*How to Potty Train Your Boston Terrier Puppy FABULOUS!!

hi this is Daniel with some information

on how to potty train a Boston Terrier

puppy first of all you know many dogs

are smart and certainly Boston Terriers

are very smart but that doesn't

necessarily mean that a dog is going to

be easy to potty train and you have to

realize that some dogs just take a

little more time with that and you have

to have a lot of patience

now first of all do training pads work

some people like to try training pads

somewhere in the house such as in a

utility room but the problem is that you

really want to train your dog to pee and

poop outside and if you're using a

training pad inside it's confusing to

the dog because you're saying in one

hand that it's okay to do that inside so

our recommendation is to get rid of the

training pads now crate training can be

very helpful dogs do not like to mess up

the area where they're hanging out where

they're sleeping or where they're

spending time and you can use that fact

to your advantage with crate training so

keep your Boston in the crate when

you're not available to supervise him or

her if you have to go out and run some

errands or go away for a little bit put

your Boston in the crate and he's not

going to want to mess up that area while

he's in there then take your Boston

outside when it is time to pee or poop

positive reinforcement is really

important so take your Boston outside

first thing in the morning and point

where you would like him or her to go

the younger your puppy is the more

frequently you'll need to take the puppy

outside give lots of praise when your

puppy goes in that place

on the other hand if you catch your

puppy after the fact and you find a mess

in the house don't yell at your boss and

then just clean it up it's it's too late

it's not going to do any good after the

fact like that if you get upset but do

not give your Boston the run of the

house until he or she is potty-trained

now if you catch your Boston in the act

then give a firm no pick him or her up

and take them outside this action will

be enough you do not need to incorporate

harsh discipline again it's patience

repetition patience and consistency are

the keys to successfully potty training

your Boston you know Boston Terriers are

great dogs and by following these steps

both you and your dog will be happier we

hope you've benefited from this

presentation and I invite you to clink

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