Trained my new 7 week old Silver (Lab) Labrador puppy to sit in 5 minutes.

okay so we have a silver lab oh she's

just going potty right now with potty

training there oh good girl good girl

what's Happ treats in my pocket for her

so what we're gonna try and do we've

just had her for about 24 hours and

she's seven weeks old she's a silver lab

we're gonna try to teach her how to sit

today so I've gotta wait for her to do

it first and then we're gonna praise her

just remember with labs you don't want

to push their back down because it will

be harder on their hips and labs are

known for having bad hips so as soon as

she does oh there she did sit oh good

girl yeah good girl and I'm just giving

her some kibble so she does it again sit

oh good girl

that's a good start I'll see if I can

get her to do it come here come here

come on


come here I like to do hand signs to sit

oh good girl

if I can get her to come down one more


and see if I can call sit

there we go I think we got it

a little walk around for a little bit

and see if she remembers it I also like

to do the sign language too so whenever

I do sit I do this and they sit

I think she found a ball to play with

is that she's she's a silver lab she's

seven weeks old in just a couple days we

just got her

come here I'm you know I'm just gonna go

with the lay down right now two down

oh good girl she'll learn the words

I don't have to push her down she's

already laying down so I'm just giving

her a treat and saying the word down

down I'm gonna give her one just cuz she

tried yeah give it it's right here oh

now you're gonna earn it come here sit

oh good girl so basically just about

taught her to sit in about three minutes

I think sit oh good girl I think she's

gonna be a smart one

I think you're going to be a smart one

sit sit

look at that you guys I think we got

this already there's only seven weeks

hold I don't know if she'll do the lay

down or not but she'll just heard that

word a couple times down down down she

doesn't quite cut down

hey sit

she just woke up - so she's

feeling eager to learn I think

she's doing really good

yes you are you're doing good yeah yeah

nobody oh one other trick you guys might

try to is just don't put your fingers in

their mouth it's it's not a good thing

to put your fingers in the dog's mouth

right now

cuz they'll think that's okay when they

get older and the teeth get bigger

down oh good girl good girl someone

trying to work on down every time she

leaves down to I'm sure I'll take her

probably a little bit longer to figure

out sit sit sit sit

okay let's see try this for about Tim

nope there she goes

I wouldn't go much longer than five or

ten minutes at this age

here we go down oh good girl

all right that's gonna be it for today

well maybe we could try a couple more

she might be getting tired though



okay guys that's gonna be it for today