grow as fat unless you add

an additional supplemental lighting

keeping an even canopy will get the most

out of your light as well as cause all

your buds to grow and ripen consistently

you'll also greatly increase the amount

of colas that you have versus just one

main massive one


with autos you need to act fast in order

to properly train most of the work needs

to be done before bloom starts I start

my first initial Bend during weeks two

to three once the plan has grown to be

about six to eight inches tall I just

drill a hole in the side of my pot pass

some wire through attach it to the side

of my plant and bend it over you'll

notice within a week some of the lower

branches will start to stretch up to the

same height as your original main top

this is exactly what you want but the

training is far from over after the

first bend is made I aim to bend that

main stock in a circular motion around

the pot almost creating a spiral like

shape you'll notice the plant always has

a tendency to grow upwards it's up to

you to constantly maintain an even

canopy which means you'll have to

reapply your tie-downs fairly frequently

almost every one to two days in addition

to tying down the main top I also train

the other branches as well following the

same spiral shape I stretch out the

branches towards the edge of the pot and

I start bending them in the same

direction as the main stem you want to

keep the canopy as even as possible if

you find one branch is starting to tower

over the rest make sure to tie it back

down to the same level I aim to get my

base training done before pre flower so

usually by week four however the

training will still continue into early

weeks of flower even though the plant is

relatively flat now once pre flower is

in full effect the plant will start to

stretch up if you've done the training

correctly only the new tops will start

to grow upwards leaving you with

something like this

this is exactly what I'm looking for

when I'm training my plants you might

need to slightly adjust the training

after this point but be very careful

because once flowering is in full effect

your branches will become very stiff and

are a lot more prone to snapping I'll

leave my plants tied down until the very

late stages a flower or sometimes even

until harvest once the plant stops

growing vertically there's not much use

for additional training building the

base early in veg is probably one of the

most important parts to doing this right

again just try to keep everything as

even as possible


no matter how well you do with your

training Auto sometimes just flower so

early that achieving a perfect canopy

just isn't an option

most of these pink Panama autos flowered

very early with the exception of just a

few although they will stretch a tiny

bit they did not veg large enough for me

to get a proper train however I'm still

exposing lower growth and at the end of

the day some is better than none

photo periods are a lot more forgiving

as you can give the plant the proper

time to recover before you induce

flowering in fact photo periods give you

the option to implement so many more

training techniques including forms of

HST for instance in my DWC grow I did a

really early loli popping to the plant

and I also topped her and once her new

branches begin to sprout I'll finish my

work with the application of low stress

training once I'm satisfied with their

canopy I'll flipper into bloom same with

the two ladies in my budget tent as well


let's get into this week's grow update

both the paying Panama and the hubbub of

a haze have been some of the hardest

strains that I've grown yet they are

very sensitive to nutrients which means

I'm having to mix up a separate batch

for practically every plan I spend on

average an hour per day feeding all my

plants in addition most of the paint


started pre flowering at week 3 which is

the earliest that I've seen yet by week

4 they've stopped their vertical growth

and are now starting to bud I think

these inconsistencies with their fee

knows is mainly just the fact that this

is a tester strain these are most likely

F twos which means their genetics are

still very early in development most of

the strains that Matthysse toe offers

are F fours and they even offer some at

sixes as well which means you can expect

much more consistent results when

popping random beans although it's cool

to be one of the first to grow these

strains publicly it has come with its

downsides I've had to put so much work

in order to maintain this grow and keep

each plant healthy I will probably try

out one other F fours or f6 is in a

future grow as I'm sure there fee knows

will be much more stable and enjoyable

to grow the og cush Otto's buy seeds men

are in the works to be some monster

plants although they are the most

temperamental two nutrients out of all

the auto strains their phenols are very

consistent and they're now just starting

to pre flower that extra time gave me

the ability to train them up and get a

proper canopy now it's time to wait and

see how these ladies fill up these are

also the plants that I'm testing the

Lotus nutrient lying on as well although

trying new nutrients can be a bit of a

learning curve they seem pretty happy

for the most part the CBD cream and

cheese is happily chugging along I'm

gonna be spending this next week

finishing their training and then it's

off to flower I might introduce a scrog

net but if at all possible I'd like to

just train her using LST as a net

reduces the mobility when working in the

garden although it's been a difficult

grow to maintain so far I cannot wait to

see how they fill up I'm sure we're

gonna have some big beautiful buds

coming from these tents


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